So. Being a being a head coach that was that was a big goal of mine and so improving vertical jump training Tulsa and I was doing real good there currently I an certified Speed and agility coach in tulsa. And I was still actually competing at the time at the National international world level. I, I can’t. I just kept getting better wrestling. I when I moved out to Pennsylvania, moved, moved in with another coach and he he was training. High level athlete who was traded for for the World Team and Olympics at the time, and he was bold my size and he needed improve vertical jump training Tulsa to train with and a partner sometimes. So I was of course I’ll be a partner. It was Greco-roman wrestling is one of the Olympic styles and I wasn’t big in the Greco-roman at the time, but. I just kept getting better at it, kept getting better at it and and started beating them.

So in one while we were practicing speed and agility training in Tulsa so. So I started competing at at the. Row level 2 and grab a Roman. And my Second World team trials was when I was coaching at Muhlenberg and went down to trials were in Daytona that year. Improve vertical jump training Tulsa So I was down in Florida. And I had an acute liver failure and my whole body shut down. Center the hospital and they were able to bring back my other organs but but my liver was was done and I need a liver transplant. I was going to die. So. I mean, I was going pretty fast within a matter of couple days. I my skin and eyes, the whites of my eyes were darker yellow than Susan’s hair. And. And I didn’t even know it at the time, but the the last two nights before my transplant. My my parents were calling the rest of my family saying told the doctors were telling him that they didn’t think I was going to make it through the night so so I didn’t even know how close I was to dying at the time until later after afterwards and they were telling me these things but to me. I just I’ve always been working on improving my speed and agility training in Tulsa OK. I’ve always battled adversity, you know, adapting, overcoming, improving vertical jump training Tulsa and adversity and, and that’s something that I preached, preached to my my athletes. Just always continue, learn and improve and get better. And you know, really, just you know, adapt and overcome adversity.

Something I’ve lived by and and I’ve. I I just I I preached that to my student athletes as they train to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And. You know, so I mean, obviously I didn’t get the transplant in time before I died. It was 10 days. And the way that list works is the organ transplant list is basically they develop a score based on your lab. So the worst you do in the higher up you go on the list. So so I was able to get get an organ in time and an. First liver transplant. It was. It was a bit more of emergency because I was dying so fast at the time, so. They they try to match you in a few different ways like blood type and and. And a few other other variables in there an I wasn’t a perfect match with me, but it, but it helped me survive for the time and I was young and had a strong immune system and had add some organ rejection. About a year later, an. You know? and rejection for about six months and then was on the transplant list again for about six months. Anne. And at that time was quite a bit different. ’cause it was a slow process and and as I was getting towards the end there. Things got rough, but I put it already been through it before so it’s just a different. Having prepared time being much, much longer than than note basically no prepared speed and agility training tulsa time the first time, but then being been through it before it was it was. So a lot easier in some ways and a lot more difficult in other ways. But but yeah, I had. My second myrie transplant and they gave me a much better match.

And I’ve been doing really good ever since after focusing on myself and improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And so so I move to was back to Wisconsin, back to hometown and and I was able to assistant coach. I’m a modern so fortunate to figure offer deposition and and new. I want to be a head coach again and most recently I was. Head coach at Lakeland University also in Wisconsin saw that I was really good at my job Speed and agility training tulsa. Ann and I was actually they added a women’s bar C college program two years ago which? You know girls High School wrestling is one of the one of the biggest girl in sports in the country right now. And Women’s College wrestling has been added. By over 40 programs now. And it’s it’s an emerging NCA sport, so it’s it’s really good. So I would. I was actually the head coach, both men’s and women’s team at Lakeland an you know if you think coaching one team full time is hard. Try coaching two teams at once and. But I had a lot of fun. Challenging and was. I really enjoyed improve vertical jump training Tulsa coaching both. Became certified with project pure athlete. Both the men and the women equally.

You know there are differences there, but it was all rest on the meeting. Anne. My I recently got married over last summer Covid wedding. We had just immediate family and a few close friends. Improve vertical jump training TulsaWe stood up. And and my wife and I decided because the way the way my meds work. My anti rejection meds work is they lower my immune system so my body doesn’t reject my my transplant organ. And so I’ve been sick a lot often. Since I’ve had that trans, my original transplant and you know I I love what I’ve done. I love being the best Speed and agility training coach that I can, but we’ve. We decided to start having a family of our own now and and I’d like to be around for my kids. You know their their lives there.