I’m gonna we’re gonna go over homework is probably going to be a little different than improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Maybe it’ll be about the same. Send me a little different than what’s on here. Alright. Once you get all your homework done from last night, that means once you get your Facebook banner for speed and agility training Tulsa. You get your appropriate picture. You make sure everything is cleaned up and you’ve got your post out there to public. I’m gonna ask you to go like the main National Scouting Report page on Facebook. It’s this. It’s National Scouting report Capital in Capital S Capital R. It’s gonna have 55,000 and something like. That’s how you know it’s the right one. You’re gonna go like that page and then you’re gonna go. There’s a place on there if you Scroll down, you’ll be able to find where you can invite your friends to like that page. Once you got your wall all set up, that is a great introduction to all your friends on Facebook. What’s going on in your life? ’cause you’re asking people to like that speed and agility training Tulsa page? They’re going to go.

Why is Christian asking me to like the National Scouting report page and then they’re going to get wait? What’s on Christians? Page wise he’s got this picture here and look at all these posts about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. It’s gonna instigate people. It’s going to require people. A lot of people to make comments to you on your Facebook and it’s going to get the ball rolling with certain families. Alright, so that’s the first thing I want you to do. Second thing, I want you to do. I want you to review the college Coach questionnaire trying to see if I have one up here. I don’t have one right here in front of me. If you’ve got your box, you probably had one. If not, it is on. Access under resources and downloads. There’s a college coach questionnaire, there’s one that’s like a tabloid and one that’s letter format or something like that.

There’s two different formats there on that first section under documents. If you have gotten your box to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, it is a it is a four page that’s connected in the middle that. Pose like that and it says college coach quite there. You go look at what look at what Chris got. Hold it up again to see speed and agility training Tulsa. Alright, so review that look at the back of it showing the back of it, Chris. Alright, that’s how you know it’s the right one, OK? I want you to review that college Coach Questionnaire that is the script for your interview. You were gonna use that every time you do an interview. I want you to review that Robert is gonna go over that with y’all extensively tomorrow. He’s actually gonna go over how to do an interview with y’all. Alright, if you have gotten your box already, you have a canvas black notebook that has a zipper on it. Somebody showed me that. there you go chris got it again that’s what it looks like it’s got a zipper there you go you’re right jacob to say new or something like that where we actually got the new services to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Pages and you can look at them there. I need you, that is the services that we do when we sign up a kid. The next thing I need you to do.

We have three contracts. If you go under, I don’t know what it’s called an access. Let me see what it’s called is probably paperwork or something. Let me see. Give me a minute here guys. The very bottom, the NSR contracts contract delete. Senior to the very bottom line. Delete and senior. Yeah platinum elite and senior NSR contracts once you go into resources and downloads for speed and agility training Tulsa. If you go under documents under NSR Academy. User submitted documents. Then there’s NSR prospect newsletters. And then there’s NSR contracts at the bottom. I need you to review the platinum You may want. I would print those out the top page of those out if I were you so I can compare them apples to apples. I need you to find the four differences between platinum and elite. I know this says 5. We changed our contract to improve vertical jump training Tulsa since this was written. Four differences, the differences do not include the name, platinum and elite, and they do not include the price is forfeit. Why do I say that ’cause people? Find the four differences OK? We’re going to talk about those tomorrow, but at first thing I’m watching you tell me one of the differences tell me the next difference I need you to find those four differences.

Understand when you’re reviewing these two contracts for speed and agility training Tulsa. It ought to correlate exactly to the services you read about in your presentation manual. OK, it all really all start clicking. Then I need you to look at the senior contract. Tell me what’s different. You’re going to have five requirements that have to be met before you can sell a senior contract. I will tell you those tomorrow. You’re going to tell me what’s not in that contractor? What’s different, and then I’m going to tell you the requirement that has to be met. And that information is not anywhere else. So you need to take really good notes in the morning. So where are these contracts out to review where they at their under resources and downloads all the way at the bottom in Sr contracts? Scroll all the way to the bottom. OK, I got it. Look at those three. Yep, there’s only three products we have OK. So print those out. Compare platinum and elite. Find 4 differences in improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Then look at the senior contract and find everything that’s not there. The senior contract is smaller for speed and agility training Tulsa. OK. Alright. If you don’t already have your bio in access, I need you to write a bio and put it in axis. Already done. If you’re not sure, go look at our map. Go to nsrhyphen8.com to our main website, go to locations. You can click on. Click on a map.