We will improve vertical jump training Tulsa at. 9:00 AM in the morning, if you can get on camp if you can get a camera check at 8:30 that would be great. So we can start straight up at 9:00 o’clock and we will get very tangible on speed and agility training Tulsa you’re going to be doing. Prospecting tomorrow. And so if you can get it, you can get all the social media stuff tonight. That would be great if you need to split it in half. That’s fine, I’m just warning you you have more homework tomorrow night, so I’m letting you off early so you’ve got plenty of time to get some of this done early, and that way we didn’t have to lose anybody. Undo a couple of you were working against an evening time trying to get to some other stuff, so I’m glad we were able to keep burning through and. And get that done. Does anybody have any questions before we get off what you got but you got clinic to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? So I know it’s been said which twice and I apologize. I filled out this one down.

Where can I wrote the N S4 logo for speed and agility training Tulsa? So I consider feeling bored. It’s on resources and downloads. And I don’t remember what it’s called, but it’s something obvious it’s. Yeah, I think it’s below resources downloads. I think if you go it’s a different section. It’s it probably is like. I think it says something about embroidery, logo or logos. Different section just look around the axis. So you kind of learn where everything is. Yes, ma’am. And if you can’t find it and just send me a text and I’ll go find it sniffling. ALDI gram alright, yeah, I want you to know what’s there because there’s a lot of stuff there that’s very useful to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And for the scout picture, after we take the picture of where, where did you say we’re sending it? Or what do we do with speed and agility training Tulsa? Again, add in a sore happening.com. Make sure your name, your city, your state, your sport just so he can make sure he gets you on the map in the right place. OK, how do we get in Sr Hat?

Larry has hats at the office that you can order. So in the morning he’ll be on. Just remind us to ask about hats. I think they’re 20 bucks because he doesn’t always have a ton, but I think he’s got some trucker hats and I don’t know what else. Of course, you can get those made as well if you’re so inclined, but I know hats can be a little more difficult, so OK. I found that one. On there. Alright, and what does it say underneath the NSR college scouting staff? That’s the best one. Mine has national scouting report, but people don’t necessarily know what that is, but if they see college scouting staff there, they say who do you scout for an it starts. Great conversations. That’s. Alright, anything else about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? I see I’ll run early in the morning. You’ll have a good and let me know if you need anything. Alright thank you. OK bye


You’re mine. Definitely there are unique traits. A rare, very unique travel to where you come to right, no doubt. White Christian Fowler and jump in which still waiting for Todd to do speed and agility training Tulsa. And waiting for. Yeah, I’m here to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Good morning. More. Morning Lawrence parents sunshine. Are y’all? Yeah, I know you were up at midnight ’cause I gotta. Log into services about that time. So that’s a thing guys. To just know that. We’ll get you started and get you going. You know, we you actually doing interviews with families and you’re taking them online. So when you take them into the service page we all get a notification that lets us know that you’re in. You know making presentation to somebody and so that that allows us also to help you. You know, help you, ’cause that we can do follow up with you to figure out kind of the things we need to work on. Hope everybody had a good nights. This is gonna cover homework in just a moment. This piece of this and realize I realize there’s going to be somebody. Out of nine of you that didn’t do your stuff, you’re supposed to last night. I get it you go, you’re gonna because it ’cause you always have one of those guys and so somebody’s not gonna have done this thing for you. Ask you do last night. And then I’m gonna remind you that that. This is all this is, is this is being able to follow instruction and doing things the little things along the way it’s kind of it’s just like coaching just like pushing me, but somebody in the box. You expect undo certain things ’cause you taught him how to do it or you put him on the court and it’s because you’ve asked him to do it and they’re going to get better at doing it. And so just understand these speed and agility training Tulsa here, she’s going to cover homework just a minute. If you didn’t do it tonight, do it last night. You can make up for it tonight and then we actually, you know, ask you to get it completed for the rest of the week and stay on top of this stuff. It’s it’s vital. It’s a part of what you’re going for, your success, your business. It says friends are successful, the kids and you know, while you may seem it’s petty, it makes seem petty to you. It’s not. Gay. I want to start the day off with this, there’s no more dangerous person in the world. To themselves and people around them that do not know what they do not know.

I want you to shoot on that for men. When people make decisions off advice or from themselves. With information that they either do not know about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Or bad information that someone else did not know correctly. The decision that they’re making can never be correct. Ever. Now they may get the end result that they’re looking for. Bus by having sensor by look. But the decision was made of bad information. It dumb luck sometimes gets speed and agility training Tulsa. It’s way into things, right? Oblige for a will find a nut on occasion. But the rest of the time that Joker that doesn’t know what that does know. Is always lossed.