Video promotion and college selection[CE1] [CE2] . What’s the video for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Is there you go? We got it’s video edit how many of you have had any video work done recently for speed and agility training Tulsa? It’s very expensive. It’s very expensive. It is not uncommon for it cost four $500 for somebody to get some minor video work done. If we allow a family to have unlimited video edits, that means they can send in video after every tournament. And we can get that video up on their portal. College coaches love to see current updated video. They’re usually not gonna offer off of 1 video. OK, so no in these differences. When do you think you would sell platinum versus when do you think you would sell elite? Pinning on their classification. What do you mean by that clamp? As opposed maybe a sophomore to a junior. They’re going to need more video.

Add it’s made it, possibly they are. OK, I I see what you’re saying. I don’t necessarily agree with what you’re saying and I will tell you why. If I take on a freshman to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Is her recruiting broken? yes if i take on a junior is her recruiting broken yes the problem is the same the solution may be more difficult as a junior it is more difficult as a junior because there’s a lot of opportunities that are already gone you froze. Of overall fee right is and you froze for 10 seconds there on my speed and agility training Tulsa. Sorry, I’m just FY. I don’t know what part of it you missed. You asked the question you asked a question I didn’t know how to answer. It. Did it make sense? What was the question? Guys did she freeze up for you? Sorry. We’re talking about the video editor, other Super important, and she said, oh, you can send in video after every point. Minton usually won’t get an offer of 1 video. Yeah, you were describing the difference between the junior and the freshman. OK, I’ll do it again. The freshman has a recruiting problem for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, right?

The junior has a recruiting problem. The same recruiting problem for speed and agility training Tulsa. The problem is if I start working with the junior, there’s a lot of opportunities that are already gone that are off the table because they’ve already promised that money out. So it’s gonna be more difficult to buy the junior opportunities than the freshman. Do I want to have a smaller package, a smaller piece of the machine to do that work with? Because if that doesn’t work, then I’m gonna have to fill in with making a bunch of college coach calls and trying to stir up some stuff. Your pay is based on overall fee and you’re going to work just as hard for one, and you may actually work harder for the junior than the freshman. That makes sense. OK. Alright, so when might we celebrate? When would we sell a platinum versus when we sell in elite improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Why try to sell platinum every time? I like that mentality. Jerry and I’m gonna tell you, that’s almost always the right answer, yeah? 60 to 70% of what we sell is platinum.

Yeah, once you got clinic as a NSR, former parent, just like rea speed and agility training Tulsa l. Recently obviously I was never offered anything but the platinum. And really didn’t even ask if there was anything else because. I just saw the value in it so. For for almost every individual we work with, the platinum is the rock solution, right? Alright, I mean the two college regionals every year. The unlimited video that alone makes it. Almost always the rock solution. So when would we ever? Why do we have the elite? We talked about. No, don’t want necessarily want to platinum. Just talk about delete. Maybe if they’re talking about money. It’s too expensive for them. If for some reason 3495 is completely out of the question. I just can’t afford it. Then you know, maybe elegias the correct answer. They’re gonna be sports though. Jerry, that I’m never gonna offer a lead in. Right, I’m not going in. I’m not doing an interview with the golfer an offering elite. Right, it’s no sense that that’s that’s a very expensive sport to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They don’t need to save $1000. Alright, let’s talk about the senior contract real quick, and then we’re going to come back and talk some more about when you offer would OK and you need to jot this down. If I were to poll scouts in the field right now, they would not be able to come up with the five requirements to sell a senior contract.

An I get asked that question every week season remind me what are the requirements so I need you to jot these down and I need you to understand. Dang it, I just told you 60 to 70% of what we sell is platinum. I will tell you 30 to 40% is Elite. Probably 2% is senior speed and agility training Tulsa. The cables have sold three seniors. So is a senior contract going because it is for a senior? Just about to clear up. OK, alright so I’ll I’ll let that be the first thing we talk about. There are five requirements that have to be met before you can sell a senior contract. Number one good insight there Clint. It is got to be September 1st or later of their senior year. They truly got to be a senior. Alright, I’m gonna ask you a question to come up with the rest of these. What did you notice isn’t in the senior contract to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? There’s no ACT S80 test prep because you know they’ve been passed that whenever. Thank you. No, it’s more than that. So the requirement is. They’ve gotta already have a 21 on the AC T or a 1060 on the SAT. We don’t have a seat there for speed and agility training Tulsa. And I will tell you what I get asked every week. Suzan busy AAS not requiring an AC T can I sell a senior contract if they haven’t taken one? The answer is no. Because we know we need their blended money.