Speaking of speed and agility training, I have a goofy footed hitter right now you know freshman out of high school, and obviously why do you want to change that, because if she’s hitting on the left side, and you goofy footed you’re here like this every time.   You’re going to have to bike there’s no rotation and they’re limited.  They can only go down the line. OK, so you definitely want to fix it with proper speed and agility training Tulsa. You don’t want to finish left white you want to finish right left. OK, alright so torque and let me show you guys the highlight. Let me play it first pause it you gotta see this Right, OK I like it now, watch where the hitters are approaching from favorite players do. The study watch the header you can see how she improve vertical jump training Tulsa, because they actually approach down the line a little bit, and then by the time she hit you can see the number on the front of the jersey. I’m going to replay I mean I rewind this little bit watch again on the left side of the screen right now.  On the on the other side watch her while she’s coming down the line almost step close. BOOM, 2 wow but you’re not talking. That’s why I called George to train her on her speed and agility training in Tulsa .  

On this side from this side you wanna see the back the number on the back of the jersey launch here 23 bomb, grade sort Girl this.  OK alright you guys can hear me right? Yeah it’s still spinning a little bit I don’t know why but let me let me close it was this alright so let me share the screen.  Hi for some reason it’s spinning if I lose you guys come back in so it says not responding see if I can.   321 graphic straight back go back go back go back good turn up close.  That one some reason that one is OK.  I’ll leave I’ll leave it as is there we go it’s gone.  Now alright so get back so let’s share the screen again you guys can see this now. OK so technical hitches are things that you should be looking for as we try to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We do this arms go up before they go down again, so if you see the arms glove before they go down so obviously you want to change that also when doing speed and agility training.  We can fix it on the court so that’s the best change to change it. Let’s make him to hit are inefficient and ineffective or they crisscross.  We see a lot of young athletes doing this when trying to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, and you’ll want to stop them from doing it.  You know so you want to keep it simple like I said the arms are down and they come up maybe 6 inches.  No more than that before they go back Squat maybe between a quarter and a half squat and again some of that is technical some of it is strength you see the young players 12 and 14 have a hard time doing that, because the quads the glutes and the hamstrings are not developed therefore improve vertical jump training Tulsa is perfect it’s just not strong enough. 

 OK so the small base seems to change sometimes you see here is you know their feet together before they jump and you definitely want to change that stuff feet are perpendicular to the net.  So if I’m approaching my feet all this way you don’t want him to be perpendicular you want him to be almost what panel this is how you create torque. 

 Remember that so if you see the feet perpendicular you want to change them shoulders samping shoulders are parallel to the net you jump high and try to improve vertical jump training Tulsa.  On the opposite you want the shores to be perpendicular to the middle OK.  Elbow low and the throwing position so when I go to speed and agility training Tulsa,  OK, a lot of it is on here sometimes remember what I said you want this to be slightly above the shoulder.  You definitely don’t want it to be too low that’s what this means these are the things you want to look for when you are training your hidden all the glitch all the hitches that you want to fix.  Alba graphs as it comes forward so more of that because this segment too so you hear an as you come forward this drops, you don’t jump you don’t want it to drop OK?  

Hitting outside or inside the line of course now we talked about the line of course, OK,  and one thing that I want to add is.. the reason why this is important is, because you can do this all your life.  You can hit like this all your life and have zero pain in your shoulder, because he does not does not even then the stress on your shoulder is minimal.  However, when you hit outside the shoulder, like this or you hit inside the shoulder you’re putting a lot of stress on your shoulder. Do if I see one of my hitters doing that I am definitely going to have to try and fix it and change it and get them to be here every single time.  OK and most headers do this here because they can generate more power which is actually true.  

OK, let me use let me give you a real life example pictures in baseball where do they pitch from if I said if what I said is true how come pictures don’t pitch from here like this?  Two reasons one is power this is more power here #2 is control.  I can deftly consult the ball better here, then I can hear but what happens after they do this for one full game they can’t play for the next 5-6 days.  You understand that I’m rehabbing and doing speed and agility training  in Tulsa and doing more shoulder exercises.  I think I think that’s what they I mean, I believe that’s still true right and baseball so if they do this and they throw like this an entire game minimal minimal stress on the shoulder, and as far as the vertical jump goes to improve vertical jump training, Tulsa is the place to do it. That’s why it’s critical that you do that in body OK snap the wrist, or hit through the ball I know that and to be on city it’s somewhat of a myth.  I mean a lot of coaches you know and I used to tell my players snap your wrist snap your wrist but to be honest city there’s nothing to teach.