When it comes to snapping the wrist because, it’s a national you know the national finish so when you’re hitting the ball and actually the more spin you have on the ball. Like that’s why when you when you jump serving if you can create this pre spin on the ball as soon as you hit the ball. OK you automatically kind of going to create more spin on the ball it looks like you’re snapping your wrist, but you actually just hitting the ball so this is an ultimate this is kind of a natural thing to do. So having players you know hit against the wall and just work on snapping the wrist to be honest with me… I don’t see a lot of value that’s just the national finish that all hitters do. OK, are we are we good any questions before I move to some more speed and agility training Tulsa and more advanced stuff?

I’m not going to go over there now I have a lot of stuff in here. I’m not going to go over everything but there’s there’s some good stuff actually that I’d like to share with you guys even concerning improve vertical jump training Tulsa. One of them is is actually I did yeah that’s actually, I’m going to add it but we’re going to talk about how you can how you can hit off the block off. The digging up the past but let me stop sharing and see if you have any questions about Tulsa speed and agility training. We’re good so far?
OK so how do I, how do I do my hitting lines? For example the way the way I do my hitting lines is the same exact way you would do hitting lines at the beach what is that involved it involves you passing the ball . Our girls want to get into hitting but that’s not where it starts. It starts when you improve vertical jump training Tulsa, and then going right into the approach. I actually like that it’s more game like so I do that a lot what I thought. I tried to make it as game like as possible so if I throw the ball over the net you maybe have a passive and then you have your pin hitter. OK, and I tossed the ball to either person. OK? If that person tosses then that person can get out and I usually tell my left side hitters you want to go three steps, you’re going to shuffle out three steps, 123, and you want to present yourself at an angle. Now why 3 steps why aren’t why aren’t why an odd number not an even number? Because when you are shut when he shuffled three steps you end up with your weight on what on the left foot so you end up with the weight on the left foot.

This is something you can train during speed and agility training Tulsa. For real its important. Then you can go right left right left, that’s important sometimes you don’t have time to go three you only go one. Got it, but again that’s why this step close has to be good sometimes your approach might be inside the court how can we fix that. Though how can we set her a good ball? Start there to improve vertical jump training Tulsa that’s that’s for the seller, to see the seller has to be able to see that the hitter is inside the court and therefore they have to set the ball little bit inside OK? So an odd number and again when I’m shuffling make sure you’re not going straight if the 10 foot line is. Where the computer is when I’m shuffling, I want to present myself at an angle load load that ankle with what we learned in the improve vertical jump training Tulsa programming, remember?

It so you shuffling at an angle just a little bit OK and again either one, either three if you go high high ball you can go five steps to great speed and agility training. If you want but it’s going to be an odd number so you end up with the weight on the left foot OK. It all starts with that first foot in proper steps to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So this is off the past there’s one thing that I do with my passes. If they are what I call swing hitters what’s the swing hitter, it’s a person who is in the front row but they are also receiving service. If there in the formation OK. so I tell my head as if you passed the ball I don’t want him to shuffle at all I actually want him to go right into the approach, the payment service he passer and I pass I’m going to go right left and right left back to the court. So my first wife left is toward the sideline and I’m going to finish life left toward the center and it’s again I trained myself to see that and kinda like you’re kind of like your basketball guard. You’re giving you know your teammates and ally you have to time the approach jump you have time to set up and improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You have to know where they are you have to keep that ball between you and him or her it’s the same thing with the Tulsa speed and agility training they have OK?

So again I called this no pass so you don’t pass as a hitter you shuffle and you hit OK. You know what I go pass if you wanna go a highball ? you can actually make him shuffle if you want, but in my gym I go pass and no matter what whether, we’re sending a highball to order fastball. If I fast I’m going to go right into the porch and that’s how simple, I keep OK and off the deck oh I mean all blocker. So let’s say you have two blockers blocking the left side on the other side you on the left side hitter, I come in and obviously in women’s Bible the tip and the roll shot are important to have somebody cover them during speed and agility training Tulsa. It’s really important in the men’s game not as effective because the ball spends more time in the air the neck is higher one number 2 the players are bigger.