A high high ball 5 feet off the net 3 feet from the sideline. that’s why I call it 53 gold flare X 1X2. All these are advanced sets the goal is a faster set, the flair! Let’s say you have if you look at the circle, the middle of the circle, that’s on the basketball court OK? And then let’s say the pin is over here the flare is actually between the pin and the middle OK? The pendant is actually halfway between the pin and the edge of the circle that’s called the flair the X one is at the edge of the circle the basketball circle. If you have that on the court so much that’s my X1 my X2 is right in the middle. All these sets are actually for a pin header they’re not for the middle. So they can hit a goal which is all the way to the pin flare by feet in X 110 feet in X2 is 15 feet 15 feet and from the from the Internet and that’s why I called symmetrical offers again. I’m going to go more into details later when discussing how to do this during speed and agility training Tulsa. OK? On with this one else any questions so far concerning improve vertical jump training Tulsa? I’m on the I like to recruit opposites that can hit the slide or middles who eventually, I can put on the right side so they can hit the slide. I’m a big fan of the slide attack. Its as little different approach that we will learn in the improve vertical jump training Tulsa classes. Its more of like a basketball one legged jump. I like so basically I like ideally for me I like to run at three middle office what I found the most success in Greece and why I like it in the women’s game is because you can go faster with the slide behind the setter. Then he can go with a normal set and actually I do the opposite when it comes to office, I cannot do the opposite of what everybody else does.

I actually like to go fast super fast behind the center and I like to go a bit slower in front of the center. Most things do the opposite, they like to go quick to the pin to the left side. I actually like to go a little slower for my left sidem so imts important to change between a fast and slow pace and you learn that during our award winning speed and agility training Tulsa. Here is specially if you have good left side hitters, who can get you kills we can hit over the block so jumping high is important learn to improve vertical jump training Tulsa and things like that. I like to go super fast behind the center and the best way to do that is to run this slide and, I have four sets for this light. I call it middle which is right there in the middle of the court short the edge of the circle medium between the pen and the edges and the edge of the circle the basketball circle and their long. That’s why I call it middle short medium long it all depends on the block. Questions about the slide in this slide or even about speed and agility training Tulsa?

It’s a normal and unorthodox approach still left right left right, I mean right, left, right, left, but the the kicked when you get your knee up with the right foot it replaces the backswing. So obviously there’s no backswing so if you actually watch my hitters on the slide. I have them I have this up earlier so they’re running with this up early like this, because the key with the slightest to hit it fast and it’s super fast it’s like a 31. Behind the center so we want to make sure you have this up and again. What’s replaces the backswing is the knee kick OK just like in basketball and something we cover during our improve vertical jump training Tulsa classes.

That replaces the baxmann it’s an unorthodox approach no broad jumping at all OK. On what else I’m going to go more I’m going to share a couple of things with you guys here. I’m going to talk about more on hitting, yes see that so here we’re here this is just concepts some of the training cues that you can use in your own gym. If you have a speed and agility training Program I highly recommend the one in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Step close is a lot more important than a full approach we obviously want to maintain the speed of offense as much as we can. Hitters have got to call the appropriate sets by reading the play as it develops. Remember I told you it is a laudable. that’s why I spend a lot of time teaching my players to see the play develop and call the appropriate set on a free ball players must take 2 steps off the net, and open up to where the ball is coming from. Again and I see freeman a blocker I take 2 steps off why and I wait I cannot transition until I see what’s happening in the ball the reason why I think 2 steps up is because, if let’s say let’s say they tried to set the short ball inside the temple but I can maybe it actable.

OK, or I decide to pass it once I know that the back row is going to handle it then I become then I begin not become then I begin the transition process but all my free players at the net they take 2 steps off and look for the junk the tips the whole shots results in either fast paced or not getting their fast enough. Taking out award winning improve vertical jump training Tulsa classes you’ll learn to do just that. All that stuff and I explain it to you guys right there backup players can see the front row players, but not vice versa.

So I tell the back row players all the time you see them they cannot see you so you have to communicate just the sooner you call the ball. OK the easier it is for us to transition the problem players ’cause they know now they don’t have to take the ball. OK non sellers setting highballs we talked about it everybody in the Tulsa speed and agility training gym has to set the 53 OK that’s the last part in volleyball. As we tend to specialize too much way too much. OK and not give every player enough rest to set like today my one of my players. I told him we have a we have a big middle who committed to us and she’s like oh she plays middle. I’m like well wait she’s playing middle now it doesn’t mean I’m gonna play her in the middle you know when I recruit Bama players. I want to make him better Baba players 1st and then I decide what position they want to play.
Teaching somebody position is easy for me, OK. Do you want to teach him to play the game. Sir pass set all that stuff OK any questions and these are some concepts there like when we get a free ball over the net I called “MPMP”. I want to make him pay and if I let’s say we get a bad set on our side, I’m not gonna try and and hit the ball into the net on out I’m going to make the other team play so we gonna have that mentality make him pay making play. This will all be it’s going to be in your handout I want to add a couple things actually, to it I’ll take some questions this is a good time well good. I did such a good job explaining how to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? You can teach the class yourself now eh? I mean if you don’t if you don’t hopefully this is what what you learned one or two things from this. Tulsa speed and agility training can be simple if you know what you’re doing. I’ll send you guys the recording I’ll send you the handout tonight or tomorrow but again I’m always always welcome feedback. if you if there’s a specific topic you want me to cover more than open to listening we’re going to have the next one maybe 2 weeks from now maybe 3.

So do you do you tell the others to be in a certain step depending on the tempo yeah. that’s what I’m saying a lot of make sense to them I tell them you like you wanna like if you’re teaching a highball you wanna tell him when the seller is touching the ball they need to be on there first step that’s what you talking bout, yes. Yeah yeah I don’t mind that’s gold bell square stuff and I don’t think it’s wrong. I think it’s correct but again for me I like to emphasize this step close, so I like to go right left pause and there right left so no matter what for me you take your first steps early you know like it doesn’t but yeah. What they’re teaching them to be on a on a certain step on the center has the ball is not strong at all just another way photos we’re good. If you don’t have any questions I’ll see you guys hopefully at the next one enjoy your long weekend. Hopefully you liked it thank you thank you Mike and take care of yourself I have a questions. Axel no sorry I’m just saying thank you thank you thank you