So there you go improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Well, I’m you know I’m Robert. Cable on the college scout. You know, do I need to pay well yeah, give me $10 I mean don’t ask stupid questions I mean so add like you’ve been there before. I mean just woke up so how coach Cagle Nash scouting for costcos all over the country are looking to me for some valuations? Who’s running the tournament today for speed and agility training Tulsa? And who’s the tournament director and and do you have a college coach or college? Check out check in with somewhere that I can sign in. You think they’re going to ask you for your $10? Play my ask you for nothing, they don’t try to figure out who, why you there you there and they go roll out the red carpet to and you gonna move on. OK and you may have some Yahoo it’s you know that they don’t know who you are and he’s going to come over there and start trying to ask you a bunch of questions and then you better repaired Angeles questions about improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

Well I will help you get prepared to answer that stuff as we go through this week. The point I’m trying to make is is that like you’ve been to speed and agility training Tulsa before. And that’s the number one thing I think that most people struggle with when I go to to tournaments to start prospecting and we get leads as they just don’t know how to act because they’re going to like their fan or the act like there someday that they’re not going to like a coach. But truth is because they have never had that like coach before. ’cause it won’t one. And so it’s it’s tough to build. But you gotta look the part, so there’s already talk to you guys about how you dress, how you supposed to look and all that kind of stuff. OK, don’t know someone with a bunch of Bobo shoes on cooking a flip phone. I don’t care if they think for the phones are coming back or not. OK, it’s still not cool. So at the end of the day, I don’t care what Samsung bills, you flip it open, it ain’t looking good. So that’s the way I kind of look at that, OK? Tools and take notes about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Make sure you have a clipboard with you when your tournaments, make sure you’re going to events back to clipboard. You’ll notice the back of that clipboard is pretty cool if you got it right. I mean Vakula clipboards.

Pretty slick. I carry mine around. I usually have my backpack women kind of go from there, kick coach request on the clipboard so that when somebody ask you, you know who you are when you flip those, when you look down on his speed and agility training Tulsa clipboard. So I’ve got coaches all over the country there communicating one as you see. Yeah, probably got 50 or 60 coaches here that have Ashley and ask communicate with MSR about athletes are looking for. Tell me more about your athletes. When you’re out at tournaments guys, this is never about you, by the way. Do you wanna say improve vertical jump training Tulsa? This ain’t about you, so don’t let anybody make it about you. So when you get to the tournament somewhere and you’re actually trying, don’t sit there and they said, well, now you know, Chris, who are you? Well, I’m Chris Robinson. You know, with National scouting report, I’m a scout for speed and agility training Tulsa. We’ve been doing this for 41 years. You know, every kid we offer programs to and services with. Just take a baseball bat. About 39 ounces, the heaviest one you can get. OK, take a shoe off.

And Smash your big toe yourself as hard as you can, because that’s what you just did. You don’t throw up on people, so when somebody says, well, who are coached? Cable Nash scouting for coaches all over the country communicate with me about kid kids. They want to recruit. Tell me about your child. I think you got a daughter that’s playing speed and agility training Tulsa. Really, what’s your grad year? So this is going to go over those questions with you guys later that you’re going to ask other called Ole questions about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You’re going to master those if you don’t master those and how to use them. You won’t master NSR. At tournaments, make sure that you have your clipboard. The purpose of going to an event at prospecting. Live at a tournament or a game number one is to get contact information from families to get contact information from kids. The bigger picture is to set interviews. Now I want everybody here in this real quick. I think I don’t know for certain ’cause it’s not part of what I do in organization. We got people that do it. Y’all may get 500 business cards. That may be something that we do. I don’t know if we still do that or not, but you know, if you don’t, you’re going to want to get him printed up. That’s what’s your first reactions. Don’t wanna do. And you’re going to like, man, I gotta have a car. Just got my name on it. The title, an area scout and softball scouting baseball.

Him and my name and my phone number. My email address and it because that’s what she’s going to do, right? I mean, it, it’s your first reaction to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Be honest with me. How many of you have already thought man, when am I going to get some business cards for speed and agility training Tulsa? OK. Shame on you. If you get 500 of them, how many of you think it should still be in your possession a year from now? Wi-Fi. UN she sales people wanna say none. 400 Todd your rod. ’cause the only people gonna get my card or gonna be people that are potential partners. College coaches tournament directors.