Hey folks, recruiting improve vertical jump training Tulsa is not mystical. It’s not. It’s not. You’re either being recruited or you’re not. And if you’re not communicating with and talking with college coaches yourself right now about speed and agility training Tulsa. You are not being recruited. And let that sit around in their head. And shut up after you say it for about four or five seconds. Record is not mystical. You’re either being recorded or you’re not. It’s black or white. If you’re not communicating with college coaches and talking with him on a regular basis, you are not being recruited. Robert, what about the kids who? Because of age we talked about specifically the younger? Kids. That’s sports but subtle, OK? What about the fact that they can’t be directly talking with coaches? Obviously, that would be more. Are they talking with improve vertical jump training Tulsa?

Travel ball coach then maybe they can be communicate with coaches about speed and agility training Tulsa. Make no mistake there is communication going on. By the way, only one point 8% of the kids that you’re referring to. Are going to be affected by the real phone call conversation. Everybody else is going to be affected by. They can actually take a phone call from the most bar they gotta see you’re talking about. So you’re talking bout after junior September 1st junior year I’m talking bout all the time. Chris, I mean right now I got I got I got I got not great kids that have open communication going on with D1 coaches. Now the day one coach can’t column, that’s a violation incident, the rules. The kid can’t call the D1 coach and talked about recruiting for softball improve vertical jump training Tulsa. That’s a violation to of the rules of speed and agility training Tulsa. But make no mistake, every time that that kid sends that coach an email and that coach sends back the same email that says as according rules so and so so and so. The NCAA. You know, I can’t talk to you about recruiting matters at this time. However, please keep us looped in with your schedule and let us know where. What you’re doing in the future, and I’ll give you camp information along the way. And that continual communication takes place. And it is taking place. That means that Coach has an interest in that kid and there is communication going on is just one way at this point and limited from what they incidentally, will allow for that D1 school. And see that’s the myth. Everybody thinks.

Well, if I’m not a certain age, no, they can communicate with you and there’s ways to communicate. And the truth about speed and agility training Tulsa is, but cause the situation now the travel ball coaches have very little or have very little that that coach can’t even talk to that travel ball coach about that kids recruiting improve vertical jump training Tulsa. The only thing he can say to him as we locker In’s camp would like her to come too. When you’re scared and we get a schedule, that’s it. Anything else beyond its violation rules? Now I know that. But I’m also not stupid to realize that there still friendships that we’ve all got. Those two ish one coaches and L flat say, hey, I’m going to offer this kid. You can’t tell him that, but I’m going to offer. And that’s why I think to say I was. I was when you said communication. I was thinking two way and I know I’m very familiar with the. The cursory stuff that goes on so that that question and the flip side of it too. Let’s go back to age appropriate stuff you know, for for a kid that was being recruited. 8th, 9th grade.

Three years ago, prior to the change of the of the content rules and all that kind of stuff. Insert sports. Here’s the other side of speed and agility training Tulsa, OK? Naughty 5% of the verbal offers that are given to 8th grade and 9th grade kids prior to the change of the rules don’t stick to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They weren’t committable then and there still not compatible now. And the parents are still holding on to the fact that they got an offer. Quote unquote for mokot so and so back in the day. And they don’t know if that offer is still compatible and number what other amount is just the kid hadn’t gone through the faster process. And to the total amount of additions. Yet to know what their scholarship dollar amount. So I say all that to say this. There’s no angle of this that I don’t understand better than the college coaches understand it. ’cause I’m having to attack it from. Not only. The family from a coach from the University from the NCAA. I got to know every angle so my point of all that is is that when we talk about communication with coaches, there will and he is communication going on. I’ve got, I’ve got sophomores that have already got multiple in AA Division Two offers already.

And the day one can’t. And this is the other thing to keep in mind. This is kind of a side note in this conversation. You got a kid that’s going to be a. You got a kid that improve vertical jump training Tulsa? That’s gonna be. With us suppose you do have a kid that’s just about the turn. You know a junior and there is between your sophomore junior years of speed and agility training Tulsa. That’s the September 1st data softball at June 15th. It’s another sport, whatever that day. It is there were bout to get to that date. And there was a D2 date before that that D2 coaches could call him at all from. And they didn’t get any D2 calls and they haven’t gotten any Na. I calls or offers what in? Goodness gracious his name. Do they think they? Why do they think they’re going to get they want offers if the people below him testing contact him an offer? That’s a great point. Destroyed pilot Chris. It’s freaking reality. So so so Rob just just just ’cause I’m trying to get the timelines in my head.