You got five options for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. OK, I kept doing those last night trying to figure out which one reposed to my page on speed and agility training Tulsa. It’s not the way you do it for what we were doing last night. Now keep in mind what y’all are doing to get your page setup is not what you will do in the future. What you doing last night is shared right post, WRITE, right post is usually. It kind of depends on the app and it depends on the device you’re on. There’s usually a right post option you can click on that and then you can click on only me and then you share it to only your wall. In a normal world, you can just hit share. And you can write something at the top or you don’t have to. In normal situations, when you’re not trying to build your wall, we can have three to five additions every day, and you can kind of keep your wall current, and you can keep your friends seeing that NSR stuff is going on in your world. Yeah. Problem that I basically congratulated, you know, just from the standpoint of. You know, congratulate Riley on becoming a part of improve vertical jump training Tulsa, and that that shows up from what I see on my end. But that’s why I was asking on your end. If you go to my page you were saying you didn’t see speed and agility training Tulsa. If you just make a comment, I’m not gonna say that on your wall, OK? Alright, I’m only gonna see it on your wall if you share it now. If I’m a friend of yours and you comment on something, there’s a good chance I will see that post.

But it’s not gonna be on your on your wall for other people to go see at a later date. OK, that makes sense. I think so, yeah. If anyone needs help with the social media stuff, I could probably help you out. Hey there you go, Jack. I just said, yeah. We should get, I said Jerry. A message few hours ago but he he wouldn’t. He’s he’s. He’s been too busy with his baseball tournament so. He said you’re gonna help him. I wouldn’t had lunch. I’m sorry you sound like an expert about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I can do it, it’s pretty easy. I’ll help you do speed and agility training Tulsa. Alright guys. You’re gonna want when you’re on social media. Whatever the platform you’re gonna wanna search. Travel clothes in your area. High school teams in your area you’re gonna want to share posts that are relevant posts that are gonna get people interested. However, I want you to be very careful not to share in CSA posts. They do put some decent articles out there, but you don’t need to share them.

That looks like you’re promoting them, so we don’t need to do anything like that. I would also be careful not to share NCAA articles. You may think that sounds really odd. But we’ve got families that once they realize that they can go to the NCAA website, they feel like they got the Golden bullet to fix their fix their recruiting. You’ve got families that believe once they pay that $90.00. The best for college coaches are going to go and find it. You know, that’s ridiculous. If you were a former college coach for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, but that’s what Maine was convinced themselves up, so I don’t really promote a lot of NCAA stuff either. Alright, let’s look at Facebook. Let’s look at page 40. So you got for some reason you’ve got an athlete on Facebook that you’re trying to reach out to for speed and agility training Tulsa. Maybe that’s the only contact you have. You don’t have an email, you don’t have a cell number, but you found him on Facebook.

A good way to start that conversation? Or do you want to play in college? Simple question. I’m not gonna ask for questions in a row, that’s not how this concept goes. It’s a back and forth thing. You ask one question, they come in, you ask another question. You may ask what college coaches are you talking to? Let your parents know. I contacted you that needs to come out really quickly. Obviously we need to protect ourselves if we’re telling a kid to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Let your parents know. I contacted you that protects you and that is documented in a message. Alright, so just be smart here. We don’t want to be stupid. The ultimate goal is to get the parents cell number, not the kids number, but the parents number, or get the parents Facebook account so that you can friend it and you can start conversation with the parents about speed and agility training Tulsa. Alright, just look at Instagram. Instagram’s for the athletes are gonna post.

That’s where especially the female athletes live on Instagram. You may want to post information about current athletes. That’s gonna get some other athletes attention. But you’ve got to know what a cool post looks like on Instagram. It’s gotta have a picture. It’s completely picture driven. You gotta have a cute little caption. You didn’t use lots of hashtags. If you don’t know what I’m talking about improve vertical jump training Tulsa, don’t post on Instagram ’cause you’re just going to make yourself look old. Chris, you’re not in your head. I’m just telling you what you need to hear. I have a daughter I I get that I’m. We have got to the point and you guys probably some of you who are the older understand. You get to that line work. That’s not cool anymore, so I don’t want to be uncool anymore. So it comes back around right? And add gets real cool. So you just gotta go to that loop. the cycle is stainless, right? Bad bad tennis shoes ’cause they just like write you off. You can’t put bad posts on Instagram and if you have if you don’t know, stay off Instagram. Just live on Facebook for speed and agility training Tulsa. You know, and it’s it’s comical and extremely ironic that the tennis shoe issue came up because.