OK yes Sir, hey do you have improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Close Robert, do you have an example of speed and agility training Tulsa? I’m a visual learner, so do you have? I was looking through everything that was sent. Is there an example of the coach evaluation form? Do you have it on page 27 of the. Yes Sir, Yep, so I have. I have the hard copy and then I see it now on the. An additional copy, thank you. There’s also will give you examples. There’s examples of access. Of. Email short emails that need to be sent out to those coaches for that. OK, when I say don’t get into a lot of long stuff. Listen guys, less is more and more is less. You’ve heard that before, right? Go just remember that it’s always that way. Leave people want more instead of boredom to death and wanting to leave. Alright, next thing on the list, once you get past we gotta go to online prospecting for speed and agility training Tulsa.

Now this is a test little bit of a test that you guys were kind of given before you got here. For those of you had a week or two weeks prior to going through right, we asked you to find kids names so we’re at page 28 now of your keynote about improve vertical jump training Tulsa, we ask you to start finding kids you know some of you had databases that you may have had already access to athletes. Some of you had to go online and start doing research. Try to find kids names. The point I’m going to say about this is Nan. Nowadays, let’s go back to that story I told you when I was doing a speaking engagement and I was a pinball in Boston. That was previous or just about the time. That the Internet was beginning to be somewhat to speed and agility training Tulsa. Accessible to everybody in the country, and it was being used on a regular basis so that I’m talking about the mid 90s at that time, right? That’s what I’m kind of dipping back to. Nowadays guys everything bits of information is that they were truly at your fingertips, so.

The only use I ever have for online sites is to get information I need alright and that’s it. And Christian don’t be offended. I mean, just don’t be offended, but what I’m gonna say about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. College coaches don’t give a rats hind in rear end about what sports 247 arrivals thinks about an athlete. They’re gonna drape a star in a ranking on him all day, and the truth is there basing stars and rankings off information that’s not always factual and I’ll give you an example. When you go online and look at a kid. And you look at I don’t know. Take Sports 247 or rivals or any one of those online softball speed and agility training Tulsa. Ranking systems, whatever they are, and you look out there and then says this kid isn’t. You know, the top five in the country. Based on what? You saying every kid in the country? Nope. UVA Evaluated video and film on every kid in the country? Nope. You’ve talked to the college coach that actually offered this kid improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Nope, ’cause it’s a violation of NCAA rules for Division One Division Two coach to talk about recruiting. On any kid until national Signing Day. So when you look out there and with this kids got this offer from this coach in this kids got this all from this coach. Where did that information come from for speed and agility training Tulsa? It came from the kid talking to the beat Reporter again. No offense or the rivals guy or the softball ranking guy and tells him yet today I got an offer from University of Alabama. And then they write a story about it and then it gets picked up. And then it’s a big story. Gets it all over and it gets viral and the coaches Alabama sitting there going. I didn’t off like your scholarship. You know how I know that should be real? Is it a fact? And then after the Second Division One offer. The quote, unquote kid, or high school coach claims the kid gets.

They drag two stars on that kid automatically. That same ploy? add mental rivals camp to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? They just dropped two stars on him based on hearsay. Somebody said well, coach, Saban and Georgia and Ohio State they’re always they’re getting four. Start five carton. No, they’re not. They’re actually making enough offers to the real kids and those rating services are putting drapings Tarzan and made on him, and that’s what’s giving him the ranking. The ranking doesn’t get a kid recruited. Getting the kid recorded all forgets the killer ranking. And people don’t understand that I share that with you guys. Not because I’m trying to pick on Christian or anybody that’s affiliated with that kind of stuff. ’cause I’m not. I just want everybody here to understand that you can use those services. You can use those online. Places to cherry pick athletes that you wanna talk to speed and agility training Tulsa? So Chris, I am going to pick on you for a minute. You are my 247 gone right? OK, Big daddy you should have this unlimited.

Access to hundreds and thousands of potential leads for your pipeline for your phone. And that puts you in a really good position because you’re going to have Twitter account to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You’re going to probably get email account. You’re probably going to get cell phone numbers from these kids. All that stuff puts you in a whole different level. Being able to truly successful at what we do, and that’s a compliment to you. By the way, that’s that’s that’s going to help you. We’re gonna help you out to God that I’m sure this conversation you have Larry already, but it’s going to help you. So point is we have fingertips at our fingertips.