OK, how many of you have a daughter in improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Do you have a son as well? Does anybody have a son and a daughter? Alright mate, you may know what I’m talking about. Maybe speed and agility training Tulsa is better in Hawaii, but it probably isn’t. My son. Got a spirit pack every year that was full of really good stuff. You know what? He got it. Because he’s a male because he was. It was he got his spirit back because he was my daughter. Had to go wash cars every Saturday for a T shirt. Understanding. That’s infuriating. My daughter has an eighth grader. She started basketball practice during the week at 8:30 at night. You know why? Males were first, the boys got the gym first right. As a parent, you’re furious about this. Let me just take my sons, coaches and football. All played collegiately some more professional athletes. They knew their sport. My daughter in volleyball may or may not have had a coach that knew the sport at all. They may have just said, hey, you got volleyball too. Right, you’re not in improve vertical jump training Tulsa, Todd, you know what I’m talking about. Scholarship Division Two Mens tennis. I did, I know about tennis and speed and agility training Tulsa, yeah, but. I was the best option ’cause I could. I could recruit and I can evaluate. But I wasn’t.

I didn’t play tennis in high school. No, but I can evaluate talent I could recruit, but you know, I wasn’t. I was the best option that was there, right? And they tend to find foremost for the major sports. The major male sports. They’re gonna find very qualified coaches very often. A lot of times for the major female sports. They may or may not. They may get lucky and have somebody knows sport. If they don’t, you know what. You’re a football coach here. You can come to this in the spring. And you see it all the time, and it’s apparent you just kind of get tired of that. So as a parent of a female athlete, NS are kind of levels that playing field I can ensure. That my athletes gonna get recruited that my daughter is going to get recruited. Understand we can say that we can’t say I can guarantee your daughter will get a scholarship to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I can’t say that that’s an NCAA violation, but I can guarantee she will get recruited. And as a parent of the female athlete who does speed and agility training Tulsa. You’re like you know what I’m bout sick of this I’m bout to make sure this works at her for the at the next level. Alright, so that’s being well. Obviously male is the second best of this demographic, so we’ll keep going. 3.5 or better GPA. Why’s that there?

This famous boards are not full scholarships for it’s they’re going to have other monies right there it. It makes it easier to blend money. Most kids don’t have a 3.5 or better without some good parental involvement in improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Not always, but a lot of times. That’s kind of a a gauge of that as well, so it kinda just tells you it’s it’s the kind of kid working with. I’m gonna tell you that for the Mail a lot of times it’s a 3.0 or better. Once again were shocked in the females. Alright play year round, why is that there? Movement. It’s important it’s not a novelty. It’s not in a rose, it’s committed to. Being successful there training. Alright. Still something else I’m looking for? That’s their number one sport. They put in the most time with that sport. They’re committed to that sport still looking for. Year round money. Show me the money. Already spending five $10,000 a year. On club travel and expenses for speed and agility training Tulsa. $3500 on top of that makes perfectly good sense. A football kid who improve vertical jump training Tulsa, on the other hand, maybe that doesn’t even by his own cleats. That may be a harder pill for mom and dad to swallow. I. Middle to upper income. Why is that there? Help me here. People that are forward to program.

But I mean it’s you know you’re talking about it. A specific SES demographic. It can afford $3500, right? It doesn’t mean I have to pay it all on some. I prefer it when they do, but if they don’t, we can make it happen. But like we talked about early on and we can’t be trying to work in these poverty areas, he’s probably stricken areas and expect them to be able to do speed and agility training Tulsa. That’s really not fair. I. Alright, the last one. Parents still married. This is the one that usually stumps people. They need to combine their income. So they can afford the program, I don’t know. That’s a thought. A good improve vertical jump training Tulsa, strong base with family life usually turns into a great kid. Alright, but I’m gonna be honest with you. We work with a lot of kids in a from divorce families. You know I was. This is our highest closing rate. Why is it the highest closing rate? Or parents are on the same page. Thank you, thank you that’s it. Alright, if you’re going into a divorce situation. Both parents have to be there, right?

Questions about speed and agility training Tulsa? And these parents oftentimes don’t like each other. And oftentimes both of these parents have remarried. Then we potentially have four people that don’t care for each other, and we’re trying to come to a financial agreement. Well, that can be difficult. I so let’s think about it this way, Mom says. Yeah, I heard that in our divorce, but you know what? You just need to meet with me. He doesn’t really. He doesn’t handle any of the softball. I deal with all that. Alright. So then you get down to the end of the interview and the presentation, and you say, OK, $3500, what’s Mom gonna say? Talked about it with my husband. Talk to her dad. And then this woman that he doesn’t like is coming to her and saying we need to pay $3500. To get her recruited, what does he go say to this woman that he doesn’t like? Paying for that. Alright, that’s why we just roleplayed that.