That’s Division One all the way down to junior college and everything in between improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Only one percent, 1% will play at Division One School. And that’s FPS football guys, we gotta focus on your football guy for speed and agility training Tulsa and look at you terror. But I will position for go to you big offensive lineman. I figured start you were 616-2250. Alright that’s good but let me tell you something. 616-2250 is good football player. I don’t know if you are not I gotta valuate first. If you have been probably evaluated. Nothing matters OK but 616-2250. Previous size Lyman. The Sun Section 1622 fifteen never gonna play on scholarship. University of Alabama as an office below. Now, I didn’t tell you that hurt feelings. No matter how good you are not. I told you that I understand that every school, every school, in every conference for speed and agility training Tulsa. Parents as a recruiting box will talk a little bit about that a little bit.

If you don’t know what that box say is, you probably need to have a conversation with me at some point time so you get clarity on what it is before we go any further than I told you 4 1/2 or so is a place somewhere at the high school level to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Will get more detail in that just a few minutes, but let me tell you something else, you guys need to give. Coach Jones, you head football coach. You need to give Coach Smith. You had softball coach and you need to give Coach Johnson. You had volleyball coach y’all. Tonight I need everybody to get those three coaches a huge round of applause. Here’s why. Don’t clap yet. Don’t clap yet. They’re given their time, their professional educators. That’s what they do every day for a living to speed and agility training Tulsa. They’re here teaching and educating your children in the classroom and also about life. And then they’re taking their time and they’re getting paid to do it. Yes, to be a coach. And those are the things that they’re paying to do. They’re not here to give your child scholarship.

They’re not here for you to to call them all the time and then talk about recruiting ’cause they got 100 other kids. They gotta deal with today to make sure that kids eligible to play make sure that kids not a different problem to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Make sure that kids making good grades, classroom and make sure their team is trying to win a conference championship so they can go play in the state. So moms and dads tonight understand these people that I just talked to you about. These coaches are important people in your child’s life, but it ain’t gonna do with recruiting. It has everything to do with helping your child become a better human. Let’s give them a round of applause tonight for all that they do. Also, that’s great coaches. Thank God for having me. Now. I’m here tonight at moms and dads and kids because your head coach stairs enough about you that he wanted to bring in the authority. An expert on recruiting Nash County Board myself to talk to you guys about recruiting and understand that’s what we’re going to do tonight speed and agility training Tulsa. So let’s look up where we left off minute ago. I told you 4 1/2 percent of kids, mom and dad, that city playing college somewhere to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. The next level. Only 1%. 1% will play at the Division One level Now football guys, I just picked on you to signal Young Man. What’s your name Timmy? Hate me. I just play along with me so I’m not that end today.

OK, because you got understand. I’m not taking action. If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t pick casual bit, OK? At the end of the day, that 1% either Division One level footballs ahead counter Sport Mom and Dad. You know what I mean when I say head counts for OK, the bottom line is, is that not every school this Division 11 scholarship equals one kid. Now it’s FPS been major major. Yes one scholarship. It was one kid. If its FCS what used to be Division One AA? Then that’s not a desktop strike headcount scholarship to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. That scholarship can be split up. Academics are important to do speed and agility training Tulsa. So it’s very important for you guys to realize I understand only 1%, so if there’s 100 football players on your team, the truth is there may only be one that could possibly play somewhere to Division One level. And look is that one kid. You know Tammy I called on you Savannah go and I haven’t seen your fan, but I’m going to OK. I wanna buy what you feel. But team is good enough to play somewhere.

And he said in his film the places where he doesn’t fit in their box. That’s wasted motion is wasted. Energy is wasted time and his false hopes. You gotta understand where you fit. Getting properly evaluate is important. I will ask you guys about some myths. I kids out there today. Raise your hand for me. Athletes raising in do grades matter. Are college coaches worried about grades? OK, alright tell me about it. Do you think they aren’t? You’re not OK and what about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? You think if you’re good enough they’ll forget to great? Let me tell you, it’s not true. There’s a myth. It doesn’t matter how good you are if you can’t get in school. If you can’t get in school and you cannot get through the eligibility center, both the NCAA Eligibility Center and the NAIOP Billy Center, you’re not going to be able to play at that big one due to levolor. Then Aila, there’s things called eligibility Center and the clearing house where we should be clearing house back in the day to do speed and agility training Tulsa. I got Gray hair on my head so it’s you know it’s been a little bit so at the end of the day, what you have to do is understand. There’s an incident with Billy Center clearinghouse. Those things monitor your grades.