I’m not I’m not saying hey you gotta you gotta fly four or five feet, OK. But if you land if you take off at point a point B is somewhere in front of point A OK there’s always a broad jumping ball even when you get to your feet to the ball. Broad jump is fine for back row players but to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You’ll want to take that momentum and move it upward vertically. OK you don’t you don’t wanna jump right under the ball if you want to jump slightly in speed and agility training Tulsa, be humble.

OK, so but again it’s getting to the plane of the ball so if I’m running a quick set with my middle, I’m definitely going to ask him to broadjump, but I’m going to ask my center if this is the net over here I’m going to ask my setup to push the ball back the faster. The set the more often it he said appam sending a highball to the pin, I can send the ball 3 feet off if I’m sending a fastball to the pin. I have to I have to set the ball 4 feet off in it maybe four and a half depending on how fast you want to go the faster speed and agility training. The set therefore the more often it she said that’s critical OK? So if I’m sending a quick attack to the middle I’m going to have to push it back if the ball, and jump higher to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Right up is at the net I’m going to have to push it back and obviously she’s broad jumping a little bit and that’s what I want him to basically make contact with the ball that’s the difference. As the question at alright good let me go back to sharing the screen look at this speed and agility training Tulsa demonstration.

The second key order I like to use is your second step has to be on the three meter line. Obviously now it’s more or less the total you are as a player, the more the second step can be behind the temple OK? But more or less you want that second step to be on it, that’s how you start your approach jump something we learn in the improve vertical jump training Tulsa program we offer. This is how much you have to step close, you got you going to cover a lot of distance, so you want that second step to be on the template line. Thethe third step in the approach is the one that will get players to get their feet, to the ball the third step and then you close with the 4th speed and agility training. OK, key number keyword number three eyes on the set his hand improve your vision on the blocker, so I’m going to explain.

Let’s assume you guys are the net to jump higher and improve vertical jump training, or you guys all the blockers and my seller is in this direction right here. So if I’m approaching I’m looking at my seller, because I need to know you know I need to see that ball leaving our hands, so I can so I know when and where to go, OK? But as I’m doing this my eyes are on you guys, the blockers, and I need to train myself to be able to see that why is the middle is late at that point. You had better hope you improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I know the seam is going to be open, if I see the pin block and maybe taking a step to the inside more speed and agility training than likely the line is going to be open. all this stuff you have to teach by using your peripheral vision which is again the 7th skill in Bible which is you know, I would does this make sense? When I just talked about this takes time this is I mean you don’t expect the 12 and under or 14 under players to do this right away, but you can teach him speed and agility training.

OK hi Mike it’s gonna put you on mute for now if you don’t mind, my #4 arms are down down back up early and I’m going to emphasize the warm early. OK, so I used to say down back up only so down you definitely don’t want the arms to go to come up first. Before you go back, OK, they’re probably gonna come forward maybe 6 inches and then back. Hey man up up Early and I added early later on what does early mean I wanna be in what I call my TP. this is my TP OK what is it TP “throwing position” I use a lot of acronyms in my gym because it’s easier for the place to learn and retain the information. Plus it’s better to say I used to say segment 1/2 and three which is something that I learned from one of my mentors. More dumpy but again I can I you know there’s no there’s no right or wrong, I just like to use language that the girls can remember so, TP my throwing positiont.

This is how you throw a football this is how you throw a baseball this is how you serve in tennis, basically it works in any sport that is speed and agility training Tulsa. OK, so arms down back up early and if you have a hitter who miss hits the ball if they hit the ball here, they don’t make good contact with the ball off to the side of the hand maybe, or whatever is more than likely. Because they’re not here early and what is early, I put it down I put it right there in parentheses for you guys when the feet leave the floo,r so by the time I take off and improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I want to be up here early and that’s key and this will actually be more of a factor, if you run a quick offense then you know you need the stamina training in Tulsa the speed and agility training.

With your middles, for example, if you’re hitting the one a quick one if this is not up early it’s hard for the set of descent and it’s hard for them to hit. OK, some of it is technical they just have to be up early and a lot of it is actually strength like this here this upper body strength, it takes a lot of strength to go from here to here early before you feed the floor so you have to identify what the what you want. If there are no questions then ill just say thanks for your time.