But getting back to the emails about improve vertical jump training Tulsa, why would the people open our emails? Well, first of all, in the subject lines we write, we target our subject lines for speed and agility training Tulsa. For the audience so. The absolute best email returns we get. Is emails that we write prior to go into an event? Soccer last month or I’m sorry. Yeah last month. We hit two different campaigns for two different tournaments that we were going to be at the Jeff Cup in Virginia. And. The Dallas Cup in Dallas. It was one out in Vegas and I’m sorry I can’t remember the name of it, but we hit two different campaigns, saying hey, we’re going to have scouts at this tournament. If you want to be a valuated. Let us know complete this form. It’s called a scout before. OK, usually on the email we call a clear valuation format internally is called a Scout meeting format for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Will talk about that.

So we’ll send out that email man, just from those two email campaigns we had over 700 athletes that reached out, or parents that reached out for speed and agility training Tulsa, filled out the form and said, hey, I want to be a valuated. Hey, I’m a stream playing in college. Scout come see me play. Well, there’s no way we can get. And I apologize guys, if my signal starts going in and out, somebody give me a. Down from because we have some terrible weather here by the way, and if the sirens start going off, I’ll probably run out on you so. But we send that out and they raised their hand and and for us, that’s really the primary goal of any email campaign we send out. OK, we want athletes, parents to raise their hand for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And say, hey over here I want to be scouted. It’s huge. Yeah we do. With volleyball, Robert and Susan, you know they’re getting ready for speed and agility training Tulsa. Go to to volleyball event. We’ve gotten scouting form strong as well, some breaking those directly. Robert, you know, we do it in soccer. We do in a softball. You know, these are big event lacrosse we’ve done. These are big time campaigns so a pre tournament campaign.

We also do one post turn. It gets a lot of response. Hey guys, we’re at this event. Hope you did well, you know. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get out and see everybody we needed to see. But if you still want to be evaluated and you didn’t get the chance to fill out the form, Gwen fill out this form and send me a copy of your schedule for your next two or three tournaments. If you get that in any video you’ve got when we asked him since video. So if you get that that’s even better, because now I’ve got the scout me form for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I’ve got a list of tournaments for speed and agility training Tulsa. Some of my main I’ve known about, so now I know. Hey, there’s another couple turn that’s going on that I need to look into, and then I’ve got video on the staff link. Now I can proceed with working the scout before and will talk about how to do that. But there’s some other emails that we send out. Those are usually our top 2. Prevent post event type emails OK. Another really good response we get to emails is pre and post season.

No, like right now. The softball season in Alabama is getting ready. Wrap up here in the Metro or the area tournaments in the regionals in the states, so we’ll send something at the end of the season. To the prospects that you know, hey. Glad we’re able to get this season in blah blah blah, you know improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We love to evaluate you something similar to that and we’ve got best other thing guys. We have examples of some emails in your book, an on Axis. OK is your templates and they’re they’re labeled speed and agility training Tulsa. And so. If you look at those, if you know you get ready, go to an event. You can send us if you want to write your email and send it to us, hey, great. ’cause you know, Jerry may not speak the same way I do or may not write the same way I do in an email. And if I write an email a certain way then they start talking to Jerry. They’re gonna be like OK, somebody that was uneducated wrote your email Jerry. So I don’t know what you’re talking about. ’cause Jerry is gonna be, you know, so much higher level than me in person. When I write the email. And then you know Vice verse. But we will work with such line and we will read the email because we do know some things that that that work and don’t work in emails. But I’m never going to send an email out.

Without your approval, OK, some people get a little nervous about that. Oh, you’ve got my funnel? Well, what if you hit my funnel and I don’t know about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Well that’s not gonna happen. OK, so if I wanna send something out for Jack if we see that it’s a great time to do lacrosse and I send it out for for Jack, I’m going to say hey Jack. We need to send an email out for speed and agility training Tulsa. Here is kind of what we think should go out and. You will be ready in case you get some great email messages back or you get some scouting forms. This is what it’s from now. Emails are also good as your branding. Got an email signature? Is going in every one of these emails with your picture. Your information is going to brand you, so if there’s anything that special is a terrible way to say it.