The truth about improve vertical jump training Tulsa, is that yeah, there’s a lot of there’s a lot of. Athletes that you’re putting in your final put in your database. Put in your Google Docs, OK? But as you move them through the different stages of speed and agility training Tulsa, they could fall out, you know a bunch at a time and you could have three or four kids. You know it come through at one time. The bottom line with the funnel is for us to understand. That there’s multiple ways to do prospecting. OK multiple waves. Years ago I was in. I was up. I was doing consulting thing for a large Corporation and sales side and I was actually in Boston. This was probably 25 years ago and so I’m in Boston Ann. You know we’re sitting there. We’re going to be we’re in a big conference room and with a bunch of sales people and some general managers and some managers over some different divisions. And as we’re sitting there talking, one of the one of the guys just made the comment. I said, you know, what’s the? What’s the one thing that’s the death of all of you? And they said, well, when you don’t have any leads on improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And I said so those are going to Reno real quick when you’re in here.

Those of you that don’t have speed and agility training Tulsa, any leads right now, raise your hands. There’s a few people that raise their hand. So clear I just went over and I asked the lady that was sitting next to me. That was the system to the person. It was the vice president’s company. I said I need you to go and I just whispered in her ear and I said I need to go get me a Yellow Pages and I need you to go get me a white papers. So she did and she came back and I continue to talk with him for a few minutes and then she came back and and I’ve told her I said I want you to bring him in. Covered up I need you to bring him in. You know either in a sack or a paper bag or put something on so nobody sees what you’re actually giving me to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So she did, and so when she did. Christian she brought it in and I said OK, Now we’re going to take a break from speed and agility training Tulsa here just for a second for what I’m talking about now, but I want to go back to those of you that told me that you don’t have any leads. So if you told me that you’re out of leads and you’re really sitting there and you’re struggling, I need you to raise your hand. And so I had probably six or eight people in this group of 40 or 50 that raise your hand.

So I just went over and I started, you know, uncovered this. I just opened up this bag, and if they should put it in a big bag, and I said, does anybody know what’s in this bag? And some guy said, jokingly, said. Well, you know you’re probably gonna tell us there’s leads in this bag. And he said it real sarcastically. I said OK. Sorry Stan, I pitched out. I picked up a white pages and I threw it to him. And he looked at me during speed and agility training Tulsa. So what’s this? I said it’s about a million two in Leeds. What do you think about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? The point is that story? There’s always people to contact Jerry. There is no such animal, my man. Baby doll there is no such animal as I don’t have any leads. I had a scout do that to us one time. He said to me coach I might leaves. I said this was prior to Covid. So you all understand this.

The little bit of comedy that’s involved with this prior to I said man, that’s awful. That’s horrible that you’re out of leaves, man. He said, I know it’s bad I I don’t know what I’m gonna do I said so they closed the high schools down around you. Well oh OK. So that they shut down all the area and and tournament played it and there’s no, there’s no practices or games going on in the afternoon for speed and agility training Tulsa. He was not there still on. So the cities have shut down all the travel ball and parks and there’s no trouble to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Ball tournaments going into complexes all around town. Mother still haven’t. The Internet shut down. Yeah, I mean you you ran out of data on your phone, you can’t get online. There are no more newspapers being printed up. There are no more coaches associations. You know somebody at the coach. He kind of said coach. I think I get it. I said you had it all alone. You’re too dead, dumb, lazy to do what you gotta do to have leads. Now, does anybody get speed and agility training Tulsa? People contact him saying. As I don’t have access to prospects and if you ever tell me that or tell Susan that there’s probably gonna be a small conversation, take place afterwards about your desire to work.

They are there by the thousands. Boggle thousands in the top of this funnel, we’re going to talk about gender just gingerly today. Just casually talk about 7 different ways that we look at generate leads, and I’m not saying this is an exhaustive list, the way generate, but I must say it’s very it’s seven very effective ways to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, that we do it and have for a long time. I have my favourites out of this. I just do. As all of us will have your favorites in how you collect these leads, we just do some other more. You know. For me, it’s just. It’s it’s, I love it and some of them are just things I end up doing because I know I know I need to do it.