So I graduated from the University of Memphis an I have been working for 247 sports. Im really used to taking measurables such as improve vertical jump training tulsa. I’m sure most of you are familiar with 247 sports being coaches and being in the recruiting world. So I’ve been with go Tigers 247 which is Memphis is 247 affiliates since March of 2018. Came in as an intern and within six months I had the lead writer job still in college and have been doing that ever since. An I know Robert and Susan were talking about with age I love. I love that I love them bringing up page and talking about age because. In the journalism industry, which is typically just, you know, straight up, it’s an older industry. It’s there’s not typically a lot of 20. 20 year olds run around. Writing about the schools, and I’ve covered football and basketball improve vertical jump training Tulsa as a beat Reporter in tulsa and in recruiting speed and agility athletes and training Tulsa.. So I’m around, you know, the whole Memphis media all the time and being looked at as the young guys is fun to me because everybody else has been there for 10-15 years and I’ve broken countless stories and you know over them over the past several years I love the competition of the combines and they show how you are improving on your speed and agility training Tulsa.

I love everyone. You know, under, under estimating a younger person, I think it’s I think it’s funny when you when you break a story as a journalist in your 22 and everyone’s asking you how you did it. So I love being young. I love being the young guy as far as a background goes on high school I played football for four years I could outjump the competition because improve vertical jump training tulsa their programming and classes, had an opportunity to go play college bold. Tore my ankle up and and decided that it wasn’t for me anymore. I didn’t wanna. I didn’t want to risk, you know, my my ankle or you know my well being from then on out just to go play JUCO Ball. So I decided to just go straight to school then to speed and agility training Tulsa and like I said graduated from the University of Memphis last year. With that journalism degree, as far as sports go, it’s been pretty much my whole life since they won football and basketball. Like I said, I cover both of those so I’m a little more familiar with those, and I have a lot of relationships at, you know, from working in recruiting in this in the Memphis and North Mississippi area.

From covering those sports for three years now an evalaiutor for combines such as the improve vertical jump training tulsa. But also, you know, me and Larry talked about this. Baseball in North Mississippi is absolutely huge, and I think it’s a really untapped market down here. So I’ve already got connections there already made connections there. So excited to to kind of dip my toe in the water in as many sports as I possibly can because. It is an untapped market. Here I know a lot of you guys are talking about being under recruited areas and the North Mississippi area in particular is Memphis is a little more recruited, but North Mississippi is pretty untapped and a lot of people don’t don’t come down here. A lot of coaches don’t teach speed and agility training Tulsa or come down here, so I’m excited about that opportunity to kind of offer improve vertical jump training tulsa. Give these kids an opportunity to show what they can do and to go on to the next level because I know the kind of town level that is here. Thank you Christian. Christian comes to us. Canada is a referral from a former NSR athlete. J Carville, J King Christian played together at at at. In high school they were both the. Children of the corn, so to speak, at louisburgh, one of the greatest atmospheres for high school football.

Doubt ever been too by the way, lot of fun and their football field is in the middle of a cornfield. And I’m not joking. High stops, according. And the wind don’t blow much down there, just kinda hot. Remember not to have time y’all played in Memphis or something more. Those fairleys in the tornado warning. Oh yeah, for sure. That was wow. I was there with my ex high school football coach. His son was coaching that Memphis team. So, but he brings a unique perspective to this. This this. Job he comes at it from a journalistic point of view, and I’ve said this about journalist Jack and and Christian and then Gary Silvers, the guys that you all guys have talked to. These guys see things that we overlook. K as coaches. And as as valuators and then these guys can turn around and paint a picture. Of what they saw much better than I can. OK because they are trained to do just that, speed and agility training Tulsa..

They are trained to think in, in, in in, put things in words that they see and which is a great asset to have. ’cause sometimes we gotta paint a picture of these kids to college coaches. Where is going to intrigue that college coach? And help them make a decision on whether or not to recruit these athletes. So Christian, I love the fact that you’ve got all these relationships up there. I’m shooting. I’m shooting Christian contact information over the weekend from buddies of mine up there and he’s all. You’ve already got this go and it just finally said great minds think alike. That’s in the right home. Brother Cherry on so. I’m excited about his, his ability to grow in that region, and in Sky’s the limit for your speed and agility training athletes. Get after we’re excited about it. So welcome to the team. Alright Corey, going to come to you now pronounce you last night for everybody. I know it but pronounce it for everybody. Do you really know it? Yeah, OK, good morning everyone. It’s a pleasure to be with all of you. My name is Corey else I am in Tulsa, OK. If you’re not familiar with where that is. Or in the northeast part of the state where we like to offer improve vertical jump training tulsa lessons via the project pure athlete programming and as a certified jump coach we like to promote that.