My passion is helping kids and youth jump higher through a series of programs designed to improve vertical jump training tulsa. And helping them achieve their goals and get to the next level, whether it be basketball or soccer or track and field. The best way I know how is to run them through a pre and post combine to test their speed and agility training improvements here in Tulsa. I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of different athletes that have moved on the NBA where its verry important to improve vertical jump training. And dozens of kids collegiately currently at the high major level for Division One basketball and it helped dozens of kids international come to the states, find a private boarding school, helped him get to college. He doesn’t mentor or local Prentice. So I’m excited about.

So join about the opportunity. That’s that’s awesome talk. Are you still doing those camps are they soccer or speed and agility training camps in Tulsa.? Is that something that is currently still going on? It is something that’s currently still going on, but I sold it. OK, I walked away and I’ve got my own business as well, but walked away from the camp business and the NBA leading jumpers using our improve vertical jump training tulsa techniques and programs. In the last year. Got cancelled so this will be part time initially. Yes, ma’am, I part time. Initially I’ve got. I’ve got kids currently coming over from all different parts. The world at private boarding schools here in the states with my own business running Tulsas best speed and agility training. and I’m interested in doing this as well. I consult for several camps and operations. Event management and camps as well. So this is so be. My second act. There you go. There you go. Glad that opportunity type it on your relationships, maybe with the organization that you sold with those people around it, also with the. Operation stuff that you may be doing with other camps such as pro day and improve vertical jump training tulsa, those kind of things. There’s a lot of partnership opportunities that we’re always looking into that that allow us to to really help you grow your business. And it is our grow. We’ll talk more about those potential partnerships and what they look like in those kind of things. Will it will talk more about those later, so I’m glad you mentioned that, because that’s definitely. As you know, it’s going to be a part of your brain that we’re going to tap into and and also see where we can go with that, so I appreciate you sharing it with us today.

Thank you, and by building, sorry I missed a little bit of yours, but it’s going to have both you guys with us who’s next, alright? Let’s get into this real quick before that before they start, you know. Gary Silvers is got both of these guys coming into his region, Garry’s region this month. So just had one phenomenal month up there of Scouts in production and and the volume of athletes that really can jump improve vertical jump training tulsa are being held in that region is only going to enhance your guys opportunities as well. And then you bring your strength and conditioning in as well. So it’s just going to be the next best step- speed and agility training Tulsa.. A great opportunity to help get grow his region and increased the brand recognition in that region up there. So guys welcome absolutely absolutely. Alright so we’re gonna go to Jack. Is it sabo? Oh yeah, see both CBO. Thank you, Jack. Alright, Bill Todd, thanks for that. Appreciate that happened to meet everybody.

How y’all doing today? So I start. I don’t have as much a long career to explain really. In 23 years old and one year out of school and jumps 27 inches standing and 34 inches approach using techniques learned at improve vertical jump training tulsa, I went to the University of South Carolina and I’m from currently Stamford CT and I plan on working with across an in the Fairfield County Area in Connecticut area. I played the cross and football in high school. Oh, and I hurt my shoulder my junior year, which is when I really got into coaching speed and agility training Tulsa. I had my first opportunity to coach when I was still playing on the team by code. I am as offensive assistant coordinator for the freshman football team, so that was my where I really got my feet wet into. You know the coaching aspect then I’ve done a couple of camps that are speed and agility training focused in Tulsa..

You know, use across camps or you know different things like that afterwards, but after school I was, you know, a little busy with that, but I was. I graduated with a hospitality degree with a focus in sports management. So that let me just to you know this area after working in a bar and for the last year for Covid still do that two times a week. But I plan on, you know, being full time and spending all my time. I came on this. And going full force ahead. Oh, I’m looking forward to meeting everybody and thank you for all your introductions. Dragons good to have you on board, you know. I wish you actually, you know, lived in a part of the country that they actually played lacrosse. Restaurant they do up there, so I’ll tell you about my my record man. Some of the worst teams in the County, but I still got to see all the great players there. No doubt look, although this we are, we are definitely not as as. I was gonna say we’re not as strong as we need to be in Susan. When I had said no word. OK, so yeah that’s what Kerry said that a little bit too. There’s some sports that it’s easier to work in young than other sports, and lacrosse would be one of those sports. OK, because it’s a it’s a younger sport and so it’s OK to be a younger Scopes Scout in lacrosse. There other sports that makes it more difficult so. I know you can use your youth and energy to overcome your lack of age. How about that? In age is difficult to come out, you know. Will this be honest? Yes it is, and so you know there is some advantage to Gray hair. I will tell you this. I mean just your men. You can definitely overcome it, and it’s one of those things where you just gotta.