Don’t mind you can go on. Alright so why don’t we begin so let me unmute you guys here don’t mind Alex L i always do speed and agility training Tulsa the 2 intendant i always do setting and hitting together. Like if i’m Dear you know coaches often including myself say that hey and it’s been statistically proven that if you win the serving and passing battle you win the match, however it’s not 100% true. In that sense and I’m going to explain myself, let’s say you improve vertical jump training Tulsa by just two inches? Know I’m the best pass it on the team and I had one of those nights when I’m passing the ball perfectly to the the set it doesn’t even have to move. I’m playing a perfect game and the seller is setting our big kahuna on the left side which is Ed, and Ed has a improve vertical jump training of 10 foot 8 inches and still has an off night. He’s an off night and he’s hitting either either zero or negative are you going to win the game well you might there’s a chance you can still win the game no question about it you can’t just say no.

We can just say no however it has to entail the other team hitting worse like if you’re hitting zero you know you obviously you want the other team to be hitting negative so basically you’re playing an ugly match. For boys volleyball where you see a lot of hitting, years but you can still win the match you know even if you’re hitting that awfully. However, you want the serving a passing battle and we like I said we’ve heard that often if you win that you win the match, well what I like to do is I like to rephrase this by winning the passing battle. All you do is you give your team the best opportunity to win the game. WQhy is it important to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? You’ll want to be able to out jump the competition by avoiding the block or tipping over the top. Because every time you make a perfect pass you put pressure on the opponent on the other side, OK ?

So every like I said every time you make a perfect pass you put pressure on the blockers and on the defenders on the other side which means what in the end which means you’re going to get more kills or kills are going to come to you easier. So when people ask me about like hey just assume I know I know nothing about the game of volleyball how would you explain it to somebody? .. who doesn’t know anything about it. Id tell them they need to enroll in speed and agility training in Tulsa, that’s one thing that I always say, I’m like look the whole point is 14 eight to get more kills than team B, and to be honest with you, I mean I say that to my teams. If you can improve vertical jump training Tulsa, even if you are you know if you want to get deep into the numbers, he can, but simply stated in the end that’s really all you’re doing. You’re trying to get more kills and that’s why hitting is so important so passing obviously, like I said, gives you more of an opportunity to get to get more kills serving said does the same thing you put pressure on the opponent. Because of the speed and agility training on the other side which means what every time they make an average pass you expect the ball to cross the net in an easier fashion. Something like that’s what I call personally is simple play like a free ball or double which again can lead to more kills. So this is how I like to look at you know how how I like to explain the whole concept of you get a win the serving and passing battle in the end all leads to can we get more kills. OK,

So I’ll give you an example in a 25 point game I want my team to get between 15 and 17 kills so the 25 points that we score my goal is to get between 15 and 17. So obviously you’re going to have good terminal hitters on the team outside spin hitters middles but will they last the entire game? Im talking stamina here. Tulsa’s speed and agility training did they use that to their advantage? Whatever the case might be the more guns you have the better but that’s really the goal to be completely in control of a game. You want between 15 and 17 kills and then you obviously score some points off faces you might score a couple points off the block and again all I know it depends on the level obviously. You’re not going to see as many kills if you’re playing 12 and under but you’re going to see more aces, I get that, but in a very clean you know.

If you know maybe a high level college or College in general, they expect that that the kids are doing speed and agility training Tulsa. that’s what you’d like to see 15, 17 kills couple points off the serve couple points off the blocks because you improve vertical jump training Tulsa, and then you obviously going to have to score points based on how many errors the other team makes. So they make 6-7 errors this is where I tell my team their base. You basically have to beat them to win the game if they are making 10 to 11 to 12 errors, there kind of beating themselves in one and the same goes for us as well OK to talk about getting you know error management. So let me share the screen with you guys here hopefully. Talked about looking at Volvo in the most simplified fashion when it comes to statistics, we want to get more kills than the other team. OK, so the more time I spend coaching volleyball the more I become convinced that hitting is what win games matches and championship, no question, beijng able to improve vertical jump training Tulsa above the rest works.

So again hitting is indirectly connected or related to setting passing serving, as as we just document. OK, so a well played volleyball game just like I showed you guys now I’ll highlight it again in blue here or green well played ball game, 15-17 kills three aces two stuffs 6 airs that’s not you and then five by the team but the other team did enroll in speed and agility training Tulsa. Like this if you see these numbers that’s a good volleyball match this is a clean volleyball match. OK, so it’s not always the case I’ll just give you one example of men