It’s literally going to be short to the point asking him how to improve vertical jump training Tulsa if they’ve got athletes that can play the clear level and you would like to get him evaluated for college speed and agility training Tulsa. Regarding promises and every coach, every college kid, every kid would you choose to work with gets recorded and that’s it. I mean, you send him this College of this coach evaluation form. If you’ll notice the codes evaluation form, it allows the coach to have even a little bit of a valuation to give us an opinion of their valuation. Asked him over there about the prospect evaluation rating. You know it is end of the day. I always hated the FB in junior college. I mean they we need we need to make that Jay. I mean instead of. But anyway, but you’ll be amazed when you get one of these back from a high school coach or even a travel club coach to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They’ll give you the name and the phone number, the kid and all the information, height, weight, position, all that kind of stuff. But they’ll put a ranking out there.

A rating out there on him, and everyone thinks they got a kid can play Divisi OK, I mean they all do speed and agility training Tulsa. Do they strike it all this kid right here. Yeah, he’s a. He’s a five 11190 pound shooting guard, but he’s definitely power 5D1. No. He’s not. He’s a great basketball player, but he’s not. OK toggle appreciate this. Several years ago we had a young man here that. He was stood I ain’t gonna lie to he was this kid was 6/1. He could play any he could play 1, two or three. He really could. Obviously is 3 is undersized. And really wanted to. He could only get it done in the state playoffs in the final four games of his career to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. He averaged 41 points again and won the state championship. Now more. Just be honest, we all about some. Alright thought I’m not I’m not. I’m pretty good coach. I really am an animal. Tell you this, I’ve been opposing that kid. Somebody else would have scored those 41 points. Or his scored 30 of him from the foul line for speed and agility training Tulsa. And I filed everybody out, putting him out of business because that joke was not going to be. He would not be the one that hurt me. So at the end of the day, I’m always so that tells you how great an athlete this kid was, but he was a 6 foot 190 pound white kid that could shoot and couldn’t jump a lick.

I mean he, you know he had good feet, he was quick. He was all those things he could step outside. He could take it inside and and make good good moves around the basket. And everybody wanted his D1 is do you want is they want to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Is they want to sit there telling everybody no he’s not doing speed and agility training Tulsa? He doesn’t have the feet, he doesn’t have the quickness and he doesn’t have the handles that he’s gotta have yet, but he can score from anywhere. Yeah, but you gotta have feet and you gotta have handles and you gotta be able to get open in space and Createspace when somebody is hovering over you and nobody’s. They’ve had. I had it by the hover on this kid, yeah? So what was it ended up being one of the best division two players in the state as far as in the South in history, because that’s where he fit. He was truly a division two basketball player. And he went had a great career. But sometimes his coaches would always think his high school coach and his club coach for travel coach AAU coach, you know, kept telling the family all he’s going to play. He’s going to play in the SEC. He’s going to play in that he’s got an upstanding. No, he’s not. You know you guys don’t know what that looks like. Yeah, that’s a different animal.

OK, that animal is special. And while your son is special, he’s not that special to speed and agility training Tulsa. OK. So the point is, is that coaches sometimes get a little crazy in the weather, right kids to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? And you have to be that person that is realistic about it. We had a scout one time that used to it is known as pool hooks. Fall was a Mississippi and scattered for me. And every softball kid he got pause about 5 foot six or five foot seven and a low ball in high school, you know, play bold junior college football back in today is a defensive back and but anyway. But every time Paul this kids D1 coaches kids do one this kids do one. I just I said Paul are you telling these people in the home that they’re gonna play Division One? Well, I mean, I’m telling they got a good chance I said, You need to shut up. Yeah, we used evaluate kid.

Or would they ask me where they fit? I said then you telling the coaches on the side where they fit. We’ll put him in front of every coach in the country and everything the coach can decide where they fit. And he did have one. We worked with Reagan dice her name. She played it Alabama. Pretty good ballplayer on softball field. Was the point I’m trying to make about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Is it sometimes we get caught up in it back to the coach valuation form? You send these out to the coaches to speed and agility training Tulsa. The coaches will provide you prospects. Now when you reach out to that prospect and you can say hey, your coach. Recommended that I reach out to you. Now you have a ally. Even though the high school coach travel coach Man. I have a clue what it is we do what we do. They’re the ones that gave us the information to contact the kid y’all. Good with that.