I’ve got a kid that I see as a solid D1 talent and he’s gotten an improve vertical jump training Tulsa ioffer or JUCO offer and I don’t think that’s a great fit for them. I’m a question, then whether they’re comfortable with that, but I realize if I’m talking baseball JUCO, maybe exactly where he wants to be. OK, understand there’s a big discrepancy or a big difference between. Let’s say baseball and softball in JUCO speed and agility training Tulsa, and let’s say volleyball in Chico Volleyball JUCO could be crap. Not saying they’re all crap, but a lot of them are. Then you talk about football. I don’t know how much you all know about football Juca we see it on TV. We watch these shows right? The vision of JUCO football JUCO. Is the Metro say right is?

Division One talent grade rehabilitation process. I kids are just going to JUCO ’cause they’re lesser actually. If a volleyball kid goes JUCO is because she’s not good enough to go anywhere else without improve vertical jump training Tulsa. If a football kid goes JUCO is probably because a Division One school wants him and he can’t get through the eligibility center and they said, hey, I need you to go to this JUCO and get where you can get out in two years and come play for us. You just can’t get qipco spots in football. The only variable there is if you have a JUCO in state. Like Alabama doesn’t have football JUCO speed and agility training Tulsa, but Mississippi does. So they can take more in state kids and they can take out of state kids. So there is a possibility that there will be a few Mississippi kids on that team that are just not as talented, but the only reason they got the opportunities ’cause they live in Mississippi and they had some spots. But I’m gonna tell you even those are hard to get. Alright, do you think any other questions concerns at this kind of brings up to your head that you kind of wanna chit chat about improve vertical jump training Tulsa?

At least college camps that they have so we can go to those camps. You think those we should go show up to those camps and see what we can? Or we can see sometimes. It depends on your relationship with that coach and if they understand why you’re there, that could be a good thing. What you cannot do. You cannot work a camp. That college coaches are on the field. That’s a problem being an NSR Rep, you can’t work account on the field. With college coaches. Or the stands? You can be in the stains, but you can’t be on the field. You can’t cross that line, right? It’s just one of those little nuances that people have to sometimes stumble across speed and agility training Tulsa. But anything else? Is mixed up mate may. ’cause some questions. The fourth phase is the upper, so keep him out. We had a dedication. Recognition. Evaluation comparison. And now we have the offer. You would think the offer would be the easy part, right? It should be, but it’s not always. I’ve got an here committable versus non committable.

Let me give you an example of improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Before we go into this journey to break. I guess so sleepy as y’all good. I gotta go work speed and agility training Tulsa after this. Let’s keep rolling. Committable versus non committable. If I have a coach that says a college coach assessor kid, you know what I really like you to come to camp. You’re an offer top kid for us. Is that a committable offer? Is that an offer? No now. How does a kid perceive that? Yes’s offer coach typically perceived that. Offer how does a travel coach typically perceived that offer offer? Alright. So say this coach tells this kid listen, I need you to come to camp. You’re an offer top kid for us. We all say that that’s not a true offer. Right? But the kid goes out on Twitter and puts it. He got an offer from this coach and the coach reads it. Why don’t we see college coaches? Say I didn’t offer you. We don’t say that. Well, I don’t think you want to hurt your relationship with that kid. ’cause that kid might be. Somebody that’s on your board, but you’re not might not be your first or second option might be your fourth or fifth option, so you don’t want to ruin your relationship. You know that that would be the human side of things for sure. But the reality is, it’s an easy AA violation for improve vertical jump training Tulsa to confirm or deny anything before signing day with a student athlete. Makes sense alright.

So coaches hands or Todd, they can’t confirm or deny. So you got kids claiming offers all over the place. If you were to go out there and speed and agility training Tulsa, capture all the offers that Nick Saban put out there for one of his from one of his signing years, you’re not gonna find 25. You’re probably gonna find 85 or 100. Do you think Nick Saban has to offer 100 kids to get 25? Do you think Nick Saban would offer 100 kids to get 25? No, do you think he offers a kid without almost knowing the kids gonna take it? Not very often. He’s not going to do that to his name, so you know that a lot of these kids these this crap you read from kids you stuff you see on Twitter. A lot of that is just that, it’s just crap. It is not verifiable. They’re not committable offers and most of them aren’t even offers. In these kids think that they can claim an offer like you were talking about Jerry and that is going to make something magical happen for them and recruiting it. It does the opposite actually. ’cause you know what? If you look at a kid and they’re they, they’re basic speed and agility training Tulsa. Two kid D2 kids. They’ve got the to talent. They got the to size. They got D2 speed. Anne, you see a school like Alabama offered them. Do you believe that? Saving to build his roster class for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? No, that’s ridiculous. And we know that’s ridiculous. But it doesn’t keep it from happening. It happens, right?