The trails here and there, but had to get a real job. There are a lot of sales. Jobs here marketing to medical imaging companies need all kind of different things but always coached. We do improve vertical jump training Tulsa clinics throughout the whole time being out here in Hawaii, so being close to athletes this whole time. But always had a, you know. On edge for this, you know this recruiting things. I think all of us kind of do this recruiting thing where people ask you for. You know the college dental school with their strength in Tulsa Speed and agility training? You know, you know if you help my son out, you can. All those things. So I mean, I’ve kind of, I think, been a scout in a way, but I thought this opportunity would be be awesome to kind of bridge that gap with a lot of the youth that I work with. So just in this past year for my teammates and I, we opened a facility here in Honolulu focused on improve vertical jump training Tulsa. To train athletes on best Speed and agility training tulsa and it’s kind of getting towards football. Of course, that being our background, but it’s open to all athletes you know for conditioning and things like that, but.

Much like coaching, you know you get all these parents who have questions. About college, you know if they could help get their kids looked at, you know anybody. And then at the same time we got a lot of college coaches who are always asking him how did he improve vertical jump training Tulsa so much! Wondering about, you know, talent here in Hawaii football’s state football skiing out here, specially in the last 10-15 years. It’s kind of ramped up football wise. A lot of kids have been. Fortunate enough to go off to the mainland. They call it out here to play, but there’s just a lot of other athletes that find value in voted best Speed and agility training tulsa. Kind of stuck with the it’s all or nothing, so it’s not a big deal. One type of football you know, some of the parents have been kind of swayed that you know it’s it’s either all or nothing so they don’t go bigger. Go home kind of thing but we try to. I try to tell them there’s other levels and the main thing is you just want your kid to keep playing. So I mean, that’s one of the things I look forward to being able to do is to learn, obviously and try to help some of these other athletes know that. You don’t have to go to Alabama, you know, like everybody’s cousin tool, but that would be nice. But you know there’s other levels, other places that you can go to continue to play and continue to get that Speed and agility training in tulsa or elsewhere.

That’s what I want to do is kind of. Kind of busy. I got for athletes, but I’m grateful. Oppurtunity spoken with Larry and I guess Mark the regional guy out here. I’m excited. To be able get improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Thank you. Well, we’re super excited to have you with us and Mark is excited as well. Marksman really diving into football here in the last few weeks and trying to help you get some ground work started and getting things rolling and may be developing some partnerships out there. Some other things to to help that and I didn’t know that you into. Were you were related my cousin two also, so that’s good. We’re family awesome. So Robert Susan are back going to get a mic. Check about my check. I was right, he did. We miss mean we missed y’all Miss Clint. Who else did we go with? Clint Kristory and Jack. No, we didn’t do Jack. We did Jack earlier and Christian yeah increase. Of clans. Alright. Christian, just a Christian? Give us readers digest on you and Clint. You want me to give you a quick recap on me? Yeah, recast. Will go speed round 23 years old, right? And do it? Go ahead, can you hear me? Yes OK cool, 23 years old, graduated from the University of Memphis last year with a journalism degree. Have been working for 247 sports and doing speed and agility training tulsa for three years now.

A little over three years now covering football and basketball particularly improve vertical jump training Tulsa as a beat Reporter and then also covering recruiting for both sports. Like I was telling everybody, I think Northwest I live in North Mississippi went to University Memphis North Mississippi’s are pretty untapped region. Larry nonsocial lot about you know what the baseball potential is here? Because baseball seems to be the religion in North Mississippi. So as much as I can dip my toe in whether it’s football, basketball, baseball, like everyone said, I have a passion for helping kids. I’ve talked to hundreds and hundreds of kids that have been under recruited and kids reach out to me every day on Twitter sending me their film and talking to me and ask me what I can do to help them because they know I work at 247 sports. Wow that’s incredible Christian how is their Speed and agility training tulsa? Is it anything like that there? So it you know it’s a, it’s a big passion for me to help these guys to that part.

Horror stories over and over again about guys that were, you know, so talented and didn’t get recruited or had no help. Had no one to help him get there, so that’s that’s what I’m here for. I want to help as many kids as I can get to that level and make the relationships along the way. Awesome, awesome, good to hear that from you Christian, thanks. So Leah, who’s nice, wanted to go with Chris next. Client. Clients next. Clean clean gave us the readers digest. Don’t know, right? Gummy. But like I said, West TX West Texas kid born and raised, where football was King, jumping for 50/50 balls in the endzone made me realize the importance of improve vertical jump training Tulsa even though now my passion has been basketball been in sales for a long time now. Love to prospect. Love to sell. In love being apart of kids lives. Notice that early with with my daughter as soon as soccer, about four years old. We just came through the program with Larry Larry. Guy Garden Direct through did amazing job fell in love with him, fell in love with the program.