How many parents of a team should I talk to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Because trust me when you start talking to a family. Everybody there on that team is gonna know you’re talking to that family. They’re gonna be buzzing about you being there. How many different families should I talk to about speed and agility training Tulsa? They’re on the same team, even if it’s a team with us. Not say it’s a high school team. It’s a club team and literally every kid on that team could play at the next level. Can I talk to all those parents? Why not? Kind of kind of dilutes your product a little bit. It does. It makes it feel like I’m open enrollment. I can’t do anything to make it feel like I’m open enrollment. Granted, this is a unique team where everybody could play at the next level. If I talked to every parent, they don’t feel special. OK, when I only talked to two or three of the team. It makes them want to meet with me more. If they see you running around talking to every parent. You might as well be NCSA, because you’re open enrollment for improve vertical jump training Tulsa at that point. Fair enough. That doesn’t mean that I may watch this team and pick my three that I’m gonna talk to and do those and get those kids set up and then a few months later. I may say you know what? You got such an awesome team for speed and agility training Tulsa.

I will talk to a couple more kids. But that’s different because those kids will see what I’m doing for the other kids on my social media and they will be excited when I ask them to me. Again, if you’re the other parents, see. Your. Targeting the pitcher in the shortstop and the catcher. Richard three prime positions. Alright, right for from a football. From a baseball standpoint, you’re gonna have those other parents. Jumping into bed yet. and they become in pursuit of mianite makes the three for them to begin to realize they have a recruiting problem for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Otherwise they’re dumb, fat and happy, and they think they’re fine to do speed and agility training Tulsa. And they think they’re just going to float through. And then it’s just going to fall out of the Sky. They don’t think they have a recruiting problem. For the most part. Most people, until they are a senior, don’t think they have a problem. Most people think this is a senior only problem. It is not.

So we’ve got to do things in this way for them to realize you need to be doing something proactive to get to ensure your kid is getting recruited. And this is the right solution. It’s not NCSA who has been hammering you on these phone calls, they buy rosters of every tournament. In the country, virtually. And then I’ve got people on the phone that are having to try to set interviews. They do all these phone interviews, never having evaluated a kid for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I question. So let your not going to you know like or not like but approve of every every athlete you evaluate. If you let’s say you have an evaluation and you don’t like what you see, how do you let that family down? OK, if I the only reason I would have to do speed and agility training Tulsa is if I’ve gotten a scout me form OK. And I need to respond to them in some way.

Or if somebody walks up to me and asked me to evaluate their kid? Yeah, that’s what I meant. Like if you were there, evaluating some players, another parent walked up and said, hey, how about my kid like? How do you handle that? Alright, I will say, hey, give me some time with me in value where you kid I’ll be glad to look at him tell you what you got OK? OK, I valuate him and and I say you know what? Mom and dad. She’s a great will. Likely she’s got something she needs to work on. I would love for you to get her in a speed agility training. I would love for you to get her in some upper body training for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. She needs to get that arm stronger that shoulder stronger. Whatever it is. Give her two or three things they need to work on and get back with me. At six months my must see her progress. I like that thank you OK, gave him something tangible to do. Get back to speed and agility training Tulsa with me. Because if you don’t, if you don’t, next time in CSA calls, they’re gonna go, oh, we’re going to sign up just to get her recruited and they’re going to waste 5 grand within CSA and there should be in the same boat.

Alright. All right, other thoughts, other questions, things that are going through your mind right now. This is not hard guys. This is not hard at all. But if you guys ever gets very difficult, you guys ever get people from Canada contacting you. Yeah, we have. We have scouts in Canada got guys up there. OK so just reaffirmed to those guys not necessarily depends on where they are located. A licensee up there, and so if speed and agility training Tulsa in his area, we need to get it to him, but if it’s not, it might be somebody that you could work with. You’re going to let me know you got anybody outside of your territory that we’ve hired you to work in. Then you’re just gonna shoot me a text and say, hey, Susan, I’ve got somebody in this city and state and I’m going to tell you if you can move forward with that kid to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. If it’s somebody we need to handle. Yeah, like Calgary, I have connections in Calgary. And we’re probably good in Calgary for you. Move forward. But OK. Now when it’s time OK? Alright. Any other questions? Alright, let’s look at page 46.