Just one of the requirements for the senior contract to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, the most previous one. Besides the payments was the video, right? Like they need 5 minutes of video. Edited video edit for speed and agility training Tulsa. OK, thanks. Alright, any other questions about licensees scouts that kind of stuff? Clear about being a licensee, you can talk to Robert for sure. Hey I got a question for you so I just went to my area. In some of the state is blue and sons light grey sons, dark grey. So what does that mean? That means that that Arizona is not one area it’s divided into territories, right? And so it is not one area, just like Texas is then I don’t know how many areas plan a whole bunch. But then you look at other states, Alabama’s and two territories. Pennsylvania, I don’t know how many territories six or seven territories. So. Send help.

Now I’m just trying to figure out why it’s different colors. It’s we have defined it as different territories, yeah, but like the colors are right in middle of Phoenix or split right down the middle because Phoenix is huge and we have split it based on population, right? ’cause basically pure licenze you own you own the kids in that territory. And if somebody wants me, if somebody wants to enroll a kid in that territory not do speed and agility training Tulsa, you will be fine. You have to give them permission and you will be financially benefited for that improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Right now nobody owns anything. Well, no South of South Arizona is on. Yeah, you have two sons. You have somebody down there, right? So everything else is open right now, right, right? If you need to enroll kids in Tucson, just let me know and I’ll clear that path without licensing. Yeah, Phoenix is plenty big enough. Parser but if you got somebody that reaches out to you and then from Tucson I don’t want you not to pursue that right, reach out to me and I’ll clear that pass. Clear pastor where I can I’ve got I’ve had I don’t know just this morning I’ve had multiple scouts asking me can I work a kid in this area and I’ve given him all the go ahead because I know they’re the areas are asking about.

Well, he’s got a licensee ownership down there so he’d still make 25% even if I did it right. Right, but it doesn’t matter. You’re pays the same right? Your pays the same whether you’re working for the Home Office and an open area, or if you’re working for a license in your face the same speed and agility training Tulsa, it’s just coming right? So Susan, do we are our pictures in. BIOS on. That at some point for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Or is it just licensees they should get? They should know every scout should be up there. That’s what Ryan should be working on it. I don’t. I haven’t checked your locations to see if y’all are out there yet or not, but you can check that. And over the next, by definitely by tomorrow they should all be up there. Well, I’m not even sure I see the softball scout out of Woodward up on there. In Oklahoma give me a second. I’ll find it. Up there but. Maybe Toby Chism. Uh-huh does he show up on there? I’m not sure he does. Go into area scouts for speed and agility training Tulsa. Is there’s not a lot to see there. You see, you see a button there to take you to scouts area. Scout something like that.

 Will take place in February, March, right. We didn’t know that. So I’m going to share a song way I want you to listen to the words carefully, waiting on court to get back home to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You can listen to the words now before I play the song. Here’s the next thing I’m gonna say. All. Clint, great job. You passed the test. You didn’t even know you were giving 1 digit, else are OK if you did a great job, you passed speed and agility training Tulsa. Couple of you passed it. Most of you failed him. Test from long and small ways guys. Little bitty things that I’m going to do that I always do to figure out. Who’s actually paying attention and who’s not? They’re petty in your eyes, but from a coaching perspective and I look at and when I say when I say this, you’ll get it. When someone pays attention to the smallest detail, picks it up and runs with it because you were asked to do it from a coaching perspective. Then all of a sudden you understand how to take coaching to the the my nudist details. When you don’t, that tells me that you didn’t pay attention to the most minute of detail of improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

And that’s where failure begins. Clear I told you guys yesterday my cell phone number is 2515540211. A couple of you texted me and you got a response from me. The majority of you did not. So if I were you all, I would go back if you didn’t and text me so we can give you a sample signature. For those of you that did, I would read text me again to make sure to always cover your rear end. And then kind of go from there and understand that when I talk about speed and agility training Tulsa. And I give a suggestion. Chris, most of the time it’s not really a suggestion. It’s a rhetorical statement of fact. And a request which I’m giving. ’cause you’re being coached. And understand I come across that way sometimes and we’re going to laugh and have fun. And we’re going to love each other and it’s gonna be great. But at the end of the day. I wanna make him very clear to you guys, OK? There’s a reason that Suzan is directing your most majority of your training. There’s reason I’m involved in most of the improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Because the two of us are going to do our dead level, best to hold you to accountability that we need for you to be extremely successful in organization. And look the main concern for us is for you to be successful in our organization. That’s a passion night of mine. For you to be successful. It burns deep down inside. That’s the reason that you get coached as hard as you do. ’cause if I didn’t care or Susan didn’t care with 30 some information out there and say hey go run with it, do what you want to with it.