Welcome welcome, welcome. Edit It helps get all that post to all of our scouts and all of their their friends, which is going to be some college coaches. And it just kind of helps get some reach out there for speed and agility training Tulsa. We get kids to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, and actually get offers off a welcome post. Let’s talk about bad post. We don’t. We’re not salesy. We’re not open enrollment and we can’t do anything that makes it sound like we are. So I can put out there. If your kid wants to play in college, call me no it that that is not if your kid was playing college. Send me some video that might be OK. That would work on Twitter that’s not really fly well and on Facebook. Never put pictures of our contracts out there. Never put pictures of a kid signing our contract. That’s not the signs were talking about. We’re talking about the Legion sign. Never anything racially charged, never anything politically charged. Obviously we’re not gonna allow any of that at speed and agility training Tulsa.

We realize how much Facebook adds to all of our business, and our scouts get very frustrated when when we’re sharing those inappropriate kind of things that it potentially hurts. You know what? Whether you’re pro Biden or not, if you start putting that out there in a big way, you just selected half the kids. You can’t work with. And I don’t care what side of it you’re on. So we just kind of stay away from that. We stayed positive about improve vertical jump training Tulsa, or something is positive we shared. If it’s not positive, we don’t. Alright is 1230 guys. And we’re going to be ready to talk about college coach request when we get back from lunch. You are welcome to leave your camera up and mute yourself out. You’re welcome to. You need to get off because it’s your phone and then get back on. I’m just going to ask that you be back home by 1:30. That’s where we’re going to get started back up. Anybody got any questions or concerns about that before we get off for an hour? I’m going to leave my screen up. My video, I’m gonna leave it up. You have a good one. Talk in an hour.

Right Christian Christian. Let’s get back on camera. Alright. How much coach request? That’s what we’re going over now. Page 10. We’re still talking about being incredible scout. We’re talking about personal image on line image and now college Coach request college Coach request set you apart it. What is speed and agility training Tulsa? Delete one of the things that delineate. She makes you different. Your relationships that you have right now with college coaches helps improve vertical jump training Tulsa. However small or large that maybe is going to get larger. And you’re going to be able to reach out on behalf of kids you’re working with and personally talk to college coaches on their behalf. Other organizations don’t do it that way. Matter fact. If you’re within CSA and you were to try to call a college coach on behalf of a kid, you would lose your job. It does not by their design. We actually had somebody apply that lost their job for doing that so. But ’cause coach request for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? That’s when the college coach lets us know what they’re looking for. And. There’s a couple of different ways you can get college Coach request the college coach. Can already have an evolution login which I told you was free. It’s free for them and they can put in a college coach request themselves. Or you could be having a conversation with a college coach.

You’re talking about a kid you got at speed and agility training Tulsa, and you may say, hey, coach, what are you looking at for 23? What do you need for 23? What do you need for 24? And they may verbally tell you what they need and you may put that in as a college coach request. When a college coach request comes into the office. Our office takes the criteria, runs it against our database, and then sends out a small database to the coach with all those kids who improve vertical jump training Tulsa in. OK. That’s how it works. You’re going to learn a lot more about speed and agility training Tulsa, but I just want to talk about college coach request right now. I’ve got on here that college coach request help define the box. And that’s the terminology Robert last started using probably 15 years ago. 14 years ago, right after we started working with in Sr. And we were doing. We were doing a recruiting seminar in Tennessee. And in the middle of seminar, an old guy raised his hands. And he said, you know, I used to Coach college college football a long time ago and we called it the box. And what he meant by the box was the criteria he was looking for. For each position, he had a box. He had a size box, maybe a highway box, maybe a speed box, maybe a strength box, maybe an AC T S80 box, maybe a. GPA but he knew what the box was that the kid he was looking for to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, would fit. College coach request kind of help us define speed and agility training Tulsa’s box. A lot of schools that will be academic driven.

It’ll be GPA driven or or, you know we. I’m looking for this position but they gotta have at least a 26 on the AC T. OK, well that tells us something about his bombs. Course we live in Alabama. We did a lot with people that are interested in the University of Alabama for football. You know in. If you’re 6/2 and you’re always sublime and you’re not playing in Alabama, that’s just not the that doesn’t fit his box. And he doesn’t have to go outside of his box to build his roster. Nor do hardly any coaches have to go outside their box to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So college coach request kind of help us define the box for that coach. Sometimes that box can be consistent within a region or within a conference, but sometimes it’s not.