And that was my goal. My goal was to restore the faith that college coaches had in these kids in this region up there it had waned along with speed and agility training Tulsa. But that’s another story. It waned in many of the coaches to go to Little Rock. They could go to Memphis. They could go to. Fayetteville even Tulsa improve vertical jump training Tulsa and Fort Smith and do one stop shopping. Well, there’s a lot of kids at small schools in Arkansas and West Tennessee. They can play and they weren’t getting sitting simply because college coaches were coming up there and word didn’t know who they were, so that’s what drove me to get to work here. Like set up in doing it seven years now. Can you believe that? Robert Godley. Just been an amazing journey and I get to work with people like. Clint garner and like you know, hope and now Christians gonna be in in my region down there Memphis and it’s going to be fun. We’re gonna have a good time doing this its not easy work you have to work heard at speed and agility training Tulsa. We’re going to work.

But we’re going to have a good time, family oriented company. That’s what sold me on it. ’cause I did my research on improve vertical jump training tulsa. And the other thing that sold me on NSR was the boots on the ground. You know you could go out there and find you a role as a scout, but you’re going to be sitting in a cubicle making cold calls. This the only company that has legitimate boots on the ground that’s what I like about speed and agility training Tulsa. People that develop relationships with families and athletes. And help them families and athletes navigate the recruiting process all the way from the time when you roll to the time that they sign and commit with the college, and that relationship continues on for many many years after this. As I said, I’ve been in this for seven years now that ive been looking at improve vertical jump training tulsa. I’ve had kids go through the Tulsa speed and agility training program, have graduated from college.

And who are now, you know, vital parts of of society and its enemy. Wedding invitations and birth announcements. And that sort of thing all because you had a part in improve vertical jump training tulsa. And all of these things are because of the relationships that we developed with these families several years ago. So I hope that. That you guys made a choice on a career and it’s as fulfilling to you as it has been to me. And I hope that you guys. Develop the relationships with. The families. The meaningful relationships with families like I have also so glad you’re here and excited about it. Like said, we got huge expectations for this group. Because of the credibility of this group, so we’re excited that you’re all here and we look forward to hearing their all everybody’s story. I’m gonna be off camera here for about 15 minutes, but I’m listening so I’ma listen everybody story while we’re going on so glad you all are here. Brian is doing another project. Rusty is in a meeting up front today, so we don’t have all the games together like we normally do. Plus our conference room is getting refurbished so we’re having to do things from pods sometimes from the speed and agility training room in Tulsa., which is a little bit different, but you will. Guys will meet all of us throughout the week and will speak to you.

And again I’m on. Rusty is going to come on here and he’s gonna challenge you to give him some information and how many corporations can you have access to? The president of the company in the first week of your existence here? OK, that’s that’s how this company is run. It’s a family oriented company. And is very few layers from you to the top, and we’re excited about that. Reset about you guys and your ability to improve vertical jump training tulsa. We’re excited to hear your story, so, Susan, I will flip it back to you. Alright. I’m only I’m going to let my talk so they’re gonna hear from me a lot today, so I would let my car right now. Alright, well again, welcome everybody to. Our training for this month. I know I talked a little bit last time. I am remote out in Arizona. Like I said to get on. In order for a wedding in all areas, captain about family and being a former head coach, especially in women’s sport. Over the course of your time, you gone to weddings and get baby announcements and all kinds of different things. So that’s why I’m add out in Arizona. But you know, welcome. I welcome you guys. Like I said, I’ve been here for now about 14 months, 15 months came board after I resigned at Little Miss. College coach for 21 years. As a head coach pretty much posted every level. Played football in high school and basketball and so I got a wide range of sports of course. Was involved in soccer and my wife, plates and volleyball. So kind of I feel like some kind of Jack of all trades.

Master of none but. You know one thing, one thing I want to tell you guys is take everything you can out of this training. Both Robert and Susan and the rest of the staff do really good job of preparing you. So when you are done with this, you’re ready to go. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not going to be easy at first. You’re going to go through a grind on grinding in the speed and agility training Tulsa space is important. There’s going to be some adversity set in that’s when you can improve vertical jump training tulsa if you stick it out and work hard. For those of you that have coached and played, you know it’s like going into a slump. If you’re one of those diamond sports or you know your teams in the losing streak sometimes. But it’s just staying the course. It’s the process. You know there is light at the end of the tunnel. You know you have to make sure that you focus on the little things before the big things you see start to happen so. Yeah, I mean that’s that’s kind of me. I mean insurance swing straight to the point. I’m here to help you guys in any way. Regardless, you know I focus on the Diamond Sports show baseball softball, but I’m here for each of you. If you have any questions.