OK pre test communication later on that day or later on the next day I’m going to text Mom again and say hey just don’t forget to give me that questionnaire about improve vertical jump training Tulsa back so they get it back to me. And then Saturday Saturday morning at 9:30 or ten o’clock 11:00 o’clock. I’m going to take some mom and dad and probably all three of them in a group message and just say hey, I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys this evening at 6:00 o’clock for speed and agility training Tulsa. Guys, I’m not gonna just forget about it on Wednesday or Thursday and then show up at 6 because if they have a reason not to meet with me, I want to know early because I got somebody else. I can feel that time spot with. I got somebody else. Like I feel like time spot with. Like tell people in the front if this is not going to make I need to know because I need I have other athletes that I’ve gotta talk to. So now I was certain, what do you think the parents are thinking to improve vertical jump training Tulsa?

Urgency there come right. But he may choose somebody else over us. When the truth is each individual kids recruiting is individualistic to themselves, but they don’t get that at this point of speed and agility training Tulsa. Alright next thing pre interview phone communication back to what time? And Jerry said earlier I like you know you’re gonna have a phone call with somebody before you. Actually you know I’m going to. I may have set some interview up by text, but I’m going to have a phone conversation to confirm it. Short is to the the point. It’s exciting. I don’t know if we’ve ever said this many guys yet. But it’s a big thing you can’t do this and BE or so you gotta have a little Tigger in you. I mean, you just go have to have a little update about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You have to be positive. You, re or it’s just all the same stuff. You’re gonna die. Nobody wants to be around that crap. OK, I don’t. I’m not a we have people on organization speed and agility training Tulsa. I love him. But you know what bout 3 minutes? All I can take and I have to handle off somebody else because if you’re going to eat or me I’m out. So if I’m ignoring your call in the future, Christian is maybe because I’m handing you off someone else ’cause I think you’re evil.

Alright, just picking you out of it ’cause you called my rally game another day. Here’s the deal. Be tigger. Be positive. Don’t be fake, but let him feel genuineness and excitement about talking to their daughter in their child and you keep the conversation about NSR. I mean it about the athlete, not NSR. You like that Freudian slip? Yeah, you keep it about the key to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We will talk about MSR only if I make a decision offering only if I choose to do that. So it’s with us down the road. Short to the point, so we’re doing. OK, so yes, you will have a phone call with them young guys. You guys are real bad. You have an interview fail or interviews back out and cancel speed and agility training Tulsa. And then Susan is going to ask you did you? Did you actually talk to him now we just did it all my texts. Oh, good job at a way to follow your training. Your support. OK, come on now. I mean do what we ask you to do. The reason is all this stuff is in place. Let’s move on to screen 53, which is the pre interview Sports specific Questionnaire. It is in. This is what I referred to earlier about sending this to the family before the interview. It’s found in access or in the training manual. You’re going to want to just go ahead and send him an email copy and give it to him. The primary purpose of this is for you to collect information that you’re going to need in order to enroll the athlete into access when you build their improve vertical jump training Tulsa portal and. Larry Jamie O’Brien will cover that with you guys Thursday morning.

But primary purpose is to collect information. Secondary purpose is to help the athlete prepare for the interview so they can get used to thinking about things that they want to talk about that you’re going to ask them about speed and agility training Tulsa. The third purpose is the for the find out if the family is going to follow your lead and get you done. What you need to get done now. There is a fourth. Purpose that I don’t put on here because again, it’s dark. Are you ready? Oh here we go. Let’s say that Bill that you enroll an athlete tonight. 3495 you take him online like we’re going to teach you how to do, and you take him to pay simple and they actually pay you. And then they go ahead and they send you the signed copy that you sent over to him of the Platinum agreement. End of disclosure statement, which is the to tooth because it’s full pay that there’s only two documents you gotta have back. Turn in with your receipt. But the kid hasn’t gotten you the questionnaire back yet.

And that questionnaire has all the information on improve vertical jump training Tulsa that is going to be required for you to fill in all of the prompts that you’re going to need to an evolution to build the website that our guys will build. Once off that template. So Mom and Dad pay you the 3495 tonight. They get the paperwork back to you sent it into Peggy, which they’re going to teach you how to do all that and then day two goes by add a 15 year old kid hasn’t sent you a questionnaire back in day three goes by no questionnaire for speed and agility training Tulsa back yet. Thursday goes by and Thursdays to cut off day for you to get paid the next Wednesday.