And at this Convention Center in downtown Phoenix where they perform speed and agility training Tulsa, which means all you have is concrete and asphalt around you, which is that you step outside, yeah, I mean, it’s just. It’s just like you are living in a song and I don’t care what you say about well, it’s dry heat. Yeah, well, let me just tell you still sweat just as much with dry heat. You just don’t realize it till it’s all gone and you. The hydrated but there’s large pairing with his good looking look at that with those wide shoulders I bet you can improve vertical jump training tulsa with your height too. With that I mean he’s got. He’s row less. Probably at looking at you Under Armour he is sporting today. Guys look, we’re glad you’re here. I think it’s time for us to kick this speed and agility training Tulsa off. We’re going to get rolling. So I figured that probably Brian still have made it back in town yet, and Rusty will show up when he’s got some time to come in and visit with us too, so we’re glad you’re here. We had a chance to meet. I think it would.

Most everybody on Thursday, just for a brief moment. We hope you got your stuff going and see the documents on improve vertical jump training tulsa. Oh, for those of word older I’m Robert Cable. I’ll be in and out of your training some. You’ll see a lot of me at times and you’ll see ghost of me at some as well because Susan will direct most of your training. You’ll see Larry from time to time be involved. Brian will be involved, some might will be involved somewhere. So it’ll be a hands on kind of a team speed and agility training Tulsa effort, as we kind of go forward with the training piece of this for this week. We are and I drove this home with you guys the other day. We’re excited for each one of you to be a part of the family with us. For us, it’s a matter of there’s growth that comes every time we improve vertical jump training tulsa. That growth is going to come in your area from where you are. That growth is exciting for us as a company particularly if you join speed and agility training Tulsa, and somebody said one time Jacob and they said, well, you know, man, you know nobody here knows about it and a sore. OK, well the truth is, there’s a couple things to that. We’re only as good in an area as the people we have on the ground. OK, think about that. We’re only as good in an area of the country as we have as good as the people that are on the ground jump9ng higher using improve vertical jump training tulsa.

And so I always tell people to court when somebody says, well, I’ve never heard any store in my responses. That doesn’t surprise me because only people that are truly in the recruiting business in the industry and coaches know who we are. We are specialists specializing in speed and agility training Tulsa. So if you don’t know who you are, that means you probably don’t need to be doubling around every created by yourself. So you see how you can twist something when somebody says to you that we don’t know who it is? Or is. It’s easy to flip it back on and say we’ve only been doing it for 41 years just like weve been doing improve vertical jump training tulsa for the past 5 years. So it kind of puts the pressure back on it. You’ll have high school coaches and travel coaches and some parents who know a little bit about speed and agility training Tulsa but not a ton. Well, I’ve never heard of you. You know I had a travel coach told me that one time and I wasn’t being ugly. I said, well, you don’t, but kind of kind of ironic. I’ve never heard of you and I’m in this business everyday for the last 15 years, I mean, and so yeah, I wasn’t being ugly. It was just like, you know, don’t give me that garbage.

I actually talked to college coaches who see the value in speed and agility training Tulsa and its many benefits. I’m appear Away. You know, so we can warrior baby so again today, that’s OK. I don’t have a problem with that, but understand everybody’s got a space and we’re going to be experts in a space. Our xxpertise is improve vertical jump training tulsa. That’s what we want to get across to our customers. Each one of you to do. Each one of you have different backgrounds that are coming in. So move. You have sales background so that coaching background so we may have other backgrounds, whatever it is. I know that Larry and Mike and Brian made a choice to offer you a position within S are based on that background. Some of you may have specific sport backgrounds is you have strengths in. You may have played it. You may have coustic. Allegedly you may have a child that played it. For those of you that had a child that played it, you know and you didn’t use NSR. You’re going to have you’re going to have a tough time being able to transition in that process because people are going to say what did you do and you can’t say you used MSR, so you’re going to have to set aside your own personal experience with that and take it on the MSR.

Experience our job this week is to treat you how to do the NSR component of this. Each one of you will have great people skills and personal skills I hope, or you wouldn’t have been hired. If you don’t have those skills, we gotta get you up the curve on some things that are very basic. But I am going to tell you this and I want everybody to hear what I’m going to say OK? I don’t need a single one of you to think that you’re going to recreate the wheel that we’ve been rolling for 40 years, ’cause you’re not. And if you want to recreate that, we’ll you’re going to struggle with this. We have people in our organization that are coached Division One D2. They’re extremely effective. We got that were parents, but when they left training that they wanted to kind of, they want to kind of get the little only little giddy up and they get along. And they didn’t want to do what we wanted to.