Hey, in a non covid year you’re a day one kid in a covid year you better run with your day to offer. ’cause if you’re holding it all for you, better go ahead and come in to speed and agility training Tulsa. And you know, and we’re going to be saying that kind of same thing. 20 twos. The purpose of this this slide is to make sure everybody knows there is a need for what we do in improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I. I think that’s probably exhausted. Bad enough. Y’all already all done your Scout agreement. Your code of ethics, so we’re ready to get started here. I’m on page 63 keys to success in speed and agility training Tulsa. We’re gonna talk about that today. Three cases success. I will give you a heads up first. Keys gonna take all day to cover almost the last two go really quick. So don’t think wow, this is gonna be doing this for the next 18 hours because I’m not. Alright, the first one we gotta be incredible scout understand we hired you because we feel like you bring a level of credibility to the table. Either because you play experience your coaching experience for speed and agility training Tulsa, maybe some tremendous skill sets you’ve got from previous jobs, we think you’ve got a level of credibility and you’re going to be able to present yourself in a way and use that pass to make yourself extremely credible in this field. That’s why we hired you at improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

Different ones if you have a different page, you know Jack mentioned early on I don’t have near as much as some of the other guys. Well, no, you don’t. You’re not old enough to have all that, but you gotta use what your asset is to be good at this. For those of you who have some age on human have a tremendous background in speed and agility training Tulsa, that’s gonna be easier for those of you who are younger. You’re gonna have to do some things to overcome that youth, but you can do that. It’s very doable. Let’s talk about being a credible scout. Your personal image? You would think this is something we don’t have to talk about, but we did. You gotta look the part at improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Now I’m coming off of a year where we were hardly out of our house, OK, and we had to do most of our value waiting on video and we did a lot of all of our interviews on zoom calls. I had to look the part from here up because that’s all you could see, but now we’re back out in the field. We gotta look the part, whatever that means for your sport, whatever that means. Look like a coach in your port in your sport. We’re going to ask you specially if you’re an older dude. Make sure you’re wearing good tennis shoes for speed and agility training Tulsa, because you know what a kid will write you off really quick. If you’re well aware about shoes. He had bad shoes or a bad phone. A kid think she weren’t idiot. I’m not here to be best friends with 13 year olds, but it helps me if they don’t think I’m an idiot or they don’t think. Wow, Susan, don’t know how to dress. OK, so we there’s some things that kids notice they notice shoes. They know the phones. His work well were good ones for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You’re going to want your phone to be a major tool you use in the field. You may want a pocket radar. Does anybody have a pocket radar? Yes, I ask out. You can get pocket radars for half price.

You can get 2 and I’m not telling you to go buy a pocket radar. But I’m telling you if you’re working a diamond sport. It’s a really good tool to have their baby. They are extremely accurate now and it does what we needed to do. Not only do I need to know the velocity somebody is throwing. I need when I’m out there taking that I need people to realize I’m taking the velocity of that pitch. The pocket radar is great for that. It’s convenient. I can keep it in my pocket. It’s not bulky like a jugs gun or something like that, but it is very accurate, but it looks a lot better than if I use an app on my phone. I look good at improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So I need to be concerned about how I appear.

This is our personal image we’re talking about. I need to look like a scout. I need to be a scout. I need to do things that present myself as a scale. So if you want to pocket radar, we have access to you. Be able to get those in half price. Two of them. You can’t get more than two. We’re going to have we’re going to give you a clipboard. Just anybody have their clipboard in front of him. Show us the front of the clipboard. I nice add Sr at the top was the back. With luck. There you go. Why do you think we have that on the back? So a kid can see it’s so apparent can see it when you got something in your hands, they don’t. You’re advertising 24/7 for speed and agility training Tulsa. Whether it’s your shirt, whether it’s. Your image I had to have on the back of your clipboard.

Always be selling a BS. Except I don’t want to come across as a salesman. OK, understand I am always selling, but I don’t want to come across as a salesman. I’m going to teach you the fine tune of that, but right now I want you to realize it is important for me to be out there seeing kids and evaluate waiting kids. But I also need the parents to see me evaluating their kids. You want a parent to be excited about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They found out a scout is out there watching their kid. They are super excited. In understand they should be. If I work with their kid, what happens? 5% success 95% success. We just took them. We just made their dreams basically come true. Everything they’ve been working for all these years. It’s not. But I’m just saying. There shouldn’t be one. You gotta ask Larry about that. You may just have to do the FaceTime with them.