So Jake, I tell you to call Ann about improve vertical jump training Tulsa right when he says, I said, hey, this is Coach K Go, how can I help you speed and agility training Tulsa? And you’re like, well, hey, my name is and I needed I knew the voice. I mean I know that his voice was burned in my memory, etched in it forever OK? So then I go OK how can I help you man? he said? Well, I just want to talk to you for a few minutes, but my daughter I go Dad. We had that opportunity to talk Saturday at the ball game. You chose not to and I said based on that behavior that you got understand. I have no desire to move forward. Having conversation with you guys. Well, you’re going to punish my child because of me. I said I’m not punishing your child. You punish your child. But you don’t understand. I tried to explain improve vertical jump training Tulsa to you the other day, but in front of your friends you wanted to act like somebody and you don’t know who I am. In fact, if I were you and you probably already have ’cause that’s the reason you’re calling me is I would Google Coach Robert Cable. And you would find out about speed and agility training Tulsa pretty quickly. There’s a reason you want to talk to me. And that’s probably why you called me today.

He said, man, I, I’m sorry may I you know it’s bad should’ve done that. I said that I accept your apology. Accepted. It goes well. Can we talk about my daughter? I submit me accepting your apology and grant forgiveness, stating that mean there’s consequences to what you did. I mean, you know. He’s like man, would you at least think about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? I said, yeah, I’ll think about it. I’ll think about it and then we’ll see what we do. I got your number. So I hang up. I’m thinking it’s over with speed and agility training Tulsa, right? No, I’m thinking we’re done with it. Three days later, I get called back from him again.

This time, of course, I saved his number so I wouldn’t be surprised. Bill, ’cause I don’t like surprises. Retired, he started the conversation with off, he says listen, I appreciate you taking my call because I realized you could kick me to voicemail. Now we’re starting to sound like somebody that’s got a little bit of dependence about him, and somebody that’s really apologetic for what they did. His next statement was coach. I really am sorry. I’ve even told the friends that I was running improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I told them the man I acted like a fool. I probably hurt my daughter for acting like a fool. Would you at least sit down and eat with us after speed and agility training Tulsa? And I said I need you to give me one good reason why I should it. He says so. You get my wife off my back. How many almari? Yeah, thank you very much. So do it. I did. I did. And they wrote a check for 31 thirty $295. And she played four years of college ball. Do you think she plays anywhere without me? She don’t play a dead gun place. ******* making these guys. I was very kind of them. I was very nice to them. I was very. I don’t know what the word home to them, but also extremely confident and extremely professional as to who is the expert in this. And somebody said one day will menahga apologize to you should just wanted. Guys, here’s the deal man, you do something wrong, you can apologize, but that don’t mean I still had that. I had to wanna have dinner with you.

I as a man, I’ll accept your apology and know that you mean it, but that don’t mean we go. I will give you a pass just coming right to the next thing, right yet? Posturing and positioning is a major part of everything you will do in this process. The truth is posturing, positioning as a way that you would get things mostly done the way you need them done through the whole process of improve vertical jump training Tulsa. The last thing before I moved to the next piece of prospecting is speed and agility training Tulsa. I’m never going to give people an answer to a question they asked me until I’m ready for them to have it. No. Todd, you said earlier that you giving people crumbs to want the next crime they want the next crime. OK, that’s a great. That’s a great analogy I used. I used the milk to meat analogy. OK. No to meet analogy guys is actually the analogy of life. A child is born. When’s the last time a three day old kid? Was given a 16 ounce piece of rib eye. Never. You started with Neil because that’s what they could swallow.

You move him from milk. To formula. You move up from Formula cereal. You move on from cereal to some kind of vegetable. In one of those nasty Gerber bottles. Then you move him over to some kind of meat that’s got savory taste to it, and then by the time they’re to in their full blown, had ability to swallow, they may have some ground beef or hotdog. It’s cut up or some kind of meat, and then by the time they’re five years old, you’re cutting steak formed. Actually chew and learn how to do wine ’cause they are unable to digest it. Properly and it may choke them until they are. Please understand that about information with people. You posture position at every field. The milk to meet when the stages in which they can swallow it. Just like we’re teaching you guys to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I can’t dump everything on you like we gonna cover tomorrow today you’re not ready for it. That’s not offensive, by the way. It’s not demeaning, it just is what it is. Any questions on prospecting at an event you will leave with when you want to leave with information that’s it and you’re gonna pay. They’re going to pay for speed and agility training Tulsa. That’s their information. I see it prospecting.