You mentioned improve vertical jump training Tulsa earlier Christian. They didn’t want it to be considered a walk on, so they put what 80 or 90% academic and 10 or 20% football. So he’s not a walk on speed and agility training Tulsa. But they know that most of his money is coming from academics. Alright, so it’s a beautiful thing in the world. So what does that mean for you if you’re working football, it means if you got a kid that is a sure enough sure not Division One talent and they’re gonna be in that upper echelon of Division One talent. We need them to be a qualifier and that’s all we really care about. Because they’re not lending money. Right? But if there’s a chance that kid could go FCS or division two. All of a sudden that money is going to have to be blended. And so the better the improve vertical jump training Tulsa, the better the test score that’s going to come into play.

Alright. Means a women’s basketball. The Division One level. Also head count. So once again, in those two sports, we’re just looking for qualifiers. I’d rather on be a high qualifier and not a low qualifier, but. Basically they need be a qualifier. The only one that’s not on here that’s also ahead kept sport. Is Division One volleyball. Volleyball is head count unless it’s not fully funded. So let’s talk about that. Let’s say that the NCAA says that for Division One volleyball, they have 12 scholarships. I just told you that Division One volleyball is head count. If it’s fully funded. So if the college says OK, we’ve got 12 scholarships for volleyball. That means you can go get 12 girls. And you got 12 scholarships headcount. But if that school says, you know speed and agility training Tulsa? We’re not putting 12 scholarships for volleyball. I’ll give you 10. At that point, that school is no longer headcount. Or volleyball. And they can split those ten scholarships up for 20 girls, 30 girls, whatever they want. So that’s how you know if improve vertical jump training Tulsa  is fully funded or not. If they’re offering all the scholarships that the NCAA allows them to offer. How is it very rare to get 100% scholarship? A phone. In what sport? Well, football is easier besides baseball. In football, FBS is not an easier. It has to be headcount, its headcount is it 100%, though per player. Or is there only a percentage? Head count means scholarship.

One person 100% OK got it. 100% OK. Now for your other, for your minor sports baseball, softball, volleyball, that’s not Division One whatever. You’re not ever hardly ever you gonna see 100% athletic for one of those kids unless it’s just that one kid that they couldn’t live without. So they love a kid that’s got great academics so they can put hey 60% academic. I can put 40% speed and agility training Tulsa. There we go. We’re good to go. So they can get to 100%. The more likely they’ll come, and the more likely they’ll stay. Right? I. Any other questions about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Alright, so the first phase was the first phase. Identification, recognition. About it third base. Lurssen the offer. Alright, so that’s our first point. Remember, I told you there were three keys to success. That’s our first key. All of those. All about to make your Kredible scout. I told you the last two were gonna go quickly and they are going to go quickly. We already keep rolling. My voice is not. Question. Please. Helping them get helping kids get recruited. Does that include the money side of it? The percentage was in the. Non headcount sports.

There is why I ask that is obviously my daughters are picture I. I know what positions get what I. I know that utility players obviously are. Becoming more and more of a value ’cause you do speed and agility training Tulsa, know instead of having to get a third baseman, a shortstop or a second baseman infielder kid that can play multiple positions, obviously becomes of more value, and their kids in softball and baseball that tend to get more of closer to a full scholarship. Or your pitchers and catchers. But are we a part of that? Are we apart of that is a great question, not necessary negotiating, but educating and helping them improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Figure out well your kids a picture. Your value should be more your value. You know you should. I don’t want to tell somebody you should be holding out for this, but. This is what your kids position typically gets. Numbers wise. I mean, we want to be a value to these people, correct? And so I just I just need to know what the lot where the line is for speed and agility training Tulsa. Happy when there is align there. We can never be perceived or referred to as an agent. That once we’ve done that, we’ve crossed the line. Don’t ever present yourself like I’ve got some scouts. I don’t wanna say we’re locking agent for high school kids. You can’t say that that’s a problem when you say that. Advisor and author advocate yeah. But to your point, Chris. I.

I can’t get involved in dollars and sense with these coaches and these families. At that point it should not include me. It should between mom and dad, the kid and the coach. Now what will happen is a coach will say. You know, I really like this kid. What’s it gonna take to get her? That’s about as far as we can go in, and I might say. Coach there very money. The money side is very important. It’s going to take about a full improve vertical jump training Tulsa. That’s what it’s going to take. I feel like or you know it’s going to be a really strong package. You know they’re they’re worried about the financial side. I may say something like that, but I don’t need to get into 30 percent 40% speed and agility training Tulsa. That’s not my place and that’s gone too far. When I get there, and so you’ll have family sometimes, or I’ll have scouts say, Susan, what’s our average scholarship or? I don’t know that.