Hey coach, I got the scout me form for improve vertical jump training Tulsa on little Susie little Johnny man I appreciate that I appreciate the fact that you took the time and can recognize you know this athlete has the potential play in college because of speed and agility training Tulsa. And by the way, you know here’s my name. Here’s my number if you run across you by the Yeltsin shoes, they can or that you have her in the upcoming years. You know, make sure to reach out to me. Because sometimes those coaches may just send, he makes it a little Susie ’cause she’s in her senior year. Well, that’s great if it’s early enough, we still help. But we also want that coach know, hey Coach, we’re not just you know here to help those desperate kids. We’re not just here to help those kids that are falling through the cracks. Who do you have in your underclassmen to comply? Man, who’s your stud software that they can improve vertical jump training Tulsa? They can get speed and agility training Tulsa done. Yeah, who else do we need to watch in the in the 24 class?

One scouting form in talking to a coach could generate multiple leads. So all three of those were important. But remember from Parent one comes in man, your eyes should light up at that point. Those are the ones you really want to work. Talk about high school coaches real quick, high school coaches or not. Used to be our lifeblood. You know, before traveling club and elect was so big, high school coach used to be the life blood. Go to high school and you basically see every coast that was a down high school football golf. You know whatever you ran through gambit you tried to see him. Now it’s not so much, but there’s still useful. I’ll give you, for instance, I’ve gotta scout here. Rachel and softball season is happening improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Well, I told Rachel So what you need to do right now is. After every tournament, everybody’s in the area tournament right now to do speed and agility training Tulsa. So after the area tournament finishes, then the winners of those terms will go to Regionals. So what she’s going to do is she’s going to send an email out to all the coaches, one for those that have advanced the regionals congratulating them. Hey coach, congratulations on on making it to the regionals. Hey, we’re trying to put together our watch list of athletes here over the next couple weeks during Regionals and state.

Have you got anybody we need to put on that watch list so we can get our schedule set of games that we can go to? Touch my senior 2 girls. OK, well if I do that and I hit. However, many are in the regionals. You know 16 I guess times 4. And they sent Me 2 girls each or one girl who does improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Well that maybe. Anywhere from 16 to you know 60 new leads I have. And this is also gonna turn around and hit the ones that didn’t make it to the region for speed and agility training Tulsa. Didn’t didn’t go as long as you. You know you wanted it to. Congratulations on you know on Goodyear. You know, as we begin to build our or watch list for the summer and into next year, tell me about some of your underclassmen you know. Let me know who we need to be paying attention to, and we’ve got what we call a coach evaluation form that coach valuation form they go in. They fill it out so align. They can tell us about the athlete. They tell us where they. Think that athlete ranks as far as Division 1234, and we do that so the coaches will feel someone in power.

OK. We want them to believe that we are value in their opinion as to whether that athlete would project as a college athlete. OK, so. There’s multiple ways to use County forms is depending on who sends it in and when you get it. There’s no scouting fullness of throw away. If I see one this row way, you’ll never see improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Out delete on my side and believe that we get some there some spam and duplicates and different things like that and we try to catch all that here because again, my goal for you is to be a sufficient as you possibly can with your time to where you can bullet down to speed and agility training Tulsa. I’ve got a prospect. My final. Interview enrollment promote. You know, I tell people when I, for those of you that I talked to you in the interview process, you know what we do. Even though we talk a lot about different things, it’s not as it’s not rocket science.

You know it’s identifying the athletes that want playing college, evaluating them to see if they can play in college, educating them on the process, and rolling them within a sore and promoting them to colleges, universities, and we want to find the most efficient way for you to do improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Enrolling the maximum amount of number of kids that you can to earn a good living. Or changing the lives of athletes every single day. Because I’m telling you. As the parent of an athlete, it absolutely changes the lives of these athletes. My son went on to play junior college baseball and I’m telling you every time you walked on that field as a scholarship junior college baseball player for speed and agility training Tulsa, he felt like he was walking into Yankee Stadium. So don’t ever think the level. Affect the success of what you’ve done for that athlete and for their family. So any questions, go ahead. Yeah, earlier you mentioned we insert have people that will do do certain things for us or can you just clarify on what what those people can do for us? Well, yeah, absolutely, in this instance in what we’re talking about here in the context of the funnel and email campaigns.