Alright, let’s talk about the NCAA test for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Who are two P NCAA test ahead of time? I couldn’t find it. I also couldn’t find it. Who else can find it, Chris? Resources and downloads for speed and agility training Tulsa. It’s NSR, NCAA test. I’ll get there. That was the email to each of us as well. It was in the email Larry sent as well. I got an email from him with that and the documents are a couple documents. Yeah, but I didn’t have the test in mine. I got the document for the the rule sheet, but I did not have the test attached or I missed it. But yes, I have that I have that now up on my. Us well, it’s it’s one of the documents up on my screen. Alright, let me see. Test in front of me anywhere.

Take the one that he sent for the college bound student athlete was like couple of years ago, so you had to look on the documents to find an updated one for improve vertical jump training Tulsa 2021 to tell him that. So I’m Larry’s email. It’s an outdated. Yeah, I think it was 2018. It was a completely different. It was like a **** ** the cover instead of this. Football player yeah yeah. It’s 2017 eighteen yeah see, this is the 2021 with the football player from by North Dakota State on. Let Larry know so we can correct that. So where can we find the test? Meaning everybody and just copying out were sent to me. Hey. Thank you there. Went. I just emailed everybody. Alright, let’s get to this test. We’re gonna we’re gonna go over it together and I’m gonna tell you there some of speed and agility training Tulsa gets confusing and difficult. You’ve got to keep in mind that angle were coming from a lot of you were college coaches. So you were coming from a different angle were coming from an Sr angle so it may be a little different than what you’re thinking. Hold on. I didn’t get an email for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I. Somebody read the first question. The eligibility Center is a division of the NCAA purposes to determine academic eligibility for prospective college two methods. That is true. That’s true. That’s true, you’re right. Alright, so I read #2. Who must register with the eligibility center? OK, a student athletes who want to participate in NCA Division One or Division two college athletics. Be student athletes who want to participate. In college athletics, at any level or any division, including junior college speed and agility training Tulsa, see only student athletes who have not been previously registered with the eligibility center either high school coach or schools guidance counselor.

Who knows the right answer here? You know it’s kind of a, but it’s kind of not a. Changed OK. You’re right, if a kid wants to play Division One or division two, they’ve got to get those eligibility center. But now there’s also a free option in the eligibility center that they like Division Three athletes to register for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, as well. OK. So there is a A1 you pay for this division wanted Division Two and then there is one or Division Three that is free. You can upgrade the Division 314 Division One and two at a later date if you choose. Alright everybody good with speed and agility training Tulsa? Alright, let’s go with number 3. Who can do the eligibility center registration? Somebody tell me? Any of you bum? No no no no. Student athlete state. Netflix gotta do it. They can get assistance. You’re going and this is an important one to know because you’re gonna be asking at the field you’re gonna be asking parents what’s their eligibility number and a lot of parents are gonna say I don’t know. I think her coach did that for her. Now will that will be an NCAA violation? If that happens so.

So that’s an important one to know, alright? Number four, what is the process? What is the fee for registering? 80 bucks 80 bucks. Is it 80 for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? I think it’s 90. I think it’s not even out too. I thought I had it in the in the book is 90 for regular not 150 for international. Yeah, I’m not worried about international but I think it is 90. I think it is 90. Yeah, the old old booklet was 80 and then the new one is 9. Yeah, there you go. There you go because this gets more and more expensive, right? So when you when you ask your family about speed and agility training Tulsa, there’s really center like, well, we don’t know if we did that, I used to say, well, Mom, if you paid $90.00 for it, you probably will remember that. Yeah, absolutely. I. Alright #5, somebody gave me that one. What is the amateurism eligibility? Registration questionnaire form. It is a form submitted to the NCA by prospect.

That has participated in professional athletics in other sports. B is a form submitted by a school administrator. Which states that the prospect is not represented by an agent and is not participated in professional sports. Or C. It is a form submitted online to the eligibility center by the individual prospects to determine if the prospects amateurism status. OK, that’s a lot of words. Which one is improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Say it is saying that is correct. We get a lot of questions from families that are concerned because maybe they were at an event and their team received some kind of monies or some kind of gifts and they’re concerned that that could be an issue as long as the kid is not singled out. Then it’s usually fine. He was saying if I could like a team, won $1000 for winning a travel ball tournament, nobody would be ineligible. Right? As long as it’s not singled out for that one kid, right? Alright #6 where should I hospital synaptic? Register with the eligibility center for speed and agility training Tulsa. Tell me what you think about that one. It used to be a CC. It seems. And I’m gonna tell you if you read the Handbook.