Alright, next thing on the list for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Recruiting seminars. Guys. This is my favorites of all, speed and agility training Tulsa. Favorite schists is OK. If I’ve got a favorite, this is it. Recruiting seminars. Or a time in which Coach Travel Organization school. Somebody is giving you the opportunity to stand before them and to speak about recruiting. It’s got it. Recruiting seminars or not. A time in which you’re going to get up and throw up on them about NSR. You’re not going to talk about. The rules you’re gonna talk about myths and truths about recruiting. You’re going to talk about percentages. You’re going to talk about the different issues that could arise. It’s not a time when we’re soliciting people. OK recruiting seminar. There’s one that you can go into axis. And it’s a it’s a. It’s an audio only where it’s an example of a recruiting seminar speed and agility training Tulsa.

The audio you’re going to want to do that either during lunch today or you’re going to want to do it tonight. Probably his homework. It’s about 50 minutes long. And it’s me doing a sample recruiting seminar for all of you to hear. The recruiting seminar when they’re done right. We’ll have people lined up like the Pied Piper to talk to you after improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We had it. We were doing some training on the other day and one of the people said in our one of our scouts. It’s really a pretty good scout, she said. Well, I’ve never had anybody lined up afterwards to talk to me after recruiting seminar. My response. Then you’re not doing a very good job. I’ll start the year off this year, January, the first Callaway Smith Callaway Logan Smith, which is in Texas.

She’s volleyball, former Division One vision two volleyball coach coach of the Year in two conferences. She works for us. She’s volleyball person and licensee, air director for us and outside of San Antonio for speed and agility training Tulsa. We had a big event January 1st with. Volleyball event where we were doing the metrics. The show key part of the showcase and the big tournament was the next day. Guys. I had three recruiting sessions to do recruiting seminars and there were no less than 100 people lined up to talk to her about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. After those seminars. At the end of Jet between January and February, she enrolled 36 kids. Now I realize you can’t put your head around that at the moment. But when you start getting into double digits, you’re doing something. When you start getting into 1516, you’re doing great. When you start breaking 20 in a single month, there’s only a handful of us that’s ever done it in the history of the company. In fact, I can count on two fingers. She and. Ah. What was that total again for a month of speed and agility training Tulsa? She had 21 that month.

She had 36 between the two months. All from that event and she still enrolling kids formatting then, and we’re now intimate. All because the recruiting seminar sets it up the right way. Because you have people begging to get in line to come see you. Recruiting from recruiting seminars is not an information dump. It’s not a time for you to get up in front of people and just don’t bunch information on improve vertical jump training Tulsa. It’s a time to get information to create urgency, but with the information that you give him. Is everybody understand the difference in speed and agility training Tulsa? Giving information is a bad thing. When information is received and it creates urgency, it’s a great thing. So recruiting seminars are powerful. We’re going to want you to have access to be able to talk with high school coaches and traveling club teams, and that comes in and be able to do recruiting seminars for them or set him up on zoom and I’ll do it with you and that way you get the benefit of that. Doesn’t matter will be glad to do those. But here are the guidelines for when you first get to recruiting seminar. You just welcome everybody you let him in.

By the way, there’s an outline. In access for an auto layout line but also. The audio single example that you can listen to. But these recorded 7 hours you got 11 on the front side that you’re going to dress general principles and ideas are recruiting improve vertical jump training Tulsa today, and you’re not going to deal with anybody in particular about their child in front of a group. If you have questions about recruiting of after we talk today, you just come see me afterwards. OK, well, people that do these and don’t have people lined up don’t start their meeting that way. I started off with the expectation that you’re going to probably want to come talk to me after we get done. You understand how that’s done when you simply say welcome here, but I want to welcome you tonight. Thanks. So coached myth over there for giving me that opportunity. He loves you kids and he loves your parents. She loves your children or he wouldn’t want somebody as a recruiting expert to come in and talk to you guys like he has me coming in tonight, so let’s give him a round of applause for loving your kids enough to care enough to have me come in and speak to you guys this evening everybody g Woo yeah go Smith for speed and agility training Tulsa. So now we’ve given coach Miss and kudos he’s feeling good all right now I will tell everybody. Hey, this evening I’ll talk about recruiting. We’re not going to talk about anything but recruiting and guidelines and some do’s and don’ts of improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And the stages that kind of stuff. If you when you have a personal question all of you will have a personal question.