Baseball is one of those that I’m OK signing Lee for improve vertical jump training Tulsa if they know they’re not going D1, and probably not going to be 2K with that. That’s a reasonable thing to do. Remember, we talked about speed and agility training Tulsa to the latest to recruit, add numbered. Picking up track and field kids as seniors. Sample kids, seniors. That’s kind of a different story. You know that’s a little more difficult. Volleyball kids are playing at a high level. That’s a harder. That’s a harder fit because most of those opportunities are already done. So I understand when you take on a senior contract for improve vertical jump training Tulsa you are saying. I know I can get this kid placed. That’s what you’re saying. Yeah, you got the NSR machine behind you, but you can’t just Willy nilly. Go be Simon’s seniors or I’m going to call you and say what the crap are you doing.

You realize you gotta get these kids place. If you’ve got time for the machine to work. Our machine works really, really well. The senior contract almost circumvents the machine a little bit. We can do a little bit with the machine, but we don’t have time for everything to do what it normally does speed and agility training Tulsa. Literally 2% of our business. The senior contract. It should not be a very big option for you. Alright, so we got all that worked out. Now let’s talk about pay. If you would get a piece of paper out in a pin out, and if you would have your Calculator out, get on your phone or whatever so we can kind of I’ma let y’all calculate because I don’t have mine Let’s talk about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. The payments after that. You can take 1000 down, but you can also take half or a third down for speed and agility training Tulsa. I would prefer you do half down if you need to do something less. Don’t strictly jump to 1000, that’s the worst case scenario. Also, worst case scenario 18 months. Yes, download. Why are you saying that? Why you saying that Jerry? I want my pay spread out over 18 months. That’s right because it’s gonna get little bit, yeah. Let’s look, we gotta platinum. We took 1000 down and we took the 60 off and we got paid 235 that first week. Then I’ve got 2495 leftover. . And I want you to know what you’re doing. OK 3495 we’re gonna say we sold a platinum 3495. I’m trying to.

It was a full pay OK. Trying to calculate your pay for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. There’s something we have to do prior to. Multiplying by 25%. OK, so yes, 3495 we gotta subtract $60.00 six zero. That is for you score, there is a hard cost to you score. Obviously much cheaper for us than the general public, but that’s a hard score cost for you score that has to be paid for speed and agility training Tulsa. This paid off theLet’s divide that by 18, but we have no processing fees, no finance fees. OK, it’s $10 a month. Is a $10 a month feet? Ha. Or a month fee to make payments.  top. 66060 so that weighs 3435. Everybody good. Yes, somebody multiplied 3435 times .25 year 25% eight 5875 OK eight 5875 that’s what you make. Alphabeat full pay platinum.

Enrollment. Understand that there might be a little bit of discrepancy there based on the way they pay and if there is a credit card fee in that kind of stuff that’s going to change it just a little bit, but that’s roughly what you get paid. Alright, now let’s do this same thing for the elite contract full Pay 2495. What do we subtract first? $50 sixty dollars. So that leaves 2435 and you’re gonna multiply that by .25 to get 25%. What is improve vertical jump training Tulsa? 608 seventy five OK. So if you notice 858 versus 608 two $150 difference that makes sense is $1000 difference. 25% of 1250 that go Maxence right? Yes alright, so for your efforts of speed and agility training Tulsa. At 25% you’re gonna make 858 or 608. Now you see why we want to sell platinum, right? My time is worth what your time is worth a lot. Alright, that’s how it works. In a perfect world. Now let’s do the senior contract 1995 full pay. What do I subtract first? $50. No, you don’t need to.

Not Jack ’cause they’re not taking the course is not. Your contract good catch there Jack. Alright, so 1995 * .25 where do you get? Four, 9875 or 98? All right. That’s what you make your contract. Alright, but I’ve told you several times that we can offer payment plans for people. They’re pretty simple. I need everybody to write this down really clear. Without my permission. You can take $1000 down and put people on payments. Is a worst case scenario, but you can do that. You can take 1000 down. Let’s say you took 1000 down. We’re trying to calculate your pay. What do we do first for speed and agility training Tulsa? 16 subtract 60. So I got 940. Tell me what 25% of 940 is? Two 3235 alright if I want to eat this week. 235 is not a great amount to get, is it? If I’ve got four of those, alright, maybe not so bad. I’m all over $1000. If I’ve got a full pay platinum and maybe so we got 858 out pattern and then I’ve got one that I took 1000 down on. That’s 235. Alright? Questions about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Well I’m over 1100 that’s not a bad week thing maybe. They do normally, but jury covid were not charging them. But normally we do OK. Alright, so we got 2495 left over somebody divide that by 18. 138 eleven sixty one. OK, so their payment would be one. 3861 now bill. Take that and multiply that by .25 thirty bucks. How much bill? I got 34. If you have any questions about what services and training programs we offer at Pro Day sports, please give us a call. Do not hesitate to reach out today!