So it’s easier to get to the ball OK? But in the women’s game you gotta you have to have somebody you know covering the tips and bolts. So I’ll block it let’s assume for nowm I’ll block it is taking that ball same thing you come at a 45 degree angle you make sure you can see what the hitter is doing, and that the first thing I tell my my blocker is you are looking for the deflections of the ball. That’s the number one thing you’re looking for in speed and agility training Tulsa, is touches off a block coming down at you. Whatever the case might be #2 you look for all the off speed tips and roll shot now let’s say somebody typable. I tell them if the ball is not coming at you if I’m an old blocker, I need to open up to the ball .

Let’s say that it goes this way, I’m going to open up high by improve vertical jump training Tulsa, and my goal my goal is to get as far out as possible. Before I can turn around face the net and get ready to hit, but again the key is to get out not fall back so most of the time they actually stay inside the ten foot line. OK, again they’re doing all this they’re turning or running obviously you want to keep your eyes on the ball, so you can know when to stop bascinet. Get ready to maybe even step close only not taking the full approach there are ways to improve vertical jump training Tulsa even when you are not taking your full approach.

Either improve vertical jump training Tulsa with full approach or in game like scenarios it could be a hald approach. Right? Different situations. that’s why the step causes for, you’re not gonna be able to take a full full approach every single time. OK if I pass the ball as an alpha blocker, if I take the ball, not that if I did the ball if the ball is in front of me then I can go out this way an approach and hit if the ball is behind me the ball is behind me I’m in a fast speed and agility training in Tulsa ,Oklahoma. I’m going to open up this way the key is to open up to the ball OK and then keep your eyes on the ball, all the way to the set of hands so you know when to stop facing at an approach. Any questions about the steps we take to improve vertical jump training Tulsa ? About that and lastly awful luck the key is you go out the block. I’m a pin blocker here my middle is right next to me OK? Just two things either I see the ball being blocked going on the other side of the net then, I come down and then, I reset or maybe I scored the points whatever the case might be . Or if the ball is somewhere behind me whether there is a touch or no touch if the bot is somewhere behind you, you need to come down running speed and agility training. You don’t come down and look behind you to see what’s happening, you’re coming down turning already to see any and then on your way.

I called the point of origin the point of origin is instrumental for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. is the point you want to get to before you start your approach on your way to the point of origin. You look you, you look for the ball but you don’t come down, and then kind of take it down to see what’s happening. Then you know so in this in begins as soon as you land not that Jimmy is key OK? On the left side ideally you want to go four steps 1234 and then you want to go 1234 back to the net. Bowever let’s say the dig is not as high you might have to go 123 and then 123 or 1212 want to off, and I want you back to them. Hopefully this is making sense but regardless you understand you see the importance of the step close that’s really what you gotta work on. That’s really what you gotta have like I said ideally you want to enroll in speed and agility training Tulsa to go you want to get maybe, I don’t know 12 feet 13 feet behind the net off the net but it’s not gonna happen. OK so the key is to know when to start speed and agility training. Preferably age 8 to 10 to stop turn face the net make yourself available and get ready to step through on the right side as an opposite.

Ideally I want to go 5 steps off the net 12345 and then 1234 back to the net same thing though it’s not always the agreement. You might not have time to take five steps off the net so you can have to take less any questions about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. No OK, so let me show the screen I’m doing such a good job explaining, OK this is something that I’m going to be I’m going to go over in our next clinic, OK? My own symmetrical offense, but it’s not it’s not something that I want to cover today. It’s really good thought, but what I’d like to cover is the type of sets and again you can call him whatever you want.

But for me beginners and intermediate levels set is called the sense, you teach you said “oh hey you tell them what to hit for the advanced level for my team”. I I don’t have my cellar giving the hitters, hey hit this, hit that, it’s everything is audible you know. I don’t mind the I like the eye contact between the hitters in the settings but if the setters tell the hitter hey I want you to hit that it’s nothing more than suggested. Because it all depends on the path OK? That’s why I say here is a laudable Lydia OK what’s the 5353 in my gym is a highball. Why do I call it 53 it’s five feet off the net three feet inside the court so every day in my gym? You’re going to hear my players say 5353 until eventually when they say highball everybody knows it’s a 53 cent everybody set. As an non-centers have to be able to set what we call it 53 that to me, is an important to learn this early in Tulsa or whatever town you are in when you are speed and agility training.