Keep in mind we live in a time where people almost anticipate people to be a scale i mean really working in the field that the shirt you’re wearing. OK, what we’re about to do is it’s gonna help speed and agility training Tulsa. So you’re gonna go listen to me first before you write anything down. I just want you to hear what I’m saying you’re gonna go and you’re gonna find 50 to 60. Post that other NSR scouts have put out there and I want them really not to be more than a month old. You should be able to stick within a week or two. Find post either in your sport or in your area, or if you want to do it across the country and your friends be able to see that we work everywhere. You’re gonna share those posts to your wall. So that when somebody goes to look at you, they see these posts. That you share to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. But now if we do that tonight and you share 50 post, what’s gonna happen to your friends? They’re gonna get create paid list right? Because you just blew up their newsfeed with 50 posts about speed and agility training Tulsa, so I don’t want you to do that. So I want you to share it to only me and only me is in quotes only me is not Susan Cable. Only me is you.

Let me give you an example. I have to cook. And I found a recipe on Facebook and I share it to only me, only me. And when it’s shared, the only meat I can see it, but y’all can’t see it. So if I wanna have recipes out there for me to go find, that’s how I do it. That’s basically what I’m asking you to do to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Tonight I’m asking you to find those posts and share on to only you. Which is only me. Once you got that post out there, you can then go to the little upside down grey. Click it and change your privacy. Whatever you gotta do to change it to public. So you’re going to share right post, WRITE right post, and then you’re gonna share it to only me. It’s going to be out there then you’re going to go click and make it public. By doing that, it doesn’t go to your friends newsfeed for speed and agility training Tulsa. Does that make sense to everybody? Is our way to get it on your wall without blowing up your friends newsfeed. Some people are blown away by me asking them to do 50 or 60 of these, so if that’s too much for you, I’m going to tell you to do half of them tonight. And then you’ll have half to do tomorrow night to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. But heads up, you got more homework tomorrow night than you. Do not so. Paesani but I need you understand the purpose. Sometimes people don’t understand the purpose of this, and they’re like. Why do I need so many? Because if it’s only five or six, it’s not believable.

OK, if it’s if it’s a bunch of sports and speed and agility training Tulsa, up all over the country and its commitments anet signings and it’s and it’s like I don’t know, someone got post out there about. Grand slams or whatever they’re promoting the kid for. I don’t want you to share birthday post everybody. Hear me I don’t do birthday posts for my kids. Think about it. Six months down the road, you got 100 kids. And you missed one kid’s birthday. You just made a mom furious. Is that who’s going to get mad about it? And it was for a birthday post. College coaches are concerned about birthday posts. I’m not don’t ever start it if you start it, you can’t stop it. You can’t say after I’ve done 50 kids. You know what I’m not doing anymore. Birthday post. ’cause then every parent after that gets mad because they’ve seen you do it for all the other kids speed and agility training Tulsa. Just a heads up there. I want you to think about working with NSR long term and in a big way. So don’t want even though it’s easy to do things when you’ve got 345 kids, you can do everything for the kid to improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

You could promote about those kids every day on social media. But if you do that. You’re never going to be able to have more than three or four or five kids. You can’t do that. You can’t scale that to 200 kids 300 kids, so just keep in mind I don’t want you to start things. In too much. Because you just have a few kids, does that make sense? I. That’s a big part of your homework tonight to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Now you go to Page 9. Still talking about being in a kredible scalp online image. We’ve got that’s our company Instagram account. That’s our Twitter account. LinkedIn, Google plus. Who on here has an Instagram account this active? Alright, if you got one that’s active for speed and agility training Tulsa. Then you might you’re gonna wanna share probably about your athletes. You enroll out there. But if you don’t have an active Instagram account, I don’t want you to spend your time there right now. There may be a point later down the road that you say you know what I’m gonna get on Instagram because so many of my kids have friends and I probably could get referrals off of that.

How many do you have Twitter accounts? Right Twitter is beautiful because everybody has a Twitter account. All the college coaches, all the programs, all the travel coaches, all the travel programs, all of them, the high schools. Everybody’s got Twitter, but I’m going to warn you. You can chase Twitter until you just get exhausted running rabbit holes. A lot of kids get on Twitter. Specially the male athletes. Twitter’s a lot bigger deal for male athletes, not matter fact my son. Was recruited a lot on Twitter. That’s where college coaches would reach out to him to improve vertical jump training Tulsa.