Christian, we’re gonna enroll kids that can play speed and agility training Tulsa, at the next level if they can’t play. We’re not a role. Let me just tell you what’s wrong. It is wrong to lie to a kid. If you are a lot of dulz that’s on you, and I think that’s wrong, but you start lying to kids, and that’s just sorry. I so you can’t go into a home. And you will find out our competitors. Do it all the time. You can’t go into an interview until it kid. That’s a D3 level kid Max that he’s gonna play at LSU. And I I don’t think that LSU out Chris, because that’s where your daughter is headed on for speed and agility training Tulsa. Pick LSU out because that company actually did that to a kid. That coat that played for Robert when he was coaching football in high school while also helping athletes to improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

The kid would have been a stretch to play D3 ball and they convinced him he could play LSU if his parents bought this package above. You know that’s just wrong in that, sorry. We’re not going to be in that if we get women anybody’s like that, they’re not going to be with us, so we make sure when we hire people. Make your integrity is all about helping the kids and that you know what that athlete looks like for speed and agility training Tulsa. We don’t mind helping you but but we need you to know what a real actually looks like. Alright, so that’s kind of our philosophy and how we deal with things.

Let’s talk about the naper NSR. Raise your hand if you know somebody that should learn to improve vertical jump training Tulsa and have played in college and did not get the opportunity. I bodied kids not get the opportunity. You know, right people. But they didn’t get far to the right people at the right time, because if it, if they get there too late and the money’s gone OK? Anybody else got any thoughts about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? They didn’t know their recruiting process. He just said that. Chris, Chris. The recruiting process. I don’t know what to do in your right crash. You’re exactly right, they they just don’t know. OK, they make bad decisions. They make bad choices because they don’t know. Alright, what else about speed and agility training Tulsa? They have Blinders on thinking they can only play D1 and there’s plenty of other options. OK, wait, we call it pushing the rock on. If you’ve got a day one kid that can play power pop great. But if they can’t, that’s not the problem. They need to be vision there. Alright, any other thoughts about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Which is Pandemic, has forced the whole recruiting scene. Upside down and the number of high school athletes. Have not been seen to play in college. The number of. You know, and that affects everything from the college Neil to the college. Seniors returning for an extra year of speed and agility training Tulsa. Highschool kids to apigee year jucos their full cycle. But the pandemic is completely thrown.

Everything upside down because no one’s been able to get on the road. High school grads for 21 and 22 have gotten hammered. Black poet and The thing is. Todd, a lot of parents 22 parents don’t realize they’re getting hammered right now. They don’t realize it. They think that their scholarship opportunities out there that aren’t there understand. These college coaches are having to deal with kids on their current roster that had been told by the NCAA that they can choose an extra year for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Or not. In these college coaches, don’t know if they’re taking it or not, and they’re having to wait around and they don’t know what money they’ve got for 22. That puts him at a huge disadvantage. Not only that, when the NCAA allows an extra year and then they added another year. They did it require that the athletes stay at that school.

So we have got kids taking an extra year, but jumping into the transfer portal and you’ve got a lot of college coaches not being able to go watch kids not being able to recruit Todd like they wanted to. That are just going to the transfer portal because it’s easy. In their dealing with adults are dealing with 2122 year olds instead of 17 year olds. 4 kids for every Division One school transferred in the portal over 1600. It’s unbelievable. The college coaches don’t feel like they have to go to the high school and get those kids. They’re just going to take the easy route and go to the portal for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Parents don’t realize that they’ve got it. First of all I have to re recruit there. They have to re recruit their own first second. Transfer portal. And then the jucos. And very few high school kids are going to be. Matriculate ING to the Division One level for the next year or two. They’ve got to keep their own kids in their program for speed and agility training Tulsa, the transfer portal. Why bring in an 18 year old kid when I can go get a 20 or 21 year old man, right? May have started and played for two or three years. Experience right? So it’s really hard for these high school athletes. It’s harder than it’s been in years past. Much harder parents think it’s easier. I don’t know why because because is he AA is not required in a C turn S 80, so I’ll sudden they’re like Oh well then my son can go go here. No, the availability is off it there we’re gonna talk a lot about that, but we all need to understand that there is a great need for what NSR does or we don’t start this company. 41 years ago. We knew then that there were kids. Oh, hold on just second I gotta get I got it off 2nd. Don’t give Me 2 minutes, I’ll be right back. We kind of tell a lot of 21 kids.