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I didn’t know this until recently but there is a small like high school within the University of Tulsa is called Tulsa University School and we had our first athlete come in from there his name is Walker strehlow Walker had a 1.98 second ten yard accelerated Sprint that put him puts him in 78th place among male youth fitness Tulsa athletes he did not perform a velocity check so improve speed training Tulsa something that could get him into the top 50 maybe even the top 25 among his peers. Walker did 26 pushups which tells me that he’s either really young or he did this off campus which ranks 141st among his peers or 113 inches in his kneeling Powerball throw ranks in 160 ninth among his youth fitness Tulsa peers so I highly recommended he joined our best strength and conditioning Tulsa just to see if we could improve him overtime. Walker actually had a lower standing lower approach vertical jump than he did standing his standing vertical jump is 17 inches his approach vertical jump is 16 inches that tells me that he’s having no power in his or efficiency in his approach and so as PPA certified gym coach Corey Else begins to work with him at the improve vertical jump training Tulsa that’s something that we want to focus on overtime. Walker is a basketball player so we had him run an NBA Lane drill for reaction or agility best speed and agility training Tulsa he scored 15.76 seconds and ranks 59th among his youth fitness Tulsa peers he also ran a 4.7 two second react shuttle run ranking 53rd among his peers.

Next up on our list is Sofia hassani Sofia comes from Bishop Kelly sports Bishop Kelly volleyball she is a long time improve speed training Tulsa athlete and I think we can see those results she run a 2.26 second 10-yard accelerated Sprint ranking three 101st place she did 15 pushups resulting in a rank of 172nd place and 116 inches in their kneeling Powerball throw ranking three 116th place she is small petite but she has a lot of grit and she’s going to continue working towards best strength and conditioning Tulsa. Sophia had a 12 inch an 13 inch standing an approach vertical jump respectively he’s not very good I think it will come with improve vertical jump training Tulsa some strengthening of those muscles as well as a little bit of direction from PPA certified jump coach Corey Else will begin to work on her vertical jump and then make sure that it improve. Sophia ranks 100th place in the agility she ran a 6.60 second best speed and agility training Tulsa drill the star drill of for testing agility.

Haven knobs is a home school sports athlete she is actually a pretty good little soccer player and wants to play for the University of Arkansas at some point that is her goal and we’re going to help her get there so she’s dedicated to improve speed training Tulsa one of our faster athletes 1.86 seconds and resulted in a rank of 38th place among female youth fitness Tulsa athletes. Haven had a kneeling Powerball throw of 121 inches resulting in a rank of 273 best strength and conditioning Tulsa. Now as a soccer player vertical jump isn’t as important but 15 and 17 inches respective too standing an approach vertical jump you do have to go up for those 5050 balls says PPA Certified jump coach Corey Else and to do that you need to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We tested havens five-ten-five drill two ranks 260 second now this is very important in soccer to be able to react to a stimulus and go from there so highly recommend best speed and Julie training Tulsa two months see how she compares.

Next up is Cassie templeman from Sand Springs sports sands Springs soccer Cassidy is also very fast athlete she ran a 1.97 second 10-yard accelerated Sprint improve speed training Tulsa could get her to the top 50 by shaving off just one 10th of a second. Cassie had an incredible 46 mile per hour soccer kick ranking her 6th she also had 140 inch kneeling Powerball throw ranking 150th so a little bit more best strength and conditioning Tulsa for upper body and core work. Cassie did have a difference of four inches between her standing vertical jump in her approach vertical jump which is more in line with what PPA Certified jump coach Corey Else typically sees that just means that we need to put her through improve vertical jump training Tulsa to increase both scores. Cassie had the better agility score versus reaction of rank 70 two among youth fitness Tulsa peers and a score of 6.47 seconds on her best speed and agility training Tulsa score.

Kaden nobs is a homeschool sports athlete he was super interested in motocross back when we met him he’s a good kid and he works out really hard so he did a speed test 49 mph I think it was a volleyball or scuse me a baseball throw or something so there was a high score for him improve speed training Tulsa to improve his running speed 2.37 seconds on the 10-yard accelerated Sprint. Kaden did not perform a pushup test on this day he did however do a kneeling Powerball throw 146 inches resulting in best strength and conditioning Tulsa score of 137th rank against youth fitness Tulsa. Kaden had a 14 inch standing vertical jump and a 16 inch approach vertical jump a difference of two inches with a little bit of training in improve vertical jump training Tulsa as well as a little bit of additional help from PPA certified jump coach Corey Else he should be able to improve his standing in his approach vertical jump. Kate and Rana at relatively slow 8.19 seconds star drill that ranks 187th among his male counterparts proud of kaden but we need to work on best speed and agility training Tulsa if we want to improve.

OK so now we have McKinsey Poland she is an incredible athlete from Monte casino volleyball will likely play for either Bishop Kelly volleyball or cascia Hall volleyball in high school mackenzie did the produce got in common on September 28th 2019 and just did a standing vertical jump which ranked sixth among her female counterparts at 23 inches so as we continue to visit tournaments and improve vertical jump training Tulsa tool sets it will be important to work with athletes such as this to get them into the top five elite athlete rank.

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