Scholarships because the only thing anybody knows or thinks about typically is your power to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Your top 100 basketball. Your power. 5 football. The things they see speed and agility training Tulsa on TV in new concept of lower level Division One mid major division 2-3 juego. Anyway, they have no concept of any of that and this provides a background as well as the information on. The testing, you know a CTS 80 because most of them have no idea if you ask him when the next SAT test was. They may look at you like you have 3 heads, right? Alright, see you see that we have all that information back there. You’re gonna use one of these storms every time you do an interview. Keep it. Keep in mind this is for you to fill out, not the family. Sometimes people get confused about that.

You’re going to verbalize these questions about speed and agility training Tulsa. You’re going to add a few questions, especially in one and two, and you’re going to document what they say to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Not in such a way that you lose eye contact or you lose the connection, but just to remind you of some things ’cause you’re gonna utilize that when you get this kid put in Eva. Alright. Roberts gonna talk a great deal about the interview and that process and getting set up for that, but I just wanted all to look at it last night and be prepared for that. This when that happens here in just an hour and a half, probably all right now we’re ready for the homework part. I’m looking for four differences between platinum and Elite, but let’s get started here. How much is platinum speed and agility training Tulsa? Everybody get off of me so we can back and forth on all this 3500. 3495 How much is elite? 2495 I just seen your. 1995 Let’s talk right now we’re going to talk about a Layton platinum. There are four differences for major differences in improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

Somebody tell me what one of those differences is and you need to jot this down because I need you to be able to just off the top your head, know the four differences in the two contracts. Play video edits. Yeled it’s OK. We’re gonna go video edits. OK for platinum, it’s what unlimited unlimited? What is it for? A late? Once a year, once a year, OK, Big Deal difference there. Alright, that’s number one tell me #2 what’s the different? What is the difference? Brochure sent one year, both twice a year. Brochure promotion. What’s the difference? What is it for? Platinum twice a year? A total of how many brochures are we gonna be sending out? 200 total. Total. OK, now listen. We don’t care if you send these out in 50s, we don’t care if you send these out in fives and 10s, we can break speed and agility training Tulsa up anyway. Is the totalement amount that matters so 100 a year for platinum and 50 a year for a leak. Alright, so we got video edits and brochure promotion. What’s another difference in improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Regional college selections. OK college regional. Oh, I see you’re platinum. Alright, what is the final difference in the elite in the platinum? Video promotion video. Under video promos and 50. 100 how often? It’s once a year, right hundred a year or 50 years, and once again those can break broken up. However, we need them to be broken up. When you were looking for these differences, did that bring up any questions about any particular services we do? Anything you’re not clear about on this service? When you were looking at the contracts. What is the? There’s one, he said the contract that you have to do yourself.

The rest album you managed and the machine at NSR does all that. I hope you saw that. I hope that was clear to you. I hope you realize you’re there doing the heavy lifting and you’re not having to do speed and agility training Tulsa. What is the once the one line item in those 19 things? I think that we that we have to do ourselves. MSR representative. Well, this I mean you. We do once we continually do. ’cause we have to do their online profile right? Alright, you’re just putting the information in your, not that the the system bills all that for you when you do the college regional the signing promo for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. All that. You’re just putting the parameters in the system does all that, but there’s one piece of it you have to do yourself. College coach request no. Now. Remember when those college coach requests come in? The system automatically pulls the ones that apply and sends those to that coach. There’s one piece I need you to understand that you have to do. ’cause I get this question a lot. Once people are starting enrolling. Sports camp recommendations.

Oh, I know that’s what I want you to see. That’s the whole point of this little exercise for speed and agility training Tulsa. Would it be regional college selections? Now we just get the parameters and those and then the system doesn’t. Idiot. There you go. We have to do. You have to do your own social media promotions. Sometimes the reason I’m pointing this out is the last few classes. Somebody will get a kid enrolled in a week or two later. They’ll say. When does that social media promotion gonna go out? I’m like, dude, that’s you. That she does improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Alright, so you, I hope that with doing all the social media stuff on Facebook that we’ve done this week, you see how what a welcome post looks like. And you create a similar post like that when you sign an athlete. Everything else is done by the Home Office. You’re just managing the process. A big relief for you if you didn’t realize. Alright, so those are our major four differences, brochure, promo, video, promo video edits, and college regional. Two of those are a huge deal. Would you like to guess which two those are?