Which one of these kids is your daughter in improve vertical jump training Tulsa? #16 playing shortstop? Pretty good athlete. Let me know your contact information for speed and agility training Tulsa. I’ll be glad new evaluation over and I’ll get back to you and I’ll let you know if she can play somewhere in college. All we know she can play in college. I said so you’re playing for a, you know a, B or a class softball program out here and you’re going to tell me you notice you can play in college. Do you think I had his attention now? No. ’cause he’s an idiot. He said, now, seriously, how much does it cost? I said add, I know you’re asking that question because you’ve been inundated with a bunch of emails and text messages and phone calls because y’all played in some tournaments and NCSA and capture you and sports groups bought all those rosters and now you’re getting hammered with people that are online recruiting services. I’m not a server, I’m a scouting organization actually appeared in the college coaches for improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

If you’d like me to very wet your daughter, I’ll be glad to win over. How much does it cost for speed and agility training Tulsa? I would add you’re asking that question and it’s really inappropriate, but ’cause its head of the day until I know if I want to work with your child, there’s no reason to have a conversation about costs. Kind of like a college coach. There’s no reason to have a conversation about what the balance is going to be on that count at the Bursar’s office after he pays his 25 or 30% scholarship. So you ain’t gonna tell me. No sure we’re not there yet. And he made some comment, you know. And I said, listen, man, have a great day. Yeah, I will move on to the next one. Soon behind me. Were three coaches a junior college coach and AI coach and a D1 coach at this speed and agility training Tulsa tournament? So I just want won’t back there to the to the bracket Borden was standing there talking with him for a few minutes and of course every eye in the stands at work with this guy was trying to be a turd. Is now turning around looking at over Coach Cagle standing talking to these people in improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So we go through the day that this guy was a turd.

I can’t even put to you the tone in which he was saying he was saying it loud. You know how loud parents are, you know, get all boat up with their hands like this and they, you know, feel like there’s somebody you know the people. OK that would do is about 5 foot six in a short man center, no pun intended. And don’t take that wrong chair. So at the end of the day, this cat was from me. This cat was he was taught mails OK. So the whole day goes by. I probably have 40 kids. I’ve got contact information with it. It’s been a really good day. I forgot separate interviews that I feel like we’re going to set up from speed and agility training Tulsa. I’ve got others I’m gonna follow up with an center views I’m getting in my calmer at the time as I drive a Hummer I was getting in my in my truck and I hear this lady coach coach, coach. I had coach. And I turn around and there’s just this like this. If it is, is the wife of this turd? It was talking to me and the mother of the kid, right? So I simply just say yes, ma’am. How can I know who it is improve vertical jump training Tulsa? OK, but I’m not gonna knowledge it. Yes no. How can I help you? Well, well you you talked to my husband over and I just smiled and said Mom, I talked to a lot of husbands and a lot of moms to Dad today. And he said, yeah, but mine was the ***. And I said you are correct, I know exactly who you’re talking about now and she said, can we talk? And I go, no man, we can’t. An Jerry she said, I’m sorry I said we can’t talk. There’s no reason for us to have a conversation about your child, because right this moment, what you don’t realize is there were three of college coaches that were standing behind me when your when your husband acted a fool. Guess what? They all did to your daughter.

They all struck her from their watch list. So if I were you, I would go home and I know you don’t want to. ’cause if you know he’s an acid then you know then you’re living with him. So you can go tell him that he did a great job today, congratulations on completing speed and agility training Tulsa. There at least three schools it won’t recruiter because of what he did. Not to mention all the ones that people make call me about. Great kid, she probably can play somewhere, but you know when your dad’s crazy run over dog coaches typically don’t want to recruit you if you don’t improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Two days goes by, and then I promise I will move on to the next thing. Two days goes by. I had called this kid was South Alabama, so the 251 area code. I had called over South Alabama to Spring Hill, was like waiting for a couple of callbacks from a couple different coaches on some stuff.

And sometimes it won’t cause my cellphone. They’ll call you back from their landline, right? So this particular interest is a phone number that cropped up. There was 251 on my phone, and normally if you don’t have my phone and you don’t get answer, that’s why all over you need to text me. And let me save your information, because if you don’t, if I don’t have you in my phone, you’re going to voicemail and you may or may not ever get a call back. I don’t have time to waste with people that don’t know we don’t have a reason call me about speed and agility training Tulsa. So at the end of the day, that’s just that’s it. So this guy calls me and I took it because I thought improve vertical jump training Tulsa would, but I was trying to wait on call Jay back from OK.