The worst thing that can happen for you. Is it you go do everything wrong? You fell into one of those 10%. That’s gonna do it no matter what, and you think you’re good to go because you gotta close and you keep doing improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And then you can’t get anymore clothes. I start need you to do this right and live in that 80%. We call these doorway questions for speed and agility training Tulsa. A doorway is where I’m dragging the family through the doorway because they answered another question wrongly, and I’m going to correct them on it. And when I dragged him through three doorways. They will not cancel an interview with me. And they’re probably gonna close. But you gotta look for three element takes 3 to solidify. Let me show you what I mean by this, OK? Let me know when you get it. Alright so I’m I’m at the field. I’m evaluating a picture. I like her.

I either ask the scorekeeper somebody keeping the book I may say hey, the picture number 12 or her parents here. Yeah, the right of later. OK, great, they’re gonna have seen me do improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We’re gonna make eye contact. They’re going to come down at some point. over the person keeping the books is going to send them a text and say, hey, this person is in his art. Person is asking about your daughter for speed and agility training Tulsa. However, it happens they’re gonna come to me. I do not have this conversation with multiple families. This is only with one family at a time. That is vitalie important. However, it happens they’re gonna come down. I’m gonna get to them whatever we’re gonna be away a little bit from the crowd. Hey, your daughter’s number 12, yes, does she want to play in college? The only yes no question I will ask, does she want to play in college? ’cause that’s that’s a pretty easy one. But you know what? If they have spent 50 grand for speed and agility training Tulsa? On travel bold and there out here in 112 degrees. All day long as she don’t want to play in college, they are freaking morons. Right? Alright. Does she want to play in college for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? You better or I wouldn’t be doing this or it will add sell stocks about perfect mom. I’m gonna add a question in here. OK, it’s not on your list, but it needs to be. What is her? Grab your mom. That’s gonna help me know how to pose the rest of the questions based on her grad year.

Alright, so for simplicity we’re going to say that Mom says she’s, oh, she’s a sophomore. Almost OK mom, so she’s at 23 in the recruiting world. Would call that 23. That’s how college coaches to note. Sophomores OK, I just did that to let her know that I talked ’cause coaches did you see that subtlety that just came out there? Alright, now we watch really carefully the way I phrased these questions. Hey Mom, what is her in C AA number? What is her NCAA number? When I say speed and agility training Tulsa that way? What does that imply to mom? That everyone. Memorize. $1.00 behind schedule. I don’t say I don’t say. Do you have any incident late number? They will tell you yes every time. If I say, what is her NCAA number for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Most of the time moms gonna go. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Alright, if Mom answers that way guys, I just found doorway number one. I’m dragging on 3. Wow Mom, you telling me she plays at this skill set?

She wants to play in college and you don’t even know. The necessity of an NCAA overbilling number. There is a lot about this recruiting process you’re not aware of. OK, who is offended? By the way I said that? I said that to you. Accident wouldn’t kiss him off. I’m gonna tell you I’m gonna do it in such a way that it’s not gonna pick some up. But they need to hear this. Why there is a 5% success rate without maybe? There is a 95% success rate with me for speed and agility training Tulsa. I’ve got to do this right. Alright, what is your incidental? A number ma’am? I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Wow mom, she’s got some great skills. You just told me she wants to play in college and you don’t even know about and NCAA eligibility number. Wow, there’s a lot about this recruiting process for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You’re probably not aware of. Alright, that was doorway number one. Alright, let’s say that Mom says. I say what’s Renzi? AA number mom says.

You know, I think her coach did that for her. Remember, we talked about yesterday. I can’t do that. Alright so I’m gonna say that doorway number one if she answers that way, I’ma say, well, Mom, I hope not. If your coach did that, that would put her NCAA US ability at risk for sure that as an incidental, a violation. I’m sure Coach didn’t do that. There’s probably a lot about this recruiting process you’re not aware of speed and agility training Tulsa. Alright. Let me give you the other option, Mom may say. I don’t have that number with me, but we we we did that the other day online, we paid that $90.00. We’ve got that. Alright, not a doorway. OK, she passed. She didn’t answer that question wrong. So if I need her to answer a question about improve vertical jump training Tulsa, I can say what’s her insert? What’s her na? I number mom. Nobody ever has an AI number. However, says is not an idiot. I’m not asking about it in AI number. If a kid is a sure enough, sure enough, Division One kid, OK, that makes me look stupid. But if they’re not that, I don’t mind asking for the NAI number.