All these online tools that we can use guys look at high school rosters and get names for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Don’t be afraid to look up local websites. The traveling club teams go to Facebook and look up look you want to speed and agility training Tulsa. I mean guys you don’t have Facebook. Oh my goodness, you’re killing yourself. OK, because at the end of the day you go on there and you find the organization and they’re posting information about it. Then you look down at the comments and the shares you’re finding. The parents information is that now you can click on send a friend request to send it. Let him know that your scout you’d like to learn more about your daughter there all over responding back to you. Now do you see how powerful?

All this online research can be by using be recruited or or Maxpreps or forge 247 or looking through online newspapers going to YouTube you find a kids name Jim Smith baseball. Go find gyms to going to YouTube put on the searchline improve vertical jump training Tulsa, you know. Phoenix AZ. And all of a sudden you get 6 different YouTube videos that kids put out there thinking it’s going to help him speed and agility training Tulsa. And then all the sudden at the end of each one of those videos is the kids name, cell phone number and an email address. I mean use the brain that we have Google searches big creative in your Google searches via be looking for him on social media cinema friend request. All those kind of things you got. You have so much so many tools at your disposal that are real. Now I’m going to ask you all this question. OK, every kid that has a sports 247 or Maxpreps profile huddle profile are those kids wanted to play in college? Crap, yeah, or they wouldn’t be creating those profiles.

They were playing college. That’s who you want to talk to. So use all those all those tools and make sure that you are able to get access to what you need to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Some kind of jealous are you man? I mean I really have you got access to all these kids now it’s just going to be making sure their right fits for who you know what we do and who we are for speed and agility training Tulsa. Well honestly have those as well. I mean you gotta you got access. I mean you I get it. OK, I’ll go ahead and kick Christian. I mean to cut you off, no, you’re fine. But I mean 247 is helpful for everybody because you can literally like you said your pipeline, your state wherever you add if your sport is represented on 247 you go to that state list and it pops you down 4050 long and you go down there to the bottom with those kids that are still trying to scrap their way up. Those are probably more kids. They are in. The thing is, is that the truth is when you go down and you see a kid, it’s a two star kid on rivals or it’s a it’s got a lower composite ranking on 247 or one of the others. Those kids are wanting fighting. Look at the end of the day for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And let’s be honest, real quick about speed and agility training Tulsa. OK, when you look on one of those sites and there, let’s take ESPN’s top 300.

I always love that. Yes PN stop 300. And then you look out there and 80 of those kids claim they’ve got offers from Georgia or Alabama or Ohio State. Do you think they use some common sense here? Do you think it takes next? Saving 80 kids to offer to get the 25 he wants? Nor will it ever? He’s let me tell you all. Stop about the way Nick operates. He only finally pulls the trigger on offer. When is probably about 99% sure that that kid is going to come. Now does it take Middle Tennessee State 80 offers to get the 25 kids they want? Yes. Is there trying to fish in the same pool as the power five guys are? So we have to understand all that OK and that piece of it for me is is something I want. You guys are saying. And but here’s the back thing to all of you. You all have access to these outstanding tools that you can get to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Some of you really have. I mean easy access again. Christian utad. Jerry, you guys have got some access to speed and agility training Tulsa. It’s Golden man. And so you guys it’s gonna be beautiful and we just want to make sure we help guide you through how to do that. ’cause it can really set you up for a lot of big success. Insider organization, the other piece of it I do wanna warn you is this on on that kind of stuff? Oh you also got to make sure you’re not chasing rabbits down holes when you went at that, because you you’ll be dealing with a lot of kids and families if they don’t fit the perfect demographic demographic for us.

OK, Anna, good demographic or somebody that we can work with your going to be wasting time with that kid. OK, and we’ll talk more about that later about business demographics, those kind of things I don’t know. Susan covered that yesterday or not. But the bottom line is, you gotta make sure that you’re not chasing kids now rabbits. I’m all about Twitter to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You know, and I’m all about user stuff, but the way I look at it, I can also go on Twitter and I can. I can see a kid, you know, a kid will tell me about speed and agility training Tulsa. Yeah coach, I’m being recruited. I got so and so so and so and so so following me on Twitter from all these college coaches. And I, you know. And and I, I don’t have the heart to break that kid spirit and say to him, you know, I will to his parents, but I want him to say to him.