OK, well, in fact we’re moving on to the next person to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. ’cause of minute you don’t give the college coach time they needed? They’ve asked for you will not get the offer. And for those of us that Coach collegially, that’s fact speed and agility training Tulsa. You get blown off by code, kids and parents. You will move on to the next kid. Now in our role people get scared of that because when you only have a few lines in the water. And you’re you know you’re scared when somebody you’re a little frayed because I’ve only got one interview with this week and I’ve gotta get a paycheck. And I’ve got and look. And yeah, I understand you’re a little frail you need to if you wanna tip toe. When you got 70 lines in the water. 15 potential possible interviews for the next week or two weeks. You just it’s like next, I wash my hands over speed and agility training Tulsa, move on to the next one. I’ll come back to him later to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, but I’m moving on now what I know I can do, yeah, couldn’t go ahead so for newer scouts is it something that a lot of them do as chart their touches with the kid before they closed?

Now speaking with some of these college coaches, they they charge every touch. They called a touch, correct? Well, they have to because of NCAA rules. They have to charge it and they have to turn it over to the compliance people. Here’s a deal you’re going to have. You’re going to have a you know you’re going to Google Doc, and you’re going to go in and you’re going to have a spreadsheet you can. You can coordinate that anyway you want to. I use everything right here. 10 Four Ji know I mean so when I text somebody I’m able to go back through my notes who I’ve got live that I’m working on trying to get interview set for speed and agility training Tulsa, who I that reviewed and do other valuated that I’ve sent a questionnaire to, and we’re, you know, we’re getting it back because we got an interview set for this date. I’ve gotta. It’s alright in my phone so I’ve got it. It’s right there in text threads to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. That’s the reason. I like text threads. ’cause I can go back and read what I sent him what they sent me and I know exactly what was said. Enjoy were sometimes I may have 25 conversations in a day with people Clinton.

I mean you know what? I made forget what you said and convict. Confuse it with what course said you know. So when I have a good tracking system of it, it’s easy. All right. So if you want to track it great track it to whatever detail you want to. I’m going to tell you all that you need to track. You know. Obviously, each stage that you gotta kill. Then you sent this particular you know, request that you’re going to be sitting in a ball field. You haven’t gotten to scout me, falling back from him yet, or you to do speed and agility training Tulsa. You know you have got their email address and now you’re moving forward to you can keep up with all the details you want to OK? So yeah, I mean that’s something you can do. Alright, let’s move on real quick. Alright now. We’ve got the interview set. Todd did a great job. He met the people. He’s got an interview set for today’s today’s Wednesday. He’s got it set for Saturday night at 7:00 o’clock to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Great job, he said it while he was at the court watching the kid pray what you practiced, talked to Mom or Dad. Next question for you. OK, given the opportunity to set their problem with Mom.

Given the opportunity to set the appointment with Dad, which would be the better choice? Mom or dad? Both. Try I would try and do it with both and the kid. Make sure they’re all there, but not all. There you got one all there. You don’t. You don’t set the appointment. Who’s your mom? I think Mom mom. Termination after I give you this example, OK? You go do speed and agility training Tulsa, you, you walk up somewhere alright, and moms there and it’s just mom and you have this brief conversational mom. You set the interview with Mom. Same situation, flip it. You walk up to now improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You said the interview with Diane. OK, mom’s not there you said that, so both work there. So you you had, you know you did it with one. Alright, now let’s let’s let’s be devil’s advocate. For a second. OK, you said the interview night with add, alright, so we’re going to do it Saturday night at 6:00 o’clock. Alright? Dad submit it’s great. Sorry not 6:00 o’clock, so it’s Wednesday.

He goes home he. He forgets that you forget he forgot. Tell Mom that he talked to go coach Nate and most important conversation ever. How about their daughter dollars? Clear future is going to be Saturday night at six. He forgot to do that. So then you do the texting stuff that we’re going to talk about in just a few minutes and then you text him and he’s like, yeah, I got everything is good for Saturday night and then so now you do speed and agility training Tulsa. It’s Thursday. there he is busy at work and he and mom get into a little you know getting little tish over over you know i don’t know what it was over but they get a little She’s having a bad day to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I mean, she’s having a horrible day at work and she says hey honey, tomorrow night at 6:00 o’clock, oh, coach Nate, who’s coach naked? Well, I’ve been meaning to try to talk to you, but he’s a guy that I met.