I guess if you enroll somebody immediately, they could improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They could get a payment for June and you would get that into less. That’s gonna be the earliest that you’d be looking at getting that extra paycheck. At the cable house, I love the middle of the month for speed and agility training Tulsa. OK, because we’re getting checks every week, but then that’s just kind of like an extra insert there and as much as as much as we’ve been as much row list as we do, and as long as we’ve been doing NSR, that’s a significant paycheck. Bye bye sign someone up next week and get everything in by Thursday. I would get paid the following Wednesday. This be clear, you finish training tomorrow and you do an enrollment tomorrow night and we get everything in, which is probably not possible. But if it were to happen, you get paid on Wednesday.

Now what if I like I got a call from a buddy of mine yesterday. It wants me to help him with placing his daughter for soccer. Here in Phoenix it’s local. I can do any sport I want. Basically right now right? Yeah, OK. Alright, so, improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You saw my post on Facebook and called me. Good, I’m telling you, Facebook works. Facebook works all right. I need to go back to the senior contract and give you one more requirement. Now that we’ve had this conversation about speed and agility training Tulsa. There’s only three ways you can take payments for a senior contract. Full pay. You can take half down and half the next month. Or you can take Hass. And 1/4 and a quarter so it pays out in three months. I’m doing that clear because I know the seniors are going to get offers quick. I know that and so I’ve got to protect myself somewhat with that. So now you have six requirements to sell a senior contract. In that percentage, 25% when does that go up? I’m I’m trying to, I don’t. It’s like at at. See, I think your first five or 25 the next 5. Maybe you’re at 30 and then it goes up to 35. And then I take think it takes you to later. I remember the 30 or 40 to get 40%. 30 on the. I’m sorry, I just don’t keep up with that, but yes, so after 3030 contracts you go up to 40% for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So just like the only way you can make more than that is if you’re a licensee. OK, so go ahead and explain that to you all, OK? I’m not trying to get any of y’all to be licensees, I just want you to understand the structure. ’cause some of you work for licensees. Nate works for speed and agility training Tulsa. You work for Jose, Jack works for Kerry Nadel, tide and.

Bill work for Gary Silvers. When you understand this, when you enroll an athlete in their area. You are working as their scout. When you enroll a kid outside of their area, it has nothing to do with them. Is that other area? Is for another. Licensee that license, he will pay you on that improve vertical jump training Tulsa. If it’s in an open area, the Home Office will pay you. How do we know if our area is open or not? Well, you’re in an open area. I’m an open area so your your pay is going to come from the Home Office. So how? Yeah, that is in somebody elses area. OK, and this is putting. It says that if it’s outside the area we’ve hired you for, your gonna say Susan. I’ve got a kid in Dallas, TX. Can I work this kid for speed and agility training Tulsa, and I’m gonna let you know that plan. Then let me know that. I will let you know that on a per kid basis, if you remember Rusty was talking on the national call Monday about the the map changes we’re trying to get licensees in areas so you may not know if we if we’ve gotten a licensee in an area understand to be a licensee. It takes a financial investment. Sorry, glad season when you’re a licensee, you get paid 50%. Right, and then if you have a scout that sold under you, you pay them out of your proceeds. So if you’re at 25% and you’re working for a licensee, then when you do those first few at 25%, you’re making 25 and they’re making 25 for improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

As your Commission goes up, there’s goes down. They own that territory, and ultimately, if you don’t do your job or you leave, they take over your kids speed and agility training Tulsa. Those kids are your bears. So they they do have to be compensated because that’s going to be part of it. OK, what is this first date? And I don’t want to take too much time on this, but looking at the map last night, the area that I’m in right now. Is actually show to be. It already has scouts for that area. Does that make sense? Just show scouts. I don’t see a licensee OK. What scouts are there? New member? I don’t. So you are in that what area are you in West TX West? It’s actually the grey and the blue part of West TX. If you look up Texas. Scouts, we understand that we put scouts pictures in areas that maybe they are at. Because if we have somebody locally come on, we want them to see a local person or a relatively local person that they can reach out to make sense. That does not mean your territory is not the territory you live in is a.

It’s my territory. It’s open open as in my scouting doesn’t have a license. And we can address that at a later date, yes. Alright, who’s got questions about license discounts for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? ’cause I don’t. I like to be an open book show anytime. You all have questions about speed and agility training Tulsa, you can ask me anything and I will tell you I’m very honest. I will tell you what you wanna know. I just wanted to trade.