Because I’m going to pay attention to what the guy says about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I’m letting him decide in a text message or phone call if he wants to ask me questions below for Intel so that I can know who’s going to be the clog in the wheel. When we get ready to ask to talk about speed and agility training Tulsa. And 90% of the time. If there’s going to be a question, come up at the table about the money. This is where it’s going to be addressed first, because the data will say, yeah, we’re looking forward to meeting with you. But hey, coach, you know, just I want to know, you know what’s all this going to cost? OK, the hands been raised his showed me the cards I know how to play this hand with him now. I know how to play the hand with him now. His worry is money. He’s Warriors, concern is that we’re going to go through the same thing. It may even be that I pick the phone up and I call him at this point. OK to. I may just call it. Hey, can you talk real quick?

Yes, I can certainly can. I know I can. I’m in a meeting. OK then I may choose to text that response about speed and agility training Tulsa, I know you’re asking that question because I didn’t give him that response of improve vertical jump training Tulsa. But hey, rest assured we’re not there yet. And I will go through that. I like texting it the first time. Because I can sure enough. Wordsmith exactly how I want that to come across. I realize that they have to not realize it, but then it will execute the next step where he will call and we could have that brief conversation about it. I’m not gonna tell him it’s 3495. I mean you can hold a gun to my head. You want to Clint? I mean they I ain’t never gonna tell you what you want I’m gonna tell you what you wanna hear when I’m ready to tell you about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Not a minute before. A drives people crazy. Now Coach really tell me we’re not ready yet. I mean, not really. You can tell me about. And I move on with this site. You know it drives Susan nuts with me for speed and agility training Tulsa. So I learned a long time ago. I just going to give her that based on the front side. Just makes dinner a whole lot easier. It makes you know. Whatever helps a lot easier. Get your mind out of gutter anyway.

Yeah, talk any college coach in Division 2-3 Level N AIA. You can’t ask that question ’cause. You’re gonna package a kid. And they they have no idea you’re going through the whole valuation process to determine whether or not. You know you want to work with this person or they can play for you absolutely. End you figure out. OK, this kid is kid got a full need or he’s he’s got the international waiver or is going to cost me a .6 and I know I can get pale and everything off up the backside, but you’re not going to. You’re not going no parent. You as a recruiter. For college, you can’t give that information parent you got no idea and you don’t know you don’t know. Do you add one other thing about speed and agility training Tulsa, throw it for everybody here? You know it’s end the date to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. There’s only four sports that are headcount at the Division One level. Men’s football FBS not FCS. So division mid mid Division One mid major major football. Men’s basketball head count scholarship. Equals a kid. They offer kid goes against account. I mean if they sign a kid, kid goes against account.

Don’t matter how much academic monies involved. Fact if they bring a kid on roster and he’s getting academic scholarship money, they still counts against their money. Really yes. What *****. Sway, it works. Wow its head count. OK. MIT women’s basketball head count Division One only. Women’s volleyball headcount Division One only fully funded division ones. And if you don’t know what fully funded means, that means the incident places. I can have 12 scholarships fully funded, but the institution may only fully fund 863 ten whatever the number is. If they’re not fully funded, the one they can split money. And they can actually combine athletic leadership scholarship, ACTH remove merit based money. You don’t necessarily need to know that on everything, but understand that those are the only four sports at the D1 level that are fully funded improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Fully headcount, one scholarship equals one kid, everybody else is blended money based on academics based on admission based on leadership. Based on that, what they have available to give. It’s going to be a portion or percentage. And so for a family to think they’re going to ask coach how much that’s going to be whenever Junior then that Coast don’t know yet. They haven’t seen the faster results for speed and agility training Tulsa to come in from there from the missions office.

They don’t know what kind of Pell Grant money. If they qualify. Most of our kids aren’t going to pay, remove rent money kids by the way. I stated that going in OK. Most the families don’t qualify for that. They may be a partial, but they’re not going to get all $5600 for $6000 or whatever that number is nowadays, so they’re not going to get it. So the point is, is that we can’t answer that question as a coach because we don’t know, so you must let parents know that’s not the way the process works until the coach gets through the whole process and the very end, and even after they’ve offered you improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They might not even you accept it. You may not know what that all, what that money is going to look like until until we get to right before the year starts and all the documentation comes back from emissions. And that’s just the truth. So you can share speed and agility training Tulsa with him too. So let’s move on.