I know you all remember the time you went through improve vertical jump training Tulsa, how excited you were. Also, a little bit of how overwhelmed you were coming out of training. So please, as we put these these men and women out on social media that you know you welcome you know and make him feel part of the team here from today going forward. So hey guys with that. I appreciate everyone of you being on and what a great turn out for today’s national call. Everybody was on pretty much on time. So hey, take today. As a Monday, most people hate Mondays, may look at it this way. Monday is a great opportunity to start another break week, so take that. Go forward with it. Be the line and hey everybody, have a great day and we will see you next week on the call right? One more thing real quick if you have not texted Susan and let her know that you’re only call please do so and whoever improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I need you to text Susan and let her know that yuoull be needing speed and agility training Tulsa. What your name really is, ’cause you’re not. Get scouted in Sr, so that’s it. Guys like broadening truck you would think and welcome. No more thank you, Sir Navy Lala. OK.

Advice I’m gonna ask you to get that device and get logged into access. We’re going to get going here in just a few minutes on training. Does anybody have any questions that popped up? I know you heard some things on the national call. You probably think. OK, I don’t know what they’re talking about. You will, but did anything come up that you’d like? Address right now before we move on to start tulsa speed and agility training training? Everybody’s good. Alright, so let’s say we got thirty 45678 nineteen working to go alright. So you will get your other device in axis up and access that’s www.nsrhypheninc.com/A XIS access. And then you got your your email is your login and then your password is Scout Capital S Scouten. Whatever digits they gave you. Is everybody good? Does everybody have? Is everybody inside of access? No, I so type that will give you a minute to get on that, OK?

Did you say when that that store would be up? The store will be up probably in a week or two. Article. That OK in the mean? You’re better off right now to go get a few items, go get some Royal blue, black, white and Gray and go get those logos. You don’t want to wait for the store. In the meantime you should improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Is that that six weeks away? And by then I hope you have a lot of speed and agility training Tulsa enrollments. OK, yeah, how do you? How do you go about getting the. Logos the logos are in axis there any about? How do you get up like how do you actually get imprinted on your stuff? You learn in broader near you or you find a. Screenprinter OK thanks. And those guys would enter and you’ll send a copy of the of the speed and agility training Tulsa pack. Just email it to him, they could digitize it, and then they’ll turn. Take that digitization from it. That’s a big word for awhile, like make digitization. You like that, Chris? I mean, that’s pretty cool it.

Digit today I can’t even say the third time to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Three times fast, yeah, will start cussing if we do. That’s also guarantee. Will sound something, but just send it over there to the truth. Is the a couple things no one. You know you got. You’re going to be able to get, you know you gotta dictation. Go to Academy. You go where you order online like me when you’re my size I’m going to align get stuff I want and we do. Really good pricing on it. Kind of go, but if you’ll just take your take that email that particular packet over to your broader or to your screenshot screen printer, they’ll digitize it and they’ll turn around and get it in for you. OK, and then so you know with same ladies been doing our 15 years, she charges me. $4 to put, you know the stuff on each piece of undo. 10 pieces you know started like 250 so it’s ridiculous how cheap stuff is, so make sure you do it. Oh, so it will be back in a minute and we will continue to training to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Did you guys tlk about speed and agility training Tulsa while I was gone? She had to jump out couple things, you know, Rusty, if you haven’t picked up on Rusty’s passion, one of the tools that we talk about. Our college coach request. Row spend some time talking about that this week so, but also I want you to understand this. Each one of you this trigger point time that was one of those assignments. One of those things that really is not for you to put it to forefront of your of your today list. OK, not for you individually.

You’re not there yet. We gotta get you through this in stages to a point where you’re ready. You know you’re really ready and set up to go. You’re going to hear us talk about doing things that are thick, effective and efficient. Oh Larry will be the first one to tell you that it’s the first thing you should do to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, if it’s not putting me in a position today to get an appointment set up to get a scheduled interview set up to get enrollment, then that’s the most. That’s the top priority of everything that drives my day is speed and agility training Tulsa. OK, from once we get new through training and once we do that, the rest of my day is always toward. What am I going to be doing is going to get me in front of somebody right now, and so that’s the piece of it we’re going to. We’re going to train you guys with urgency from this point as we move forward, because while I don’t want you to get comfortable, you know calling around, talking to a bunch of college coaches, and that’s great.