When my colleges begin identifying scouting and evaluating potential prospects for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. During their senior year during their junior year, anytime. Anytime. Jerry that is not true. That may be the first time they can offer speed and agility training Tulsa if that’s the first time they can offer, or they don’t start evaluating, then heck no. If it’s all ball, clear valve valuating 7th and 8th graders they may have to be careful about how they communicate or if they communicate but they’re doing their evaluations. Keep saying I’m talking to her. I major basketball is the same way. You’re offering a kid early. You know, in in September, October, their junior year you’ve been. You’ve been watching them since they were. I thought it was. I thought it was offers OK, good. That’s why we got this out here like that because that is a common misconception about improve vertical jump training Tulsa, right Windows. Changes with with NCAA changes with softball in recent past. It’s saying college coaches can’t talk to him about speed and agility training Tulsa till they’re junior. We’ve got a lot of families that think recruiting desert start until their junior and that is wrong and bad information. It starts when they’re in 8th grade or mom. They just have to do certain things until their junior, then they’re ready to offer.

If you’re waiting to find them to find you as a junior, you’ve already missed all those opportunities. Yeah, I have some kids that already committed as a freshman. And that’s in baseball, right baseball? Tuesday baseball rules in softball rules are different, right? Surprisingly different with the NCAA. Alright, let’s keep going. 27 When my colleges began identifying scouting, I just did that when we doubled it there you go. 2800 C AA rules colleges may send athletic questionnaires for speed and agility training Tulsa or prospects before they become seniors in the college for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Coaches may correspond with these prospects via email. Pause. Who said balls Chris? So we’re saying that the NCAA cannot send questionnaires before your senior. Questionnaires yes, but I can’t contact them. When softball, I can’t sorry. You start as a junior. My apologies, my apologies. I’m I’m taking, I’m still thinking September 1st 2 here. Alright so that is that is true.

OK #29 enrolling with a professional scouting organization to promote your abilities to colleges and advise you on recruiting issues is approved by the NCAA. If not, we wouldn’t be here. Would we know about speed and agility training Tulsa? OK, and then the 30 is just sometimes we give this test. Add a recruiting seminar. We might let the parents take this test and we go over it. If we do. That’s when #30 would come into play and we would have them fill out this information. Alright. Let’s talk about the Nii. Todd’s already mentioned that was talked about in AI eligibility Center is playing ai.org. It is a lot simpler than the NCAA an you can get early improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Granting or whatever you wanna call it, you get. You can get those eligibility Center for then I early. If your GPA sign up your test Cortana, they know you’re you’re good to go and then end. They’ll grant that early. So the NAI is looking for two or three. A minimum of the 18 under AC T or a 940 on the SAT. Minimum. Minimum 2.0 GPA. The third one is top 50% of their graduating class for speed and agility training Tulsa. They need two of those. So they have a 4.0. They’ve got better than to take 10. They’re gonna be in the top 50% of their class.

They just got the Vin in AI eligibility Center and the test didn’t matter. However, a lot of in AI schools require a certain test score for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So they are stricter than the eligibility center. Most require at least in 18, a lot of whom are requiring 19. Or a? 940 or 960. Lowe’s you need two of those three. So you got a kid that has great grades and a sorry tester. You may never get that kid through the eligibility Center for the NCAA, but we know that they can play in AI. That’s why you need to know this. Any questions about Na, I just another four year option. Now let’s look at page 14. We’re gonna talk about the AC T and the S80 a little bit, not much. Main thing I want to get across to you here the AC T. Is more math and science driven? SIT is more reading in English, language driven. So if you got a kid, that’s a big reader, they’re probably gonna do better on the SIT. You got a kid that’s very strong in science and math. They’re going to do better on the AC T. When you were looking at the NCAA Handbook. And if you looked at the top GPA for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. It would have said the AC T score. Was like a 37. If 36 is the highest you can make on the AC T. How does the NCAA require 37 for those highest DPS? Everybody know what I’m talking about speed and agility training Tulsa. You know that the tables I’m talking about? Did you see those? Anybody know why that a CT score would have been a 37 which is impossible to get? That’s the sum total of the parts.

So if you divide that by 4. That’s what their score would have been that a 37 would be a 9.25 which rails down to A9. Basically saying if you got really high GPA’s, the test doesn’t really come into play. I’ve never known anybody get lower than A9. But if you’re getting annoying, you probably don’t have a Ford 4 point, whatever GPA. Now realize A9. Is not gonna get you in most colleges. I also realize that the NCAA came out for 21 and now for 22’s saying that the ACM, the Satn, are no longer required. And you’re going to hear that a lot in the field. Parents are hanging their hat on the fact of the AC T and the SAT and no longer required. We still insist that our kids take the AC T and the S80. Why would we do that? Make sure they can handle college. Greater chance of success being admitted by school or scholarship available. That’s it.