So this week, we’re going to continue to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, get you up a curve to let you know what you need to know. That means there’s a lot of people you’re going to come in contact with their making decisions about speed and agility training Tulsa, and even maybe you yourself having to learn some different things. That you thought you knew something but the truth is you knew it from a perspective that was yours and not from a reality perspective of what it is. And that’s cowboy life works. But that’s the way the story is for sure. And so this week, we’re excited. You’re here. We’re going to start the day off, so she’s going to take you through homework. And then you guys going to have me for about an hour or so this morning. And I know that’s just killing to think you gotta add deal with me for an hour and that’s OK. We’ll have fun while we’re doing it. I promise you, improve vertical jump training Tulsa will be intense. It’ll be fun, but will learn something on the way to will pitch to Susan. Let her go lyrics.

Anything you need to jump on from a. Group sample. Have them raise your hand. If you were not able to get your picture sent to Ryan. If you did not take a picture of yourself and get a sense around with everybody, do speed and agility training Tulsa. Alright Larry, so they so Ryan should have access to all of that this morning. OK, just a heads up. It’s springtime in Alabama. We’ve got tornadoes dancing all around this this morning, so if we get knocked off there, if we can’t, you know, if our sales go out, just understand will get back on as quick as possible, so. We’re going to be monitoring that situation. I think South Alabama, Daniel Roberts, Susan are today or out of the bullseye for a little while. But maybe later that y’all are gonna get some improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So goes from weather tonight. Sound. That’s all we got were fixing to do Academy calls. Alright, the fun. Coming in now OK. Everybody give a big Aloha. Yeah, yeah. Dark, it is outside. We’re sorry it’s 4:00 AM. There were real sorry. I’ve been meaning to talk somebody about how early we can start all this training there. So everybody was able to get your picture for speed and agility training Tulsa to Ryan Nate.

Were you able to do that as well? Not yet. I so we gotta get that from night so later you got it from everybody except Nate. I. I haven’t done it yet. I have a picture on my profile but it doesn’t have my shirt on. Alright, yeah we need a picture sent to so he can get you your badge made and so he can get you on the map. I figured I’d wait I figure out why today ’cause I get better looking every day. So go today, right? Nate Gerry, everybody else did it. I’ll do it at lunch today. I’ll do it. Alright. Who read their social media guidelines that I asked, you read? I. Any questions that came up from social media guidelines? He concerns, but she got what she got, Todd. You know, I’ve always had people that have done this for me in my past. Businesses, so me actually doing social media and making a post and doing something. It’s something that I have not done. Much of any. How is yourself when I take improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Is it just me or did he lock up locked up speed and agility training Tulsa? It locked up. Thank you locked up yeah I. Todd, you locked up. I anybody else read their social media guidelines, had any questions that came up from that? Nope. It’s pretty simple and straightforward.

Alright, good good time don’t. The down to the big ones. As the ones you’re gonna get called almost send you a text on for sure. Everybody got their profile cleaned up. Were you able to put a banner for your big picture? Yes. Anybody not able to get a banner out there for their big picture? Once you got Bill Fulton? I think I have the same situation. Is Todd having been in the social media world that much? I’m having trouble navigating like the posting. For example, I was able to pull onto a newsfeed, but the savings to me I was concerned about, like blasting everybody with them. Some struggle with that and the banner add I probably need to get walkthrough little bit too I have. I’m Facebook dumb basically and get smarter. Alright. Anybody else struggle with improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Who wants to walk Bill Fulton through how to get your Facebook banner up when we have a break? I can do that. I Jerry, you got that alright, thank you. So it’s really easy to click click click. I like, I like to think I’m pretty knowledgeable with Facebook. I got the only me I got about 20 posts saved in my timeline.

However, I’m a little confused on the make public at this point where I went to. Family members account and I don’t. I don’t see them yet, and I assume that’s because it’s only me. So we we somebody walked me through the make public. Else in that boat where you were able to share on to only me but you don’t know how to get on public speed and agility training Tulsa. Alright, so go to a post everybody on here that’s got a post that you shared. Let’s go to that post. And then. I mean. I wonder, just like I’m asking you how to do it. Alright, now do you see, like a little something at the top right hand corner? Do you see a little upside down gravy? Or do you say some dots? What do you say, dot? Alright, so click the dots and see what your options are. So pin post, save Link Edit Post Edit Privacy moved to archive. Edit privacy OK. So for each of the 20 you’ll go here and make it public. Yep, and make public. Now they go in as another as somebody else and look at it. Or I can go look at your walk alright? If you friended me, have you friended me on speed and agility training Tulsa? Corey, I have. Awesome, did I improve vertical jump training Tulsa? You did? I get a lot of these, just give you a heads up they are coryell’s is it? Italics is how I say it right? Yeah, that’s it. Brian made me question that yesterday when he was like alright, so I see the one that is Jackson Rock was with Jackson. Rodgers welcome. Sophia. Yep, that’s the one I did. You just did so I see it. I don’t see the rest of. OK, so for each of them public as well. So are we friends? I believe so. ’cause I surely hope so. Don’t want to get off on a bad foot? They arrived bro. You want to get back on that train as quick as you can.