You don’t have to be that same personality to do improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Everybody’s personalities will come across a bit different. Guy moms just different. But I will tell you this. The greatest teacher ever walked the planet did speed and agility training Tulsa. You stories. To get his point across. Because I’ll never forget the story. They’ll forget for half percent. Don’t forget 1%, but they’ll never forget the story you told him about that. And it creates purpose. And it drives people. That is the reason. That is the reason Susan I’ve had success for 12 years. That’s a reason to double digit months happen almost every month with enrollments. Because we’re not meet you at the field to the time that I finished to a recruiting seminar to the time that we do an interview. We’re absolutely making sure there’s urgency necessity. And make sure that your crew and everyone here has that same ability for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You have the same ability to build their credibility, you just have to make a change in a small few things where you’re doing things. That’s it.

The truth is, everybody on this call for speed and agility training Tulsa, and I don’t know how to use on this call. But let me tell you that, oh, by the way, text Susan, let her know you’re only call and let her know how many recruiting seminars that you’ve done. OK, but here’s normal stuff if you’re on this call and you’re not able to do. You’re not doing 4 enrollments every month. Guys come on. It it you can. You get that. That’s not the handle. That’s not the. That’s not the measuring stick of everything, but the point is, is it to make a really good living and do the things that we’re doing? If you do things right with urgency and create purpose. Success and impact. So many of these young people’s lives. Forever remember. The greatest text I ever gotten will bring it to a close ’cause you guys don’t have questions about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You have question vigilant about the greatest text I ever received. I received from a dad. We share this with. It will not close to speed and agility training Tulsa. Jordans freshmen are sons. Freshman year of high school. We were taking unofficial visit Game Day visit to Oxford, Ms Ole Miss Hotty Toddy. No jokes about Memphis speakers this weekend. I know they did, but the point end is we took a visit over for Jordan had his first high school college recruiting. Unofficial game day visit oldmans so we go watch old mess open this same weekend that were alright now Labor Day weekend ever. How many years ago it was 2000 2010 11. So we go over there.

Play Jackson state it ironic since that’s where our son into playing with Jackson State. So anyway, we’re walking out the stadium after Jacksonville State pulls the biggest upset in school history and also the biggest win for Jackson State. They were walking off the double overtime. We’re walking out stating and my phone goes off and I’ve got a text. Here’s the text. This is. Word first name is last names times. I just wanted to let you know about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Recovering from open heart surgery, I had a massive heart attack on Tuesday. When open our surgery on Tuesday afternoon. And now I’m in ICU see ICU recovery, but I wanted to thank you. I just watched my son do speed and agility training Tulsa. Make its first collegiate tackle. On ESPN? As Sanford Little Sanford Division One here in the state of Alabama. Little Sanford play Florida State at Doak Campbell Stadium. And I saw his first time. I’m forever indebted. For help. Both we took that kid. Five days before Thanksgiving Day. His senior year was done. There was no recruiting going on.

That would change his life. I need everyone on this call. To go change somebody’s life today. And the only way you’re gonna be able to do improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Is to do the NSR piece of this the right way? Get that family to believe in you. And MSR. Is we’ve been doing it for 40 years. And then you can have a tremendous impact on that young man’s life that will last him forever. I need you. Rusty made you. It is star needs you. Every single one of us. To go this week. Today may go change somebody’s life. Right away. enrolling in speed and agility training Tulsa, and it will make you realize. Just how much you could mean to other people. And you’re doing a job that you love to do. Let’s have a great week this week guys.

I’m sorry you have to look at me. Well, you know this when we get hazard pay around here where you go. Little bit better. Lowercase OK, we had. We had a look at J this morning. Only academique also Oh Lord. Well we each other crosses to bear, right? That’s right. Worse than others. Sure, bye so. Waiting on, maybe it is Christian or Christian. And so we’ll get going here in one second, let me wanna go grab a. Fresh Cup coffee and we will get going here guys. Hopefully nobody had pasta for lunch before speed and agility training Tulsa. Pasta makes you so tired after lunch and I always get you right after lunch. And you know now I see if you’re going to sleep. So if you need to get a fresh Cup of coffee like I do, go ahead and get you one. Apple. Quick story, I’ll tell you when I first got into sales and we’re not doing anything. You know, we asked you guys to collect some some names and different things to begin to to put in your funnel. Just go ahead and start this recording for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So I know we asked you guys to to collect some names and put them in a file and begin that process of building your pipeline and I’m going to use that term formal and popline pretty interchangeable. I know they look completely different. You got the pipeline, you got the funnel, but they still kind of act the same way.